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drank Chocolate Orange by DAVIDsTEA
687 tasting notes

Duuuuuuuuuuude….try this with dark chocolate milk instead of regular milk (if you use milk at all), and your mind…it shall be blown. :)

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Oh how lovely this tea is right now! I just love how juicy it is and how it makes me feel like I should be eating a scone or a sweet croissant with it. This is another one of those transition teas I love. It was nice to have today as it was overcast and cloudy, and this just sorta wrapped warm arms around me saying, it will get better soon. It also said, I am so much better than all that water you drank this morning for the ultrasound, right? Oh man was that ever horrible. I can’t imagine being pregnant and having a full bladder and a baby pressing up against it while the tech pokes and prods with the wand, but I guess for the pregnant woman, the sight and sounds of their baby make up for the torturous discomfort.

Anyway, back to the tea….ahhhh! Yummy, juicy, sweet! I think the funnest thing with this tea is the colour it turns…it is vibrant pinky purple, and when you add the milk, it makes it a purplish tinged colour. Kinda weird, kind cool.

Used up the last of this today, so I will have to pick more up soon.


Ouch! My roomie had one of those lovely full-bladder-ultrasound experiences over the Christmas break. She said it was sheer torture. I’ve been lucky enough to only ever have my legs and chest ultrasound(ed?), which didn’t require anything special of me.


OMG, yes, just torture! What was worse was the washroom that was connected to the waiting area, with the door WIDE OPEN, like it was just begging me to go. They have to have a full bladder to push the uterus up enough to see inside it properly. I didn’t even drink the full amount of water. They could not have come any later. I was just about ready to convince myself to scrap the appointment and go pee. I had actually gone to the receptionist desk to ask how much longer when I heard my name down the hall and was thanking any supernatural being that might have had some influence on the situation.


Lol, those ultraounds are so uncomfortable. My bladder was so full, it was almost exploding I swear. So they let me go to the bathroom just a tiny bit!


Heather, you reminded me I have a lot of this tea and I kind of forgot about how much I like it, you made me want to brew a big pot of it right now!

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drank Love Tea #7 by DAVIDsTEA
687 tasting notes

This is one of those “ahhhh” teas for me, however, it is also one of the teas that I find I love to have in the new year, when winter is mid-way in, and spring looks closer. I find that I really love chocolatey teas in the winter, but with the strawberry notes in this one, it is one of the teas that I feel is a little lighter for a black, but still hearty enough for winter. I’m like that….there are teas that I only drink in the colder months and those that I only drink in the warmer months…this is one of those transition ones for me. I tend to drink it from mid-January through late summer.

Anyhow, I do really love this tea. It is everything one could want in a love tea. Who doesn’t love chocolate and strawberries? I find that the rose petals really do little for the overall flavour, but look nice in the mix. This is good for me as I don’t like very floral teas, but I find the blend well balanced.

This is the first tea I made in my new Timolino. I discovered a few things about the Timolino the hard way, such as either emptying (completely) the strainer basket or removing it entirely once the tea finishes brewing, or you will get tea leaves coming through the drinking holes. I don’t think that an oolong would have that problem since the leaves are so large, but I am not sure the basket is large enough for them either. I know you can put the leaves in the main compartment, but I am not sure that is a good idea on most tea leaves as they might over-steep, right? Anyone got feedback on that? Also, it does keep the tea hot! In some ways, it stays too hot to drink for a while, and so I had to leave the lid off for a bit. Also, the metal outside gets cold outside this time of year…my kids tumbler isn’t the most insulated, but it keeps my hands warm…the Timolino is so good at insulation that the mug is not warm to the tough at all. It is much easier to hold though. So a few differences between my kids mug and this one, a little learning curve.


The Trimolino is awesome! I always make my tea before I go to work, and it is perfect temperature at my coffee time which is 3-4 hours after I made it. I learned this the hard way. The first time I drank the tea, I burned my WHOLE mouth, it was so hot!! I like that the outside doesn’t get hot, because then I couldn’t throw it into my work bag!


But see, that’s the thing. I make mine for work also, but I want to be able to drink some at the bus stop or on the bus. I don’t want to wait an hour for it to cool off enough for a sip.


