18 Tasting Notes

drank Wild Sweet Orange by Tazo
18 tasting notes

I don’t know how long you can brew this tea without it being sour or sickly floral, but it’s strong. I was doubtful that I would like this tea because I’ve disliked all other teas with hibiscus in it. All I can taste is that nasty flower and sourness. Stay away.

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drank Tazo Chai by Tazo
18 tasting notes

This is one of my favourite chais. I once temped at a company which required me to wake up at 5:30 in the morning for the cold -30C commute. When I got to work, they had this tea in the kitchen. Brewed hot, semi-strong and with milk: lovely pick me up. I went through the box in the first week.

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drank Chai Green by Stash Tea Company
18 tasting notes

I know someone who loves this tea, but I’m not so keen on it. It seems to be neither green or chai. Maybe I like my greens actually strong and fresh and I like my chai spicy and intense. So this tea could be at odds with itself. I find some Stash teas overload on the spices more than the actual teas. I’ll pass on this tea.

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For the true Earl Grey lovers. I did not love this at first, but the second time, I’ve come to like it. It really gives you a hit of Earl Grey on those rainy days when you need it! I say this as someone who doesn’t steep Earl Greys very long, but there is something quite nice about this one.

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I like licorice and licorice tea in general, but this is too heavy in other things. The aftertaste is the mix of the vanilla, orange peel and too many spices. Blah. I’m not keen on this and it seems to be polarizing.

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drank Comforting by Aveda
18 tasting notes

This was one of the most expensive teas I’ve bought and quite overpriced considering it’s a herbal. I had it the first time I went to a nice spa/salon. They brewed it perfectly that I have never gotten it quite right. It is a nice tea though and one that should not be steeped for too long. Very relaxing and mellow if you like licorice. I don’t think I’ll repurchase, but it has lasted me ages and it does have nice packaging.

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drank Lady Grey by Twinings
18 tasting notes

I am a bit of a Twinings girl and enjoy many of their teas. Like the Earl Grey, I like a quick steep with this one. On days where I am feeling in the mood for Earl Grey, but need variety, I reach for this. I rotate the two “Greys” frequently otherwise I’d be sick of one easily.

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Tangy! Friday afternoon and day 3 of my sore throat and cold. I need something caffeine-free and this is given to me. It is citrusy, but I am not a big fan of hibiscus in teas. Having said that, the Meyer Lemon is dominant. It’s an alright tea, but I wouldn’t buy it or have it as my first choice.

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A very nice green and mint blend. It’s calming and not overdone. I usually am off caffeine in the PM, but since it’s green and it’s mostly mint, this is fine in the stressful afternoons.

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drank Chai Spiced Apple by Twinings
18 tasting notes

This is alright. It smells like hot apple cider, but it doesn’t really taste like it unless you steep it a long time. Note for those with Nut Allergies: I drank this with someone who has a nut allergy and she started itching with this tea. She is fine with the regular Twinings Chai though.

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I like my tea unsweetened and strong. This is due mostly to my upbringing. I like the second steep almost as much as the first.

Sweetener: Almost never. Prefer honey or even maple syrup if I must.
Milk: Chai definitely, orange pekoe, some other blends, but in general, I skimp on the milk too.

In the summer, I brew ice tea cold in the fridge, no sweetner of course.

Favourites: Not a definitive list. I grew up on Chinese teas so I tend to favour them.

Blacks: Oolong, Assam, Ti Kuan Yin, Yunnan
Greens: Lung Ching, Sencha
Blends: Earl Grey, Chai, Lady Grey, Prince of Wales
Tisanes: Mint, Licorice, Honeybush





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