I am noticing a trend in shengs as I sample more of them. The semi-aged ones seem to have retained some of the bitterness on the front/middle end of younger shengs (2-5 yrs old), but the bitterness dissipates earlier and is replaced by a more noticeable sweet/fruity presence near infusion 6-8. Will revisit this hypothesis as I sample more shengs.

Mouthfeel is initially bright and later becomes chalky around infusions 5-7. Longevity was good with >= 15 infusions. Bitterness is medium-low and peaks at about the max level I can comfortably tolerate before sliding away with molasses-speed.

This is certainly a nice tea for the price at under $0.10/g, but I’m not yet convinced to buy a cake. I love the initial 1-2 infusions, and dont mind 3-6, but to me, the meat of the tea is in the later infusions. It is unclear to me if, with aging, the flavor of these later infusions would persist, predominate, and/or begin earlier. Certainly a nice tea and definitely one I’d be happy to drink should someone offer it to me :). Apparently, Mansa is a village on Yiwu mountain.

Flavor progression: Cream + oregano → bitter + bright + savory → bitter + wet earth → sweet + apple skins → sweet + apple + honeydew

Flavors: Apple Skins, Bitter, Bright, Chalk, Cream, Honeydew, Oregano, Savory, Sweet, Wet Earth

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