Yeah, that drives me bonkers sometimes too. My best strategy is making the tea in a mug, letting it cool to be drinkable, then putting it in. However, on a rushed morning that does not work. I picked up a Contigo mug which is slightly less good at holding in the heat (it gets warm around the lid area), but it still does the job too well…


I did notice with my refill today that it was a little warm around the metal ring at the top. I’m wondering if the tea would keep if I made it the night before when I went to bed.


I have been wondering the same thing! Depends how long you sleep for, perhaps?

Another thing I was thinking about was brewing tea in less water, then adding cooler water to top up the mug.


That or maybe adding ice.


It might be too cool if you leave it overnight. A little ice does do the trick. I have taken tea out on errands before on our crazy cold Saskatchewan days. Warms me right up!

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Is it sad to say that I don’t find this gingery enough, despite it smelling super gingery, or is it a testament to how off my buds and sinuses are right now that I just can’t perceive how gingery it really is? That said, this will be a staple as a medicinal tea as I routinely get sinus upsets and nausea.

For the record…although this is a rooibos tea (green I think) I really don’t taste any of it under the ginger.

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This is one of the samples I got got indigobloom. I had it the other night, so this is a bit of a backlog. I used the whole sample, but perhaps maybe I shouldn’t have. It was a strong genmai cha roasty toasty flavour, which isn’t a bad thing…I love genmai cha specifically for those flavours. I could detect a little of the soybean. I had a slightly bitter brew, but it might be due to using all the tea, or not being diligent enough to watch the water temp or time too closely.

This was still a nice tea. It is a nice one to try, and I appreciate the thought to blend this all together.


aw no, sorry it turned out bitter! :(


It wasn’t too bitter. It was still very exceptional. And it was bitter from my fault, not the tea. I still really really appreciate you sending it.


aw my pleasure Heather! :)


Thanks, A!

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drank Prince Vladimir by Kusmi Tea
687 tasting notes

This was my first tea of 21013. I’m not entirely sure why I chose this one, over one of my Davids teas, as this is not a fave, but it is ok. Perhaps I just wanted a change, and to go through my box from indigobloom more, but perhaps I also chose this for the citrus in it, and the hope that spring is coming soon, now that the new year has begun.

Once again, it is not a remarkable tea. It is mild and not overly tart or citrus or bitter or anything. It is pretty inoffensive, really. Had it with sugar and the last of the milk.

Probably not something I would buy for myself, but it is something I don’t mind drinking.

I appreciate the sample though.

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I’ve had this tea a bit more lately, as it is one of the few caffeinated ones in the cheapest category for to go drinks. On subsequent tastings, I have determined that there is a slight strawberry note in the brew, and it is actually not overpowering to the pu-erh at all. Actually, while still mild on all accounts, it’s actually decently flavoured, and I will also say that I do prefer it with milk and sugar.

So, with everything in mind, I have actually upped the rating. It is something that I know I can get at Teavana that I don’t hate. Will I buy some to make at home? Maybe. But I have enough stuff at home right now.

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Decided to try something new as my TTG tonight, so I chose this. I’ve smelled this a number of times, but I have always picked something else. This is nice. It’s not a terribly strong or complex flavour, and it does have a bit of a classic kind of feel to it.

I can’t say this is a new favourite tea, but it is tasty alright, and I can see why DT uses it in many of they’re samplers. It’s pretty inoffensive and is something that a person new to tea can easily get behind.

To me, it is a nice vanilla-ish and coconut-y flavour, with the rum as the undertone. I like this way better than Whiskey White. It’s just a nice smooth flavour…nothing too fancy, but that’s ok. I kind of wonder what this would be like mixed with Fantasy Island. Call it Rum Fantasy???

Bear With Me

Funny you mention mixing it with Fantasy Island, I do that all the time and really enjoy it! Both are tasty mixed with Whisky White too, actually.


I never liked Whiskey White. But I do like Fantasy Island.

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drank Lapacho Orange by The Tea Haus
687 tasting notes

This one confuses me…the lapacho herb reminds me of Amaretto from DAVIDs and the Orange reminds me of Orange Blossom from DAVIDs as well…it smells soooooo good!

It’s too hot to take a sip just yet, but for now, I will breathe in deeply to the scent wafting up from my mug. This is only from the 5 minute steeper method too. I wonder how much more intense it would be with the stove-top method of preparation.

If this is truly medicinal, I may need to beef up my intake because I have been feeling so sluggish lately.

More later once it cools and I can take a sip….

