1380 Tasting Notes

drank Lemon Grass by The Tea Haus
1380 tasting notes

I forgot I still had this in my cupboard. and that I do enjoy lemongrass! on it’s own that is. In blends? can’t stand it. Solo? deeeelish! creamy lemon gooodness. It’s even complex, which I adore about teas.

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I think I prefer this without milk??! an assam without milk, it just feels so wrong!
It’s crisp and fresh, floral and just a little malty. With all those letters attached, it’s no wonder why :)
A la dairy, it’s a little smoky, and I’m not sure I like that.
The kind gent from Capital Teas gifted this to me and I plan to cherish every spoonful. Though I need to indulge a few more cups before deciding on a rating.


I drink assam without milk! It takes some getting used to I think, but I like it that way now.

Terri HarpLady

I also drink mine without milk, although sometimes if it’s particularly tart I’ll add some stevia. I used to add french vanilla soy creamer, sigh…, but I don’t use that now…


heh i don’t think i’ve ever added milk to any assam i’ve had.

Donna A

I don’t add milk, but I add some stevia.


It’s my one guilty pleasure, I looove a malty black tea with milk and sugar! without, I dunno, it’s not as malty, which is the part I adore

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Whaaaaaat, I still have some of this left over?! I thought it was sipped down ages ago. So I made a cup for Dad and I. Not bad, after all this time! Helps that I actually had it in a tin. Significantly less orange flavour, but the chocolate is still there, yay! :)
I needed the pick me up. I’m a little depressed tonight because I can’t make it out to my floor hockey game due to a professional committment, and I’ve been looking forward to it since last Tues. Le sad :(

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drank Forbidden Fruit by DAVIDsTEA
1380 tasting notes

Much better with a longer steep, as recommended on the packet! I’m so used to doing shorter steeps with my straight teas that I forget when indulging in one that does better with a longer infusion.


Yes! I’m having the same problem. Forget that while 52teas blacks need 2.5 minutes, DT blacks are best at 4-5, etc. etc. And straight teas complicate things even more!


LOL woes of a tea lover!! :/

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Still as tasty as ever. Guh. I love it!!!

Edit: water was too hot on the second steep. A rather unmemorable cup.

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Did two weeks make a difference? today’s cup was not so bad!! of course, in anticipation of how bad it could be, I added a teaspoon of sugar along with my milk.
Also, there was a good sized chunk of cocoa in my spoon, perhaps that is what spiced up my cup!
Bumping the rating a bit.

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Thanks Sil and Kittenna for this sample!! I really enjoyed the cup. Seriously.
A little bit of caramel, but mostly orange. Like marmalade. Very rindy and sweet, sans sugar!
I’ve had an orange kind of day. We made a cake for Mums bday… and she loves marmalade so it was an eggless, orange infused cake with marmalade/vodka glaze. Looks purty but we haven’t tried it yet. Fingers crossed that I didn’t mess it up!!
Anyhow, I am seriously considering getting more of this one :D


This one was just from Sil :) I royally messed up my first cup of it (and wasted like half the packet in doing so), so I wouldn’t have had enough to share, haha.


Ah you’re right!! I couldn’t remember who gave it to me, and I just realized that’s cuz it was in the big bag of stuffs I got that was prepared when I arrived


Ahh yes :) We thought we’d be efficient!


Good idea!! Our Kally and S&V order would’ve taken forever to sort

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Just like that smores tea from Teaopia. Only not nearly as good. Super astringent with some marshmallow sweetness. Almost overbearingly sugary.


I’ve been wondering about this one! I LOVE the s’mores from Teaopia. I bought a huge bag before it was discontinued, but I’m worried that once it’s gone, that I won’t find anything even close to it…


I think I may have overleafed the cup. This was a sample, but if it ever comes into stock again, I’d recommend trying it! :)


I didn’t like the s’mores from Teaopia, but I love this one.


Interesting! I wonder if it’s a love one and hate the other deal heh


This one, however, was possibly from me? I think I split my sample between you and Raritea. Also, I feel like it’s difficult to overleaf Della Terra teas. I usually go with 2tsp/cup anyways because they tend to be light on flavour. I just thought this one was a lot of sweet stuff and no good solid base beneath, so it was more or less sweetish icky water, haha.


ha! yep that sounds about right. Sweet icky water.
I’d been wanting to try this for a while, thanks for sharing your sample!! (I didn’t give you credit cuz it wasn’t the best review!)


LOL! I’m not particularly worried about credit… :P

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This flavour profile, it is SO FAMILIAR! What is it?? I can’t place what I’m tasting. Orange? but there is no rind in the blend. Maybe the essence of?
Definitely pear and blackberry, though I’m not sure how those would be tropical. Lime is certainly there. Must be the combination that gives it a fruity runt candy like taste. Oh oh!!! wait a second. It’s FRUIT PUNCH BUBBLICIOUS!!! YES! Ha, I beat you, you evasive flavour that reminds me of childhood. Wow. First time ever, I can truly say that I’m looking forward to making an iced tea. Gotta say, I’m a little giddy!
Trouble is, I’m not sure if its the throwback to the eighties that’s seducing me, or the actual flavour itself. Thus, I’ll let things marinate for a bit, and try it iced before rating.
Maybe I’ll make popsicles! :P


I should have grabbed samples of the other Kally Teas that you guys got that I didn’t share part of :P If you feel like saving any..?


Fo’ suresies! add it to the list :P

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drank Alpine Punch by DAVIDsTEA
1380 tasting notes

Thanks for the sample Raritea!!
Almond and coconut, two of my fave things. yum!
Wow this reminds me of a coconut blend I had from Tealish, only that one was black tea and this is herbal.
The coconut and almond work well together, but it hits the back of my throat in a funny way that I’m not sure I like. I can get past it. Overall a very tasty cup!
The second steep was nice, creamy and mild. No sugar added to either cup so that was nice!
I would consider picking up a cup if I was on the go and needed something decaf to warm me up :)

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Let’s see… I’m a tea and workout fanatic, I work in HR, and most of my friends consider me to be an egg. White on the outside, Asian on the inside :)
-from philosophy to food, I love it all
Otherwise, what you see is what you get! I can be very straightforward and yet shy.

Also, I’ve started taking tea sommelier classes and it is an absolute blast! Well, so far I’ve only finished the first out of eight courses, but I am really looking forward to the next one.

Anyhow, if your curious as to how I rate things, this is how I work…

Like eating dirt, or some other unsanitary indelicacy that mentioning in my profile here would likely get me banned.
I don’t think I’ve found cause to banish a tea to the wasteland yet though so who knows what it’d inspire ;P

You know that expression “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”? I imagine drinking that water would be terrible enough to warrant this rating!
I’d never make my enemy drink this, but perhaps I’d throw it at them. Good thing I don’t have any enemies!

This is “tea”?? I tried finishing the cup… but my body rejected it. There may be others who enjoy this tea, but it’s beyond me!

I tried liking it, and I can almost get there! I certainly don’t hate it, but something is holding me back. Allergies? Men in white suits? who knows… certainly not me!

Lovely tea! Not my all time fave but close. I likely wouldn’t repurchase, but may decide to based on many factors: price, accessibility, whether it fills a “tea gap”, medicinal applications, and how often I crave it.
Every once in awhile I find the sweet spot that bumps these up to 90+. Those are the days I need to buy a lotto ticket!

Sweet Camellia! this is realllly good tea! Don’t talk to me until I’ve finished my cup…

Tea of the gods. I would do anything to get my hands on more of this liquid gold!


Toronto (Mississauga, but I work in TO)



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