1512 Tasting Notes


Thanks to Kittenna for this sample!!
It was definitely cerealish. I could taste honey, nuts, and errrr, rooibos? Hard to say, it was blended together quite expertly so that could have been the “cereal” bit.
After it cooled down, I got alot more honey thickness along with that throat catching nutty note. Actually, when hot, this was downright watery and almost tasteless! but then I added a bit of sugar and let it sit for awhile. Oh yeah, not bad at all. In some ways, it was airy, and others it was thick! Hmmmm. Figure that one out…
A little on the standard side, in my books, but unique enough to catch my attention and garner some curiosity. If I ever run out of complex herbals to sample (yeah not in this lifetime), I’d def repurchase.
Also, I think this would go very nicely as an iced summer refresher. I’m not a big iced tea fan but I do go through phases, and right now, I am all about cold brews!

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I bought a sample sachet of this at Pacific Mall of all places, and saved it til today when I really needed it.
And guess what, it is super tasty. Intense on the sweet berry, which I LOVE!! Definitely some strawberry, and maybe cherry. Not sure about the currant.
Without any sugar or milk, I enjoyed every single sip even though I got an extra large cup, for maybe a regular sized serving of leaves. Oh yeah, so worth it. No idea what temp it was at either so I’m going to surmise that this blend can take a lot of abuse and still end up amazing.
I’d keep it in my cupboard if I could.
In some ways, it reminds me very much of Marco Polo. They are pretty much the same tea, only one has a whole lot more vanilla. Ok so that makes them pretty different in one very big way lol
Still, I doubt I’d carry both in my cupboard if I had an opp, since I’m not a huge vanilla fan and thus much prefer this version!
Also, Sil, did you give me a sample of this?? I can’t recall!!


I like this very much as well, but to me it´s a totally different beast from Marco Polo, funny how we all experience things differently.

I got a tin of this without being too enthusiastic about it, but ended up loving it, and loving it better than all the other Dammann teas (even ones I was far more interested in before trying!) I have tried.


nope. I gave you others. I didn’t get to pick this one up, though it’s on my shopping list to try sometime.


Sorry, I don´t understand – "nope. I gave you others. "?


cteresa – IB asked if this was one of the teas i gave her. :) I gave her other damman freres tea, which is likely what she’s thinking of.


sorry, sorry, my mistake! I was not understanding, nevermind brain fart (it´s getting very hot, moved to iced non caffeine tea, and my brain is not adjusting…)


pas de problem! I feel the same way…and it’s already afternoon! :)


cteresa, it’s really good! I don’t think I’ve had a berry tea that pops so nicely before. Yummm :D
Sil, aha! well if I ever see it again at p-mall, I’ll pick you up a sample. $1 for one bag, not too bad.

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Thank you to Sil for this sample!!

For a chocolate tea, this isn’t bad. Verrrrry astringent and light though.
I think it’s supposed to be a darker chocolate. Sorry that’s about all I can remember as I was running around getting ready for the day while sipping away.

Looks like I won’t have much time for tea drinking this week. I’m helping an old professor of mine mark exam papers and organize her stuffs, and she is anti tea/coffee! So I’ll be able to squeeze in a morning cuppa, maybe one throughout the day, and possibly an evening herbal. Forget about logging it on Steepster, as I don’t get cell reception at the office.
Ahh well, it will be fun. My prof always dotes on her assistants so I’ll be eating lots of chocolate and mall food (uni is attached to the Eaton Centre).
And now I must go to bed. So tired and depressed after reading about the bombings :(
Makes me feel guilty for being annoyed at my shopping excursion to Home Sense today, when I got excited to see an (advertised) cast iron pot for $20! only to look inside and see that it was glazed?! I was confused… I thought the whole point was that they aren’t????
Here I am whining about glazing when there are people suffering so terribly out there.
Sending out peaceful and healing thoughts to those affected by the tragedy…


Did you brew it in 12 oz. water? I did, for 2.5 mins, and it was amazing. Apparently Harney sachets are not for 8oz – I made that mistake with a tea a couple weeks ago.


I was going to ask that. Heh cause I love this blend


ahhh, yeah I used my normal mug! :/


I think most cast iron is glazed nowadays to prevent rust inside. I know mine is, from Teavana, but I love it!


Wow, $20 for a cast iron pot. Good deal.


Ashmanra, I’ve heard that! but I’ve been told it affects the curing/taste. Not sure if that is myth or truth? Wish I knew!

Incendiare, right?!? now I wish I’d taken it…

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drank Parsley Tea by Seelect
1512 tasting notes

I went on a road trip this weekend, and since this is one of my few bagged teas, and I was in a rush, guess what got taken along?
And I’m glad I did! It was SO yummy. I love my parsley tea. Something about it is thirst quenching.
Have you ever sipped water when you were thirsty and someone it doesn’t “hit the spot” so you take another one and yea, that does better, reaching that seemingly dry place?? Well my parsley tea gets it right with every sip. Mmmm.
I think my road trip diet didn’t help things, so when I finally got my hands on something with nutrients in it, my body said give me more! haha.
Cuz this was even better than usual, and I was drinking out of a takeout cup with Joe Smoe’s boiled tap water…

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drank Pu-erh Chocolate Chai by Tealux
1512 tasting notes

This is the strangest Chai I’ve ever had. I feel like it’s trying to be a chai that I tried from Verdant once, the pheonix one I think, and just isn’t measuring up.
Very earthy. Reminds me of burdock, which apparently this does not have so what do I know lol.
Without milk, it was actually ok, if you don’t mind the soil type flavour. But seeing as it was a CHAI, I added some dairy and it was super strange. I really didn’t know what to make of it!! you can really tell that there is puerh in there. Roasted mate also makes an appearance, with it’s telltale signature earthy yet leafy flavour. Hrm.
but then the cup cooled and it started to grow on me. Some serious chocolate notes started to emerge. They were quite nice, and a pleasant surprise after the rocky start.
So lesson learned, don’t drink this baby hot. Wait til it’s alteast lukewarm!! Oh dear I hope I remember to check in on Steepster before brewing this up again, as I do prefer my drinks as hot as I can tolerate them.


