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It’s almost two in the morning, there’s a pot of strawberry vanilla bean jam bubbling merrily on the stove (I keep sneaking tastes even though I know it’s not done yet), and this tea is the perfect companion. I got up early today to go to a yoga class (yin yoga, which is new to me but oh so satisfying) and followed it up with a couple hours of rock climbing. It’s been a long day, and there’s another one tomorrow (way too much bureaucratic nonsense to deal with), but right now there’s a cup of tea that reminds me of dusty strawberry fields under the hot sun, and the crickets chirping incessantly, and the scent of jam filling the kitchen, so it’s all okay.

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I found a small plastic bag with one pot’s worth of something labeled “Grandma’s Garden” in one of the cupboards in my parents’ house. In a Christmas themed tin, of all places. If I recall correctly, we got it from a little tea shop in Urbana-Champaign when we visited my sister, so that must have been at /least/ three years ago…

It’s obviously not the freshest, but it still tasted all right — like those Celestial Seasonings fruit zingers, but better, with a better balance of the acidity and sweetness. Not my favorite, but take that with a grain of salt, since I’m not even /entirely/ sure this is the same tea we’re talking about… =P

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Hi! I’m a linguistics major at a certain infamous east coast tech school, I write, I rock climb, and I have a mild obsession with Diana Wynne Jones.

I’m also Russian, which means I’ve been drinking tea all my life — always loose leaf, and always black. Black teas are still my favorite, but of course I dabble in a bit of everything. I really like ceylon, I recently discovered puer, and I’m having a lot of fun exploring flavored black teas (and making silly fandom blends on adagio…).

My tea cabinet may or may not be accurate at the moment, as I am transitioning between locations…

Rating system (work in progress):
95 – Wow!
85 – My favorites. Cupboard staple material.
75 – Really good. Debating whether to keep it around…
65 – Quite pleasant, but not for me. I probably won’t (re)purchase.
55 – Just okay.



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