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All gone. I quite like this and it’s an easy teabag, so I might get it again. The only stange thing is that the teabags have very small pores so it doesn’t even let the air in or out until you squeeze it. The bag floats and you wonder whether it’s meant to brew like that

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I had a poker night a few weeks ago and a friend came who had never been to visit before. Of course she knows I’m a bit enthusiastic about tea so she had very high expectations and was disappointed with the black tea I offered her, because it wasn’t as strong and powerful as a normal teabag like Tetley or PG Tips.

If she comes again, I will give her this. It’s delicious and is quite strong and good with milk and it’s brilliant. Full of flavour and better than the teabags I mentioned in the last paragraph

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drank White Dragon by Aurora
187 tasting notes

That’s the end of the packet, and the end of my white tea until I buy some more. I lost concentration and brewed it for 5 mins at 80 degC rather than 4 mins at 75 degC and you can tell that it has gone a little bit too far. It’s a shame not to finish on the best cup of this tea, but it’s drinkable. Yesterday’s cup (not logged here) was much better. I like white tea, so I’ll get it again, it might be this one but I think I can find something even better

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Drank this because http://www.jaydeee.net/pickatea.php. I forgot which of the wonderful steepster people made it, but I think it’s fun.

I’m drinking a lot of Yorkshire tea at work at the moment and the first thing I notice about this is that it has more Indian tea – Assam etc I think – than Yorkshire tea. That’s obvious from the smell. I’m waiting for it to cool down
…5 minutes pass…
Ooh, it’s very tasty. What more can I say? I like it


It was Teaplz’s boyfriend who made the site. :)

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drank Green Tea by El Gawhara
187 tasting notes

EllieTea4Me sent me this tea for a tea exchange. I have had it a few times but didn’t really know how to describe it. Then I came home from work and had it next to my Whittard Gunpowder Tea as a comparison. The water was about 88 degC soo a bit hotter than I would have liked, but I couldn’t be bothered to perfect it.

The gunpowder tea was a more rounded flavour and this El Gawhara had less of an initial flavour but a more intense aftertaste. El Gawhara reminded me slightly of sprouts and the gunpowder more of broccoli I suppose. So far the Gunpowder tea is winning, although I do like El Gawhara – and I like sprouts too! Even though the Gunpowder tea had a more rounded flavour the El Gawhara seemed to be filling. I know there won’t be any difference, but El Gawhara seemed more like a food, and that’s what I needed, because I haven’t eaten since lunchtime and I come back from work hungry.

So there you have it, two quite different green teas that I will drink in different situations and I will enjoy them both

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drank Sencha by Whittard of Chelsea
187 tasting notes

The box holding the teabags says it should be brewed with boiling water for 4-5 minutes, but I found 1 minute and 80 degC was perfectly good. Maybe I’ll try their suggestion, after discovering how good my yellow tea is after brewing for 20 minutes, but I always go for a short brew time on sencha, because I find they can get bitter. This was perfectly good, although unsurprisingly not as nice as the loose leaf sencha I have

180 °F / 82 °C 1 min, 0 sec

I prefer mine a little cooler, 160. I also use 1.5 leaf and only 4oz water. I agree w/ the 1 min… 4-5 w/ boiling.. wow! That’s even way off for the "all greens are created equal theory that I hate. The flavor is amazing, but the volume takes some getting used to. Pu Erh is also becoming good practice for getting used to smaller cuppas:)

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drank Builder's Brew by Tea Palace
187 tasting notes

What an excellent, powerful tea. I’d recommend it to anybody, although it was a bit expensive I thought, so I won’t buy new immediately. I bet I can find something as good but cheaper, but maybe I’m just asking a bit much.

Anyway, it’s all run out now :-(

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drank Yellow Tea by Leaf
187 tasting notes

I finally did what the instructions said on the packet. I just didn’t believe that something that is so similar to a green tea could need the brewing instructions they gave it: boiling water (leave water to stand for 30 secs before pouring) and twenty minutes to brew. After all, I’m used to sencha, that often needs under a minute with 70-75 degC water.

But I have always found this tea very mild and pale, so I was curious what would happen when I actually followed the instructions. The instructions said that the tea tastes okay after 5 minutes but best after 20, so I put it in a pot with a tea cosy to keep it warm, and had a cup after 5 minutes and left the rest brewing for a bit longer.

The five-minute cup was still very pale, and mild tasting. It tasted no stronger than an unripe pear or melon. The taste that was there was nice, but it was so pale that I could easily taste the water it was brewed with rather than just the tea. Unfortunately, water in this area tastes pretty horrible, so it wasn’t pleasant.

After 20 minutes, it is much better, as the packet suggested. The tea never went bitter, it just tastes slightly grassy but with a flavour that I can only describe as being interesting. By which I mean that it’s not exactly the same as any green tea I have had, there’s something individual about it. And I like that.

The tea company was right and I have paid the price for being so stubborn and independent not to follow their advice. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had other good cups of this tea, but I was missing out a bit by not brewing it properly

Boiling 8 min or more

I’ve read that it’s similar to oolong as well. That’s why I’m so confused about it.

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drank Osmanthus by Birt & Tang
187 tasting notes

It’s all gone, thank goodness. I’ve had it at work and had lots of comments about how it’s not very manly. They are right, but it wouldn’t bother me if the tea was worth it. After all, I eat lots of houmous at work and have loads of comments about that, but I still eat it because it’s delicious and morally good (I’m a bit of an environmentalist but not actually a vegan). I had it in work simply because it was in a teabag and therefore easy to make at work, but I think I’ll find something better.

I’ve actually just had an e-mail from Birt & Tang but I won’t be getting this again. If I have anything, it’ll be their Ginger one, which is quite nice


Who cares if it’s manly or not…if you like something like it! That’s what I say!!! :P Stereotypical/gender stuff annoys me LOL :) CHEERS!

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I don’t often drink darjeeling but as I have said before, I really love this blend. I am sitting down in the living room watching the final of the masters snooker tournament, and it’s lovely and homely. I have spent the weekend with friends from university, who I used to wach snooker with. I have had this type of tea for quite a few years and drinking it reminds me of late nights watching the snooker with a slight feeling of panic that exams were coming up and I couldn’t really afford to spend an evening until 12.30am watching wo middle-aged men puzzling over safety shots. Still, it was very absorbing and it still is.

This is one of my late-night teas, which means it’s black and I tend not to have milk. It tastes caffeine-licious so it shouldn’t be late-night tea. It just is.

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I finished being a student in 2008 and began working in The North, where “tea” means “evening meal” which confuses me regularly. I love encouraging people to try new teas, but when I’m not doing that, I play the trombone, play some sport (badly) and socialise





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