654 Tasting Notes

drank Milk Caramel by Lupicia
654 tasting notes

Backlog from last night….

After the issue with the Cheesecake Honeybush last night, I wanted to try something else from Dexter, but still low in caffeine, and I chose this. I wanted to try this one to see how it compares to the caramel houjicha I have from Bird Pick. I’d say they are similar, but where the BP one is more roasty toasty, this one is smoother. It’s really a quite nice tea, and I like them both, but for different reasons. This one was a little more caramel and less roast.


Awesome, I don’t regret ordering this one!


It is good! I think it is different than the Nina’s Paris one. Though I love that one.

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OMG, yuck. Something in this one is really not agreeing with me. Sad, but I may dump this one and make something else.

Shame, as it is the first one from Dexter I am trying.


Yeah, sorry. It was the only caffeine free one. I think there may be something in the flavouring used for the coconut as I had a similar issue with the coconut matcha from RLT. Though I do generally like coconut. There was something chemical-y, I think. I’m gonna try the last bit of it at some point, as maybe I just had an off reaction to it last night.

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Nice chocolate and coconut tea, though there is nothing here that says amazing. It’s tasty, but it doesn’t taste as good as the one DAVIDs has for the TOTM right now. I get coconut and chocolate, but not really a candy feel. I’m sure I won’t have any issue drinking the rest of the sample, but I likely would not reorder, just cuz I can get practically the same thing a few blocks from where I work.

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A nice mellow and simple tea…it is a dark roast oolong, so more like a lighter black, and the sweet caramel…it is like warm arms wrapping around my taste buds and giving a comfy hug. There is nothing overwhelming with this one…sometimes simple and sweet is all a girl needs. :)

I’m pleased with this one. It’s one of the better ones I have tried from my Della Terra order.

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Nice tea…nothing too overpowering or overwhelming, but also nothing that wows me either. I did have this with milk, so maybe next time I will try without as it may be different that way.

I think this may cold steep well. I like this better than the Blueberry Crumble. It seems less artificial.

2 tsp 24 OZ / 709 ML

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OMG, it smells so good. As for taste…

Definitely seeing the comparison to Pineapple Upside Down Cake…there ’s that same sort of artificial cake flavour. It is buttery and sweet with a little cinnamon, and I only needed half my normal sugar amount; as for the blueberries, they do sit a bit too far in the background, in my opinion. I can basically pick up a vague juicy berry note at the very back. The crumble/cake is more dominant.

I am curious how this would be with milk…will that give more of an ice cream on crumble note or cover up the flavour? We’ll have to see.

Not finding this a fave, but definitely not a a hate either. I have a decent amount, so I should be good for swaps with this one, as I drink the ounce pack down.

1 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

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drank Goji Pop by DAVIDsTEA
654 tasting notes

At long last, I got this as a TTG today, iced. I admit, I have been terribly terribly afraid of this one. Afraid of the tart. But something inside me said “Go for it, girl!” and so I did. The SA also said it has less hibby than Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait, so that helped.

It is still tart, but not punch me in the face tart that I usually get from hibiscus in tea. It’s actually pretty good. I don’t know if I would get any of this on a regular basis, but I might play around with it as a cold brew sometime over the summer.

I’m so happy that I tried this, and don’t hate it. I don’t LOVE it, but it is better than I expected.

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Sipdown…dumped the rest of the sample into the steeper without measuring, and it came out pretty good! I think maybe last time I underleafed. I was worried that I might be overleafing this time, but yay, I didn’t!

I liked it much better today than the first time, so I have to up my rating a bit. I’m not sure if I like it enough to buy it, but I am glad I could try some, so thanks for that, OMGsrsly. Maybe when the fall comes around again I’ll want more of this, but for now, I’m good. :)

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Sipdown! Tried cold brewing the last of this, and it’s ok, but not great. It smells so good, I just wish it tasted as good. The best configuration I had was hot, with milk and sugar, though the milk seemed contradictory for this kind of flavour. It’s strange, though it mellowed the base, but seemed the wrong tea to add milk to.

This one is from CrowKettle and I wish I liked it more because it seems like it has so much promise.

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drank English Toffee by Simpson & Vail
654 tasting notes


I’m working on clearing out samples and sipdowns to make room for the Della Terra order I’m getting later this week, plus some stuff from Dexter to try soon.

This one is quite tasty, and I like the subtle toffee notes here. I did add milk which may have melded the flavours a bit more.

I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to buy this one, but it is good, so thanks to OMGsrsly for the sample to try.

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I generally like a lot of tea. I do find I have a preference for flavored over unflavoured, but I do love a good straight tea as well.

Likes are too hard, since there are a lot. Dislikes are easier, so here they are…

Hibiscus. Blech. I can tolerate a little, depending on the brew, like Berry Good from Davids and Ruby Pie from Butiki…but in general, it’s too tart and too strong for me.

Licorice. Anything that remotely resembles licorice is out too, so that includes fennel and anise. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Florals. I’m cool with petals in the tea to make them look pretty (except rose), and I’m cool with teas like oolongs having a floral note, but strong florals can give me migraines. Rose and jasmine are the biggest offenders. This is one where it can vary on the blend, as I can handle Teavivre’s Peach Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea because there is very little jasmine actually detectable in it.

Rooibos is hit or miss. I can do some, but not others. I handle green better than red, and honeybush better than rooibos.

My ratings don’t have a particular scale or method, and may on occasion contradict themselves, but I’m honestly not fussed about that. Sometimes I don’t even rate at all.

Um, I have an extensive wishlist. It is both a list of things I want to get again, and things I want to try. If you are sending me something, and you want to know which is which, I’ll tell you via PM.

Yes, I do trades…usually on request though. See something you want to try in my cupboard? Just shoot me a message and I’ll see what I can do!

Uh, guess that’s it.


Victoria, BC

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