740 Tasting Notes

drank Champagne Cider by Butiki Teas
740 tasting notes

On second taste, I am tasting more champagne this time around. I like this tea, and hope it becomes permanent, because it is nice as a caffeine-free option. It’s not super light and summery while hot, but I can see it being refreshing cold, or cold-steeped. This is the kind of caffeine-free blend I like….something that works well hot and cold, and multiple seasons. The spices and fruit in this lend towards warming and cozy, but the champagne lightens it up…it is both light and heavy at the same time, and by heavy, I mean it has body.

I would certainly order this if given the chance. You listening, Amoda? :P

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Drinking this one today because I’m a total nerd.

I got word earlier today that a certain David Tennant will be coming here to film Gracepoint (the American version of Broadchurch) about a month from now, and will likely be in my city for a few months at least, while filming. Additionally, there are talks that the neighborhood that I work in, with be used in the filming.


So I thought that this banana flavoured tea from a British tea company was quite fitting (and nerdy) to drink today.

I cannot tell you all how excited I am about this. I have a real chance of seeing DAVID FREAKING TENNANT walk by on the street. I work on the main street of the neighborhood which is quite likely to be used in filming…it’s incredibly picturesque.

I can’t stop squeeing, really folks. If my heart could pound out of y body, it would. My head feels giddy and on the verge of exploding.


Always take a banana to a party…


Roswell Strange

My roommate is very jealous of you right now.


Lol…it’s a bit hard to believe, actually.

Mike Turner

Not just a British company… Our registered address is Stratford upon Avon (although we’ve since moved away)… A little tiny town which happens to have a very good theatre which David Tennant is often at (including at the moment I believe). – so even more link than you thought!


Ahhh, how marvelous, Mike!

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I have tried a pervious harvest of this tea, and I seem to recall really liking it. Anyway, it’s been a long while since I last reviewed any of the Teavivre samples from my most recent batch that Angel sent.

I’ve been terribly distracted with new shiny teas…yes, flavored, and I have not been in straight tea moods as much. But today, seemed like a good day to start breaking some out.

This one would probably be better with regular milk, rather than the coconut milk creamer that I have. I got that stuff to try, but I really don’t like it in my teas, I’m finding. I may like coconut milk in cooking better, but it changed the taste of the tea in the same way that the other milk subs do, but it isn’t bad. If I had to give up dairy milk, I could probably get by with this, though I might pick teas that it works better with, or just find blacks that I don’t want to add milk to.

I think I want to try this one again, with no milk, but also regular milk, to see how I feel about it then. I’ll see how it is then, since the last time, I used regular milk, but also tasted straight.

My general impression of this batch is that it is not as chocolatey and rich as the last batch, but that could be the coconut milk creamer messing with my taste buds…I expect I’ll re-rate this higher in a future tasting.

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drank Peach & Thyme by Fauchon
740 tasting notes


I got this sample from MissB because I was intrigued after OMGsrsly tried it.

I have to say that the peach to thyme balance was pretty good, and the base was not too overpowering. I think that I might like this just a bit better as a cold steep, so I’m reserving the rest of it for then…then being a warmer day…I don’t do a lot of cold drinks in winter, or much at all (I think my body composition is happier without a lot of icy cold drinks).

This tea does totally make me want to make the peach and goat cheese tartine that I made over the summer…the goat cheese is spiked with fresh thyme, and the peaches on top got a small dusting of fresh leaves and a drizzle of olive oil.


I also learned of this recipe from OMGsrsly so she is two for two with this combo!

Here is my attempt at it from the summer, plus a salad and some arctic char…



:D Awesome! I still need to try the recipe. I have goat cheese in the freezer, but no peaches.

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drank Alpine Punch by DAVIDsTEA
740 tasting notes

Sad, sad, sad…

I love this tea, but I think it is not agreeing with me anymore. I’ve noticed a prickly feeling in my throat, along with a dry mouth, the last few times I’ve had this. I’m not sure if it is the tea itself, or the rooibos. I had Orange Blossom recently-ish, though I can’t recall if I had the same feeling.

