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drank Tetley Tea Bag by Tetley
198 tasting notes

This is my ‘normal’ tea for home at the moment. I’m often not the person who is drinking it though, because I often make it for my housemate while I make myself something more interesting. He invariably compliments me on how good it is and asks me what it is (he’s very good at showing an interest in my tea obsession). I can’t say it’s wonderful, but it does the job it’s supposed to, and it does it pretty well


I have as well a weakness for normal blue blox plain-from-the-supermarket Tetleu in a blue box.

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This tea is three and a half years old, by my reckoning, so the flavour is starting to go. That normally makes for a particularly pathetic cup of tea. But today it turned out pretty well.

What I did was use more leaves (probably 1.5 times as much as usual) but brew it exactly the same (1 min using 80 degC water).

So, until I hear anything better, my solution to old leaves will be to use more leaves and treat it the same otherwise :-)

Lesson learned!

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drank Rhubarb & Strawberry by Lupicia
198 tasting notes

Very delicious AND it came in a bag, so it’s hard to complain about this. It came in the post from my aunt and uncle so that just goes to prove what wonderful people they are!

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By the looks of it, it took me about a year to get through this 125g. All year, it’s been my most comforting tea, for times when I need my favourite tea because something had better cheer me up soon! Maybe i should get some new first flush darjeeling, I do love it!

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Fast becoming one of my favourite teas, I think it tastes of an old wooden box or chest. Kind of dusty and old and woody and full of old things. I could have had a cigar in it once, and it probably had treasure, or at least an old silver sixpence or two. Nowadays it’s probably only got a few buttons and a key that doesn’t fit anything any more, but at least it still smells incredible.

That’s what this tea tastes like


I love your descriptions. Great post!

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drank Green Tea by El Gawhara
198 tasting notes

In previous logs I forgot to mention that the leaves have a rather interesting bluish colour to them. Thought you should know

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Personally, I think this is a delicious blend, with a good balance of bergamot and tea. It has a lovely sharp edge to it. Unfortunately, my housemate tells me he doesn’t like the balance of it. He’s not as enthusiastic about tea as I am, but I am surprised he didn’t like it, I thought it’d be right up his street!

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Gosh I love this tea. I’ve had it twice before and have now taken the plunge and got some for myself. I love the cooked taste to it

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I’m disappointed to say I really didn’t like this. It’s not that it’s objectively a horrible tea or anything, but I just don’t really drink sweet hot drinks like hot chocolate or tea with sugar. The smell is powerful and disgusting but the taste is better. Still not really to my taste – I’ll have to see whether any of my friends like it

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drank Jasmine by Whittard of Chelsea
198 tasting notes

It’s hardly brilliant. I made a pot of it earlier and was happy with it but it doesn’t compare with the pearl jasmine tea I have at the moment. It does have its advantages though… it comes in a bag!

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I moved from the UK to Australia in 2015. I’ve had a fascination with tea since university, and like to try lots of different types. My preference is for real tea over other infusions: green tea, oolong and black, including flavoured varieties. I love encouraging people to try new teas. I also play the trombone.
>90: Some of the best I’ve had so far.
80-90: I love this tea, likely to buy again
70-80: Good tea. Most tea in my cupboard is in this category because it’s fine to drink it all day!
50-70: I’d drink it if it was offered to me, and I’ll drink what’s in the cupboard, but I’m unlikely to buy it again.


Hobart, Australia



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