611 Tasting Notes

drank Shooting Starfruit by DAVIDsTEA
611 tasting notes

Got 12g of this today…I’m out of sugar so I opted to try it plain, with the notion of adding honey as needed…though I don’t, but I would prefer a touch of cane sugar.

I’m not sure how exactly to describe this tea, as it is barely a white. And thank goodness for that because I forgot it was steeping for a while and it survived. That said, I am getting a strange, semi-artificial taste with this. I think there is a sweet and maybe almost citrus note with this tea?

I’m not sure how this will be when I add sugar, or how it will be iced. I have a little more to play with before deciding whether or not to get more.

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drank Chocolate Macaroon by DAVIDsTEA
611 tasting notes

Got this as a TTG after work today, as I popped in to se the new collection. I opted to try this and got 12g of the starfruit one…the name escapes me. Shooting Star? Is that it?

Anyway, with this one, I definitely get chocolate and nut, mainly coconut. This is pretty tasty. There is a slightly weird aftertaste though, and I’m not sure if it is the milk or the tea. It is something I might pick 15-20g of up to play with some more.

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It was warm out today, so my selections were reflective of that…

Cantaloupe and Cream…Butiki (2 steeps before work; didn’t start til 2:30)
Big Apple…David’s Tea (cold brewed and drunk later at work)
Swampwater…David’s Tea (iced and brought to work)

Wah! I really want Swampwater to come back. I have a little of this left, and I have a little Big Apple left, though I can hopefully get more before it is gone. I have to say I like Big Apple better hot rather than cold steeped, but good both ways. As for Cantaloupe and Cream…as always, it is PERFECT.

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drank Tigre Blanc by Nina's Paris
611 tasting notes

This is a nice peach tea. I made this one hot today, as we are having a bit of a heat wave here and I thought it was a good day for a peach tea. I do want to cold brew the rest of my sample from VariaTEA as I think it will excel that way and be ever so much juicier.

I have to say that it is a good peach tea, but not my fave. It almost seems a little too artificially peach. Almost. I think peach is one of those flavours that is hard to get right. What I do like is that this is a nice dark oolong, so almost a black tea, but lighter. And the roasted nature is still full of body.

I don’t think I’d buy this on my own, though, as I feel the peach isn’t right to me, so I will keep looking for the right peach tea. I am happy to have tried it though, and we’ll see how the rest turns out with a cold steep.


Does it resteep well? I’m curious since according to the site, this tea is an oolong, and Nina’s doesn’t do many of those.


It was a dark oolong, but I opted to have some cool cucumber after that so I have not attempted a resteep.

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drank Gold Rush (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
611 tasting notes

Sipdown…love this tea. Need more. Wishing it was not so expensive. See past tasting notes for details…

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Sipdown…had this tonight, and um, I’m not really in love with it. There is nothing really wrong with it, but it just doesn’t wow me. It is kind of a deeper tasting white, but mild at the same time. There is a sort of citrus dryness, I think with this. I would have to say that as far as pu ergs go, I prefer sheng pu erh over this, though I like black best.

I think this came via OMGsrsly with my mega birthday samples swap last summer.

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drank Champagne Cider by Butiki Teas
611 tasting notes

Gah! So good! So apple-y! I do get less champagne with this bled than the original. nut I’m honestly ok with this. This tea is super yummy!

Upping my rating!!

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drank Nutmeg Cream by Butiki Teas
611 tasting notes

Sigh…something with the new base is not getting along with me. I feel like I watched how much leaf I used today, and I still got a sour and somewhat astringent taste. I feel like I was also good on the time I let it steep.

I still like it, but I have to add milk to tone it down some, though it is tasty this way too. It just isn’t the tea I fell in love with.

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drank Bamboo Integrity by Zen Tea
611 tasting notes

Sipdown! I used a little too much sugar, by accident, so it is a little sweeter than I prefer, but this is so the right tea for me right now. Loving this last cup of it. I had been thinking on saving this to cold brew in the summer, but I think I have enough teas to do that with, or will have. And I can always look at ordering some later anyway. So thanks to OMGsrsly for sending me some. Upped my rating some as it is a nice tea.


I have some of this cold brewing in the fridge right now! Definitely a good one for that. :)


Yeah, it sure seemed like that. I’ll probably do that with A Rabbit’s Garden. I think I ended up having it because I want to sipdown stuff and I also don’t have much in the way of caffeine free teas right now it was handy for that. I can’t wait to cold steep Champagne Cider actually.

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drank Special Dark by Mandala Tea
611 tasting notes

Sipdown! Bye Bye Special Dark, you will be missed!

Had the last of this lovely one today…just seemed the time to finish it up. Stacy and I were talking pu erh on Facebook yesterday, so that got me back in the mood for one, and I opted to finish this one off. I have some more pu erh from Teavivre too. And a few shengs. Yum. Pu erh all the time! Read my last note for this one for more detail.

Bamboo Integrity is steeping, so I gotta go grab that one. Yay for two sipdowns today!

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I generally like a lot of tea. I do find I have a preference for flavored over unflavoured, but I do love a good straight tea as well.

Likes are too hard, since there are a lot. Dislikes are easier, so here they are.

Hibiscus. Blech. I can tolerate a little, depending on the brew, like Berry Good from Davids and Ruby Pie from Butiki…but in general, it’s too tart and too strong for me.

Licorice. Anything that remotely resembles licorice is out too, so that includes fennel and anise. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Florals. I’m cool with petals in the tea to make them look pretty, and I’m cool with teas like oolongs having a floral note, but strong florals can give me migraines. Rose and jasmine are the biggest offenders. This is one where it can vary on the blend, as I can handle Teavivre’s Peach Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea because there is very little jasmine actually detectable in it.

Rooibos is hit or miss. I can do some, but not others. I handle green better than red, and honeybush better than rooibos.

Um, I have an extensive wishlist. It is both a list of things I want to get again, and things I want to try. If you are sending me something, and you want to know which is which, I’ll tell you via PM.

My ratings don’t have a particular scale or method, and may on occasion contradict themselves, but I’m honestly not fussed about that. Sometimes I don’t even rate at all.

Uh, guess that’s it.


Victoria, BC

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