Ok, so it is not too hot anymore in the burning tongue capacity, but still nice and hot to start drinking. I think I may have under-brewed this, either by not using enough leaf, or not letting it steep long enough, but it is a very nice herbal blend with juicy orange. It’s quite tasty actually, but just a little thin and weak.

Thanks to Indigobloom for this one, as I know I will enjoy this cuppa, and the one to follow.


Glad you like it!
I was at a local shop today and they had a version of this that I can replace it with. I was soooo happy to find that :D

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drank Golden Fleece by Verdant Tea
687 tasting notes

Ok, so this is the tea that got the swap going with Indigobloom and I was waiting for a time where I could re-steep easily.

I don’t have a gaiwan or anything for gong fu steeping. I used a bag from DAVIDs, boiling water, and a measuring cup. I don’t usually measure the water…I just fill my Steeper to a point and brew. Because of the nature of the steeping on the website, and reading reviews here, I figured this was the closest I could come to East meets West steeping. I did not get rid of the first steep or “rinse” as I really wanted to max out what I could with my small sample.

First steep…my little special tea cup was actually less than 8 oz, so while I started the steep in that as I poured the boiling water from the measuring cup, I poured the rest in my mug, followed by what was in my tea cup, and the bag. I think I probably just shook the bag around a bit and dunked it up and down. I’m guessing this was all in the 20-30 second time frame. The brew that formed was light and pale and golden. It smelled very bready, considering how short a steep it was. My first sip was a spicy one, a sharp peppery spice at the tip of my tongue. I wasn’t prepared for that. Subsequent sips were not as sharp, and I could taste the bread again, but more like a honey bread. I will mention that this was drunk bare, which I rarely do. I could taste a subtle sweet note at the back of my mouth, sort of like an after taste. I don’t think I picked up any mushroom notes, which is good for me since I am not fond of mushrooms, but it is possible that was I did taste was a little of the roasted sweet potato that some have picked up on.

Second steep was longer, and I added sugar, but not much. This steep was stronger, and a bit more astringent than the first. The basic flavours appeared, though the brew was darker, and it was, as I said, a little more astringent.

Third steep I went a bit more Western, probably about a minute steep, and I used more sugar and also milk. I’m getting a very classic Chinese Yunnan taste from this…something I have had in the past, something that is very comforting to me. I do still get some of the peppery notes every now and again, and the malty honey bun flavour is what permeates most in this. The milk and sugar add a sweet creamy touch. It is a simplicity in flavour that makes it so comforting, even if the notes are a little complex still.

All in all, I find this to be of very good quality. It’s taste is a bit like liquid gold. It has all the traits of a good yunnan tea that I love, but a silky and glossy golden feel to it. It’s like a tea spun out of gold. Light and bright but balanced.

I don’t know if I will get more steeps out of this one or not, especially as my last steep had the bag in with the milky water. If I do one more, it will probably be more Western style, and continue with the milk and sugar.

I have enough of the sample for one more round of steeps, so I will use those leaves wisely.

Thanks agin to Indigobloom for sharing this delightful tea with me.


yay! it’s quite the character this one ;P

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I generally like a lot of tea. I do find I have a preference for flavored over unflavoured, but I do love a good straight tea as well.

Likes are too hard, since there are a lot. Dislikes are easier, so here they are…

Hibiscus. Blech. I can tolerate a little, depending on the brew, like Berry Good from Davids and Ruby Pie from Butiki…but in general, it’s too tart and too strong for me.

Licorice. Anything that remotely resembles licorice is out too, so that includes fennel and anise. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Florals. I’m cool with petals in the tea to make them look pretty (except rose), and I’m cool with teas like oolongs having a floral note, but strong florals can give me migraines. Rose and jasmine are the biggest offenders. This is one where it can vary on the blend, as I can handle Teavivre’s Peach Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea because there is very little jasmine actually detectable in it.

Rooibos is hit or miss. I can do some, but not others. I handle green better than red, and honeybush better than rooibos.

My ratings don’t have a particular scale or method, and may on occasion contradict themselves, but I’m honestly not fussed about that. Sometimes I don’t even rate at all.

Um, I have an extensive wishlist. It is both a list of things I want to get again, and things I want to try. If you are sending me something, and you want to know which is which, I’ll tell you via PM.

Yes, I do trades…usually on request though. See something you want to try in my cupboard? Just shoot me a message and I’ll see what I can do!

Uh, guess that’s it.


Victoria, BC

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