1534 Tasting Notes

drank Melange Rooibos by 52teas
1534 tasting notes

I can’t believe I have some of this left in my cupboard! Eeeesh. I really did fall off the herbals bandwagon. They just aren’t my thing anymore, not the way they were back in the day. I still have a cuppa once in awhile but there was a time when that was every single night. Oh well.
I’m glad this was still around though, as I wanted something spicier to mix with some eggnog, and since it was late I thought caffeine free would be good. And I was right, it was durn good! Now reading my earlier reviews I wish I’d added a touch of mint. Oh well. Live and learn :)

Also, I just noticed that on on the David’s Tea website under Green’s, they have both Dragonwell and Lung Ching listed. I get that one is likely higher quality than the other… but still, having two teas with the same name is a bit redundant. SMH.

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drank Honey Black by DAVIDsTEA
1534 tasting notes

Hmph. Instructions said 4-7 min so I went for 4, and it was a bit bitter. Too much for me, so I added milk and a touch of sugar.
Made that way, it was pleasant enough. A bit malty, smoky, and not very astringent.
I’m looking forward to trying this at three minutes!


I am really curious about this tea, but wow is that pricey. I might pick up 20g if my work gets extended through next week. :)


I know right?! I have a free 50g coming my way. If I fall in love with this I may use it on that


Try it gongfu. You will like it more I bet ;)


Oooh that is a good idea, surprised I didn’t think of that haha. Thanks Boychik!!


Let us know when you try ;)


Hehe I will! :P

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drank Mulled Wine by DAVIDsTEA
1534 tasting notes

Have you ever had mulled wine? I’ve only tried it with red wine. Can you make white mulled wine? This tea reminds me of what I imagine mulled white wine would taste like.
When hot, I found it quite tasty, and was kinda cursing DT for making a tea that I may have to stock in my cupboard. But then as it cooled, well it pops a bit less and takes on a sort of bubblegummy note. I noticed it in the dry scent as well.
The flavours do meld together quite well though. Hey! Actually, you know what it reminds me of? Mulled beer! I had some at the Christmas Market last weekend. Yep. Forget what I said earlier about white wine!! Either way, I’m ok with it. Just not in love. Maybe I’m in like?
So while I may buy a tiny bit more for the cupboard at some point, if they have any in stock, I won’t be rushing to the store or anything.


I’ve had mulled wine, or at least Glühwein and glögg, and you most definitely can make it with white wine instead. Now you make me want that!


Mmmmm one day I’ll try making myself some, it sounds amazing!! cheers ;)

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I like it!!
Thank you Sil & MissB :)
Pear is a flavour I really do enjoy when done right, and I find that this tea has a great balance. A little sweet, a bit tart, and the chocolate accent really pairs well. Adding just a bit of sugar cuts down on the tart and brings out more of a caramelized pear note.
So yeah. Compared to the other tea I just tried, this is a welcome cuppa heaven!

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drank Hot Chocolate by DAVIDsTEA
1534 tasting notes

Stevia. Bad. Bad bad bad! Ick.
Yeah this totally reminds me of hot chocolate, but the diabetic one my Grandfather used to have when I was a kid. The type that leaves a nasty burning sensation on my tongue for quite some time afterwards. Blegh.
First I tried this sans milk and found it horribly astringent and super sweet. In a no good terrible way. With milk, I can probably finish my cup.
Actually, I noticed that if I sip at it while doing something else, like checking emails etc, I can get by without really focusing on the taste. But tea is a relaxing, happy zen kinda experience for me. So if the only way I can drink a blend is by not being present, in the moment…. well count me out. No thanks.

Also, David’s Tea I have a bone to pick with you! The website says nothing about artificial ingredients, yet the label in store does. So which is it?


Oh their labelling problems. :/ That is another issue I have with DavidsTea.


OMGsrsly, yup! So inconsistent. Sighs.

Gmathis, exactly my thoughts! :)

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drank Grapefruit Green by Lupicia
1534 tasting notes

Omnomnomnoms. So good.
This smells incredible! Like freshly cut grapefruit. I’m in love!
The taste is less impressive, but still quite nice. Not as powerful, but then I did expect that. The green base is ok but I think it might have been paired with a “fresher” more grassy green tea. Mum loved it as well, but her doc says she can’t have green tea so only a tiny cup for her.
I love that the bitterness of the grapefruit actually flows through to the taste. The best part, I think! I do adore grapefruit when it isn’t TOO bitter. Sometimes you get one that is just too much. But this tea? yeah, perfect balance!
Again, the only thing I would change is the base, but even then it’s not so bad, just not perfect is all. Thanks for the sample bag Sil or was it VariaTea?
Anyhow, if I can get my hands on more of this I’ll be a very happy girl :)


Fruity Lupicia teas do really well when cold steeped in the fridge. Something to think about if you get more of this tea. :)


Mmmm yeah I’d definitely give that a shot! Do you use a hot water starter or just cold water all the way?