This one seems a little weird, right? I never seem to like puehr’s blend, for some reasons I don’t like flavoring paired with it, prefer it straight. I just got a huge order from Tealux, pretty impressed so far with the ones I’ve tried though.


Yeah fruity puerh blends are ok but chai ones are just odd. It was interesting in any case!

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I made this cold brew style today and accidentally steeped for 9hrs vs the 3 that I intended.
So while it isn’t exactly bitter, it’s not at all what I had hoped for. Kindof bubblgummy in that standard “fruit” tea way and a teeny hint of Cilantro… Boo!! that was why I commissioned the blend in the first place. I heart cilantro!!
Thus, considering those two factors, not to mention that iced tea is not my fave, this is most definitely on the MEH side of things, but oh well, I accept full responsibility for that.
One day I’ll try again, when I have the time to pay proper attention!! Or when we finally find room in the freezer, I’ll make it iced (double strength over cubes)

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drank Tsar's Blend by Distinctly Tea
1512 tasting notes

Hmmm. I never know how to brew multi-leaf blends! So strange. White and black! No shades of grey here hahahaa
So. The tea. At near boiling, this was interesting. Not quite up to speed for my tastes, being a little mild, so I added milk and honey. Much better! I can taste the white part, coming in as a high note astringency.
Next, I brought the temp way down to see if that changed anything, letting the cup cool for about a minute. Ewww. Do not like at all.
Would I get this again? I think so, one day. One of those comforting teas I could drink all afternoon, out of my pot. Not because I am in love with it, but because it’s naturally unassuming and not in your face. Though if I did that, I’d probably add milk and sugar for the first cup and then have the rest bare.
(backlog from last week)

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Guess what arrived in my mailbox the other day?!? Surprise! :P
Anyhow. What a deelish tea!
I’m not big on dark oolongs these days, for some reason. Red robe was my fave for a long time… I kinda miss loving it. Sighs.
No matter, I’m really liking my cup! It’s creamy and I can definitely taste the strawberry and rhubarb influence, though I do wish it was a tad stronger.
Second infusion brought out more creaminess. Mmmmm. What a treat :)

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Thanks to Sil via Lala for this sample!!
I’m not sure about this. Is it Sencha? I’m not a huge fan of the base. The fruity part is nice. Vaguely reminiscent of pear but there is a stronger overlying general fruitiness. I added a pinch of sugar to see if that brought out the flavours more, but alas it did not.
A rather familiar flavour to be honest. I’ve had something similar, somewhere, before.
Also, now that I am finished my cup, I’m feeling a prickly sensation. Whether that’s my dislike for sencha, or the power of suggestion, I don’t know!

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I’m finding that this doesn’t mix with other flavours as much as I’d hoped. For some reason mixing it brings out a salty aftertaste. Strawberry, caramel and raspberry truffle so far. Very odd. Nor does it go well in smoothies. SO… I’ve been making it solo, or with almond milk, but my fave so far, hands down, is mixed in with some fruit, cereal, or chocolate bits, and vanilla yogurt!! Oh yeah baby. Those are some happy moments.

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Let’s see… I’m a tea and workout fanatic, I work in HR, and most of my friends consider me to be an egg. White on the outside, Asian on the inside :)
-from philosophy to food, I love it all
Otherwise, what you see is what you get! I can be very straightforward and yet shy.

Also, I’ve started taking tea sommelier classes and it is an absolute blast! Well, so far I’ve only finished the first out of eight courses, but I am really looking forward to the next one.

Anyhow, if your curious as to how I rate things, this is how I work…

Like eating dirt, or some other unsanitary indelicacy that mentioning in my profile here would likely get me banned.
I don’t think I’ve found cause to banish a tea to the wasteland yet though so who knows what it’d inspire ;P

You know that expression “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”? I imagine drinking that water would be terrible enough to warrant this rating!
I’d never make my enemy drink this, but perhaps I’d throw it at them. Good thing I don’t have any enemies!

This is “tea”?? I tried finishing the cup… but my body rejected it. There may be others who enjoy this tea, but it’s beyond me!

I tried liking it, and I can almost get there! I certainly don’t hate it, but something is holding me back. Allergies? Men in white suits? who knows… certainly not me!

Lovely tea! Not my all time fave but close. I likely wouldn’t repurchase, but may decide to based on many factors: price, accessibility, whether it fills a “tea gap”, medicinal applications, and how often I crave it.
Every once in awhile I find the sweet spot that bumps these up to 90+. Those are the days I need to buy a lotto ticket!

Sweet Camellia! this is realllly good tea! Don’t talk to me until I’ve finished my cup…

Tea of the gods. I would do anything to get my hands on more of this liquid gold!


Toronto (Mississauga, but I work in TO)



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