I just got a bag of this from MissB to add to my existing bag. I’m hoping that maybe it is a weird fluke and maybe too much cardamon or something in the steep. It is not every sip.

I do still love this tea though…


oh no. hope you don’t need to stop drinking this!! :(


I don’t know. It was not every sip, but enough to make me consider drinking more. I think that this steep got better as it cooled, but I have had the same thing happen with cool tea as well. I don’t think I’ll be buying anymore…maybe I can get something similar custom with stacy, but with a different base.

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Not sure what to make of this. It is in some ways what I expected, and in other ways not. I definitely got peach notes, but not a lot else. I think this is best as a spring summer tea for me, and will excel as a cold steep.

Thanks MissB for the chance to try this…I’ve been curious about it for so long. I think I will like it better when the time is right for me, but that isn’t now.


This one makes me think of those Mr. Noodles cups with the gross dehydrated corn and peas. So this one always sounded way too… junior high lunch time to me.


Um, yeah, it did give me that feel, yes.

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drank Champagne Cider by Butiki Teas
740 tasting notes

This was the second tea I tried from the December Amoda Tea Box. I was excited at the prospect of a honeybush with warmth and complexity…something I could feel cozy with later in the evening and not worry about caffeine. It has enough body to hold its own on a cold night, or even day, which I find not all teas do

You can see the big pieces of apple and orange in the mix, and it smells more of a cider than a champagne, which I found to be true as the taste as well. I’ll try it again with my eyes closed and see if I can pick up any fizziness on my tongue.

I had thought that making this into a syrup and adding to champagne or carbonated water might be interesting, but I like it the way it is, even if I don’t get much champagne flavour…it’s ok with me as is.

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drank Nutmeg Cream by Butiki Teas
740 tasting notes

Ummm…yum? Oh yeah, total yum, indeed!

This is the first tea from the Amoda Box I tried. I made two travel mugs worth of it the other morning…my DAVIDs kids tumbler from summer before last, and my Timolino. I sucked it down very fast at work. I was very sad when it was all gone.

I really noticed the cream as a mouthfeel, very thick and rich, and the blend of black teas were nutty and chocolatey with minimal astringency. The colour I got in my tumbler was like a brandy or cognac with light shining through. The spice of the nutmeg is well balanced as it neither overpowers the base, nor is is hidden in the complex base notes either.

I mentioned this to Stacy and a few others, but I have to say that I think I like this one better than Pumpkin Milkshake and Vanilla Frosted Carrot Cake. I’m hoping this one becomes permanent.

Also, drinking this tea totally makes me think of JustJames and his custom blend contest submission. It’s not exact, but it echoes some of what he had wanted in his blend.


this is the one i’m most excited about :)


Stacy needs to sell this on her site. Period.


Need to go to amoda Facebook page and start requesting it!


Incendiare, did you get the box also? Have you tried it?

Sil, I also went to the page to say how much I like it.


No, I didn’t get a box but it sounds like something I’d like. Let’s hope either Amoda or Butiki will carry it someday. Let’s be stupid not to. Easy money!


Let’s hope so. I could be nice and save you some from this batch, but I really think Stacy will be makng this, or something quite similar. She really wants to, and Amoda is getting good feedback on it, so I think it will happen.


Nah, don’t save me any since you don’t have much. I have a good feeling they’ll offer it again.


Ok, good. More for ME! :P I feel like 98% there will be an offering of this or something very close.

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I was very skeptical about this one from the box, because I’m one of the few people who is not fond of eggnog. The actual drink makes me feel sick, and the flavour in things like lattes makes me think of drinking the real stuff and feeling sick.