Usually room temperature water, put in in a mason jar with the tea and stick it in the fridge overnight. Sometimes I add sugar when I put it all together depending on my mood and the tea.


I usually start mine off with just a little bit of hot (tea appropriate) water and then top it off with room temp. But that also depends on how much time I have, as usually I’m in a rush when I remember to cold brew! :P


How does this compare to Butiki’s Grapefruit Dragon?


I personally liked it better. The grapefruit is more intense, I got barely any flavour from the Butiki one myself!


Thank you! I will have to look at trying this one!


One day I hope to get my hands on some more as well. Definitely on my purchase list :)

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The first steep of this was amazing. Very vegetal, buttery, and mildly floral. I really don’t like florals at all and barely noticed it so that was fine by me!
The buttery part does lend itself to “popcorn” but I would never have picked out that descriptor without looking at the notes above. I consider Genmaicha to be closer, but in a different way of course. If you could combine the two, you’d definitely have a great snack alternative. And since popcorn IS my fave indulgence, well I’d be in heaven.
Also, first steep was rather drying. The second was less so, but then I found it to be more flowery, so not as tasty IMO. Even still, I really enjoyed it overall. Very tasty! Too bad I only had a sample. I may see if they have any next time I’m at the shop.

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drank Heaven's Trash by Butiki Teas
1534 tasting notes

Totally lost track of time today helping Mum organize/purge the house. Never got past my first steep. ACK!!! So I threw this in the fridge for a cold steep, as caffeine at this hour could slay me. I’m excited to see how it turns out :P

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I found this to be oddly strong, and coppery tasting. In that fruity way. Milk and sugar was necessary for me to really enjoy the cup! But once I did it was pretty tasty. Astringent more than most teas.
Thank you VariaTEA! and Sil

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Really loving this tea! I adore orange and that’s the main note that comes through. A tiny hint of spice in the aftertaste, and some vague green tea notes hangin around somewhere I can’t put my finger on.
Funny, I’m never one for floral teas but I don’t get much of that at all here. Definitely some in the lingering afternotes but not enough to make me notice unless I concentrate.
Hot, I quite adore this. Cooled down, I find it a bit tart but still quite tasty. Thanks for sharing MissB!


Yep, I felt similarly for this one. Ah, it reminds me of where I bought it. Sigh… :) Glad you loved it!

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Let’s see… I’m a tea and workout fanatic, I work in HR, and most of my friends consider me to be an egg. White on the outside, Asian on the inside :)
-from philosophy to food, I love it all
Otherwise, what you see is what you get! I can be very straightforward and yet shy.

Also, I’ve started taking tea sommelier classes and it is an absolute blast! Well, so far I’ve only finished the first out of eight courses, but I am really looking forward to the next one.

Anyhow, if your curious as to how I rate things, this is how I work…

Like eating dirt, or some other unsanitary indelicacy that mentioning in my profile here would likely get me banned.
I don’t think I’ve found cause to banish a tea to the wasteland yet though so who knows what it’d inspire ;P

You know that expression “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”? I imagine drinking that water would be terrible enough to warrant this rating!
I’d never make my enemy drink this, but perhaps I’d throw it at them. Good thing I don’t have any enemies!

This is “tea”?? I tried finishing the cup… but my body rejected it. There may be others who enjoy this tea, but it’s beyond me!

I tried liking it, and I can almost get there! I certainly don’t hate it, but something is holding me back. Allergies? Men in white suits? who knows… certainly not me!

Lovely tea! Not my all time fave but close. I likely wouldn’t repurchase, but may decide to based on many factors: price, accessibility, whether it fills a “tea gap”, medicinal applications, and how often I crave it.
Every once in awhile I find the sweet spot that bumps these up to 90+. Those are the days I need to buy a lotto ticket!

Sweet Camellia! this is realllly good tea! Don’t talk to me until I’ve finished my cup…

Tea of the gods. I would do anything to get my hands on more of this liquid gold!


Toronto (Mississauga, but I work in TO)



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