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Sipdown of this today…I know it’s coming back. It’s a winter staple for me.

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Wow, was this ever buttery!! I basically had enough for one steep, plus re-steeps, from Cavocorax from our last swap, so I made it last night. The mouthfeel on this was sooo thick. It’s a really nice oolong. I wish I remembered a bit more about the rest, butI drank before bed and am only sitting her now typing up this tasting.

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drank Tamarind Pop by Butiki Teas
727 tasting notes

This was my tea this morning for my David’s kid’s tumbler and Timolino. I got this sample from CrowKettle a few days ago, and she warned me that it was a subtle taste. I have to agree with her that it is a very subtle tea.

The packet definitely has a sweet, smooth fruity smell. In fact, it smells delicious! goes back to sniffing the packet

Ok, I’m bag, after pulling myself away from the packet. :P As always, the aesthetics of the tea are very pleasing. The little pinky red blossoms are beautiful. The taste is very subtle. What I’m noticing most is an earthy fruit taste (and maybe some warm cinnamon?) with some restrained astringency, more like juicy astringency rather than pucker astringency. I did sweeten this with a little sugar. I’m not sure about any caramel or cocoa, but maybe the smooth warmth and earthiness I taste is partly those notes mixed in with the fruit.

I can see how this tea would be amazing cold steeped, as I think the fruit my pop even more. I like this tea, and am glad to have tried it. I might get a larger amount to play with in the future, but not now. I think I’ll add it to my list though…

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I got a generous sample of this from CrowKettle earlier this week, and decided to make it my morning tea…I do a double steep for two mugs. Sometimes I cold steep in one and hot tea in the other, but with the colder weather, I get lazy and just double steep and split each steep between the two vessels. Occasionally, I bag up something separate in one and steep simultaneously if I have the extra time.

Anyway, my morning steep of this was astringent and strong, and I was grateful I under-filled my steeper on the second go, as I had room to fill in my timolino, and I added milk to top it off. I was able to mix it into my other mug to make it milder, but I found that I had used too much milk because I lost some flavour.

I did a shorter steep with new leaves at home and it was better. I did add the tiniest drop of milk (what was left in a measuring cup used for dinner) and that made it a bit creamier. I found that the shorter time was better for me, and it was not so astringent, but it was still a little tart.

I wouldn’t say this is a favourite tea, but it isn’t too bad, especially with the lower steep. What makes me thing of getting some is the raspberry leaves, since they’re healthy. I might also cold steep. I don’t drink much cold liquid i the winter, except water (at room temp) so cold steeping probably won’t be for 6 more months.

I’m glad to try this, and will use the last of my sample soon, I think.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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Sipdown! I gave some of my initial sample to a friend, so I only have the one steep left of this sample from Incendiare left. I was going to try something else, but I thought I haven’t got many samples from her left, and I haven’t had one in a while. So here it goes.

It is rare that I can drink a black tea without the need to add milk. I think the base is mild enough, and not too astringent. This one is one of them, though I think it might be a little better with, but it is perfectly fine without right now. It is a little minty, and a little vanilla, and the mint is nice and mellow…though it is making my mouth water a little.

I think I still prefer Santa’s Secret over this, and I hope that it is available again this year. If not, I have a bag of 52 Teas White Christmas to get through. I find them all about the same, though I still like SS best.

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Sipdown…It’s no Ruby Pie, but it is still tasty in it’s own way. Cooled, it is much juicier, and there is a note of cinnamon mixed with the base. I think I prefer Ruby Pie over this is that the strawberry taste is stronger, the base is smoother, and there are little bunny graham crackers. :P

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Sipdown, sadly…this is a real gem of a tea, and I thank cavocorax for the pleasure of a few steeps of this one. Although I really do prefer Caramel Vanilla Assam over this, this one is so smooth, so amazingly balanced, not astringent, with some sweetness…it is one amazing tea, for sure. It’s one of the few black teas I can drink straight, with only a small amount of sugar. Usually, I add milk with black teas, and it is probably to cut the astringency, I now know.

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Sipdown…I think this is a better steep than the first one. I added more sugar, and milk, and the berry notes pop with juiciness all over my mouth. It does remind me a little of Blueberry Jam, but it is not quite the same. And this one is stevia free which I like. I might be willing to try a little more of this at some point down the road.

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Super nice tea tonight…two steeps of it. It was the thing I needed to have with my dinner tonight (KD, fancy, I know). The last of the pu erh plus mac n cheese was sooo heavy, so I made this up to help lighten everything up. It was a success! I’m curious to see if the flowery pineapple oolong is more pineapple-y than this.


nothing wrong with KD…. i had hot dogs =0)


The oolong is more pineapple-y than this one.


Agreed with Sil, a lot more sweet pineapple in the other one! But I also love this one, though I can never really taste the cilantro, but I guess it brings the freshness in this tea.


I’d be interested in trying the flowery pineapple oolong then. More pineapple!

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Did one rinse of this, probably ought to have done the two, but I like a stronger pu erh so I can add milk and sugar…it is almost like coffee that way. It was quite a dark brew, and quite strong. Maybe I’ll do more rinses and try it sans milk at some point also.

This one comes from CrowKettle from our last meet up. It’s pretty good, but I think I like flavored pu erh more…chocolate and caramel are particularly good combos for this earthy type of tea.

I might try using some of this with saigon chai. I’m itching for a good pu erh chai.

Thanks again for this sample.


Oh, I like that idea! I should try mixing a puerh and saigon chai as well.

Terri HarpLady

mmm….puerh chai….

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I generally like a lot of tea. I do find I have a preference for flavored over unflavoured, but I do love a good straight tea as well.

Likes are too hard, since there are a lot. Dislikes are easier, so here they are…

Hibiscus. Blech. I can tolerate a little, depending on the brew, like Berry Good from Davids and Ruby Pie from Butiki…but in general, it’s too tart and too strong for me.

Licorice. Anything that remotely resembles licorice is out too, so that includes fennel and anise. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Florals. I’m cool with petals in the tea to make them look pretty (except rose), and I’m cool with teas like oolongs having a floral note, but strong florals can give me migraines. Rose and jasmine are the biggest offenders. This is one where it can vary on the blend, as I can handle Teavivre’s Peach Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea because there is very little jasmine actually detectable in it.

Rooibos is hit or miss. I can do some, but not others. I handle green better than red, and honeybush better than rooibos.

My ratings don’t have a particular scale or method, and may on occasion contradict themselves, but I’m honestly not fussed about that. Sometimes I don’t even rate at all.

Um, I have an extensive wishlist. It is both a list of things I want to get again, and things I want to try. If you are sending me something, and you want to know which is which, I’ll tell you via PM.

Yes, I do trades…usually on request though. See something you want to try in my cupboard? Just shoot me a message and I’ll see what I can do!

Uh, guess that’s it.


Victoria, BC

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