Luckily, this blend is less nog and more nut, though it smelled more nog in the bag. I was hoping that the mellow and buttery green tea plus praline would make the eggnog more tolerable, and it did just that, so for me, this tea gets a higher rating than I would have initially thought, though others might rate it lower because it is light on the eggnog flavour.

I find that as a green, it has a medium body…not as light as some greens, but not super hearty and heavy either. I think the nuts and cream add a warmth to this that make it a cozy winter green tea.

I’m glad I tried this. Who knows, if it becomes permanent, I might get a bag of my own once my sample is up.

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Backlog: Had this one while on holiday about a month ago, and as I was writing up my tasting note for Good Morning Sunshine, I realized that I never did it for this one.

I had a very long day and travel for the trip…I got up at the same time I always do for work, and did almost a full day, leaving a few hours early so that I could catch my ferry sailing to Seattle at 5pm. Once I got to Seattle, about 8pm, I took the train from downtown to the airport (about an hour long) and did all the normal stuff for my flight, which didn’t leave til close to midnight. I arrived at almost 7am in Detroit, and caught my flight to Providence, RI. Between these two flights, I amasses probably 3-4 hours of sleep, max. I had sort of rested on my 3 hour ferry sailing to Seattle, but I never fell asleep on the boat, but I was fortunate to have the whole row to myself on both legs of my flight so I was able to lie down and snooze some.

I got into Providence, saw my best friend, and they (she and her hubby) bought me some coffee, cuz who wants to sleep when you’re seeing your best friend for the first time in person? Not this girl. Spent the day with her, had some more coffee, and tea in the evening, before crashing.

The next morning we went out fro breakfast, and then they dropped me off at the train station so I could head to Brooklyn (via Penn Station) to meet up with my husband and see my brother for a few days before heading out to Long Island for Long Island Who (Doctor Who convention). In the train station, there was a cafe, and I got some water and made this tea, for the first time on the trip. I’m not sure why I had waited so long…perhaps because I had a second wind or something the previous day. But you know what?

It was perfect. It was the right time, and it was relaxing and energizing at the same time for my 3-4 hour train ride to NYC. I was relaxed, yet energized when I got to the station and met up with my husband and brother, so I think it was just perfect.

Now for the taste, since really, that’s what this is all about, not my whole trip and what led me to drink it. I found it was not overpoweringly minty or herbal or anything. Having had the GMS now, I can now properly identify the guayusa taste. I can’t say it is my favourite, but it is quite tolerable. As I stated in my other review, I’d be interested in sampling the others before deciding if I want to buy any of them. I’m definitely up for trying more, just to get my feelers out…

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I generally like a lot of tea. I do find I have a preference for flavored over unflavoured, but I do love a good straight tea as well.

Likes are too hard, since there are a lot. Dislikes are easier, so here they are…

Hibiscus. Blech. I can tolerate a little, depending on the brew, like Berry Good from Davids and Ruby Pie from Butiki…but in general, it’s too tart and too strong for me.

Licorice. Anything that remotely resembles licorice is out too, so that includes fennel and anise. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Florals. I’m cool with petals in the tea to make them look pretty (except rose), and I’m cool with teas like oolongs having a floral note, but strong florals can give me migraines. Rose and jasmine are the biggest offenders. This is one where it can vary on the blend, as I can handle Teavivre’s Peach Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea because there is very little jasmine actually detectable in it.

Rooibos is hit or miss. I can do some, but not others. I handle green better than red, and honeybush better than rooibos.

My ratings don’t have a particular scale or method, and may on occasion contradict themselves, but I’m honestly not fussed about that. Sometimes I don’t even rate at all.

Um, I have an extensive wishlist. It is both a list of things I want to get again, and things I want to try. If you are sending me something, and you want to know which is which, I’ll tell you via PM.

Yes, I do trades…usually on request though. See something you want to try in my cupboard? Just shoot me a message and I’ll see what I can do!

Uh, guess that’s it.


Victoria, BC

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