112 Tasting Notes

drank Big Apple by DAVIDsTEA
112 tasting notes

I should probably steep this one properly next time. We’ll pretend this is part of my protocol for trying a new tea — see how it holds up to boiling water and being forgotten about. It’s a little bit bitter, but the bitterness kinda reminds me of that bitterness you get sometimes in a red delicious peel, so I think it’s okay. I’m not getting any of the caramel/vanilla notes that people have mentioned, so that’s unfortunate.
I’m glad this one has more tea than movie night — it’s a little disappointing to buy a green tea and then have it turn out to be mostly apples. (Hmm, maybe they’d be good mixed together?)
More notes to follow when I steep it properly. Maybe.

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drank Pear Spice White by Teas Etc
112 tasting notes

Okay, so I cheated and picked all the anise pieces out of my cup. (I put them back in the bag, so the boy will have an extra anisey cup when he comes to visit…) And then I brewed it pretty strong, with boiling water. But it’s good! The pear is subtle, but it’s there. Sweet with just a hint of spice. Goes well with my (slightly disappointing) rum caramel chocolate bar. :)

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drank Golden Earl by Verdant Tea
112 tasting notes

Is it weird that I think of lemongrass as a savory thing? The lemongrass in this tea is making me think of soup. (Probably doesn’t help that I just ate a turkey sandwich.) I… i don’t think I like my tea to taste like soup.

Last time I had lemongrass in a tea was adagio’s thai chai, where it was part of a very un-soup-like blend of things including coconut, and that just straight up tasted like soap to me. I think maybe lemongrass tea and I just don’t really get along… >.<

(I really hope it doesn’t make my timolino taste like soup/soap forever. That would be super sad. It’s new.)

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There is very little point to this note, because, well, it’s chamomile and lavender. It tastes just like chamomile and lavender should. I wish I could compare it to the other chamomile lavender tea I’ve tried (Traditional Medicinals? I think maybe?) but I’m all out of that, and as such I have nothing to say. But let the record show that I drank it! And it was not a horrific experience. In fact, it was quite good. :)

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drank The Earl of Lemon by DAVIDsTEA
112 tasting notes

Got a sample of this from Janelle ages ago, but I’m just trying it now. I’m very bad at trying tiny samples. Like what if I squander them and I never get to truly taste the tea? I worry about that too much I think. But I have more tea than I am comfortable with and I need to fix that. Soooo…
This one is interesting, although I’m usually not a huge fan of white teas. I like the lemony earl-grey-ness, but there a note in there that I don’t really like and I can’t quite place it. I guess it’s either the “freeze dried yogurt” (never tried a tea with freeze dried yogurt before) or just the white tea that probably isn’t super fresh, since this tea has been discontinued I think? (totally not complaining, just speculating.)
I think I should try the rest of it iced, probably.

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Second time drinking this one. The tea itself tastes pretty good, all the flavors are things I like and they harmonize nicely… but it smells like unbaked bread dough to me, which is majorly throwing me off. Especially because I keep forgetting about it. >.< I guess we’ll see if it’s something I can get used to…

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Trying this for the first time, sample stolen from the TTB a while back. No tasting note today because school is absolutely killing me at the moment. But if I don’t write this down I’ll probably forget I tried it. >.<
If you’re reading this, I hope stuff is going better for you than me…

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Actually drinking this one, and I’m not even going to try to be coherent. (Going to spend that energy on my overdue paper instead. Theoretically. Anyway.) I do really like this one, but we’ll see how I feel at the end of the ounce. I do think I need to try the base tea, though? Because I think I liked it in that other blend… Yeah…

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drank Glitter & Gold by DAVIDsTEA
112 tasting notes

So I’m not really drinking this today, but I made tea flavored ice cream (with this mixed with my ceylon), and I have to say, that was probably the best decision I’ve made all week. I think I need to start making ice cream out of, like, every tea in my cupboard. That sounds like an excellent plan. (Maybe because it’s five in the morning… hmmm…)

Unfortunately, the ice cream doesn’t come out sparkly, but I know the glitter is there, and that makes me happy anyway. (although I do want to make sparkly ice cream. I guess you’d want to mix edible glitter into it as it churns…)

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drank Ceylon Star by DAVIDsTEA
112 tasting notes

I don’t like licorice. Why am I drinking this tea? Why do I have this tea? (The girl at the davidstea lied to me, by the way. I asked for a quarter of an ounce and she gave me a full half.) Why do I do this to myself?

It’s… not terrible, which is saying something. It smells really good, actually (although I didn’t put the giant anise star in my cup. That kind of defeats the whole purpose of this tea, doesn’t it? Oh well.) It tastes pretty good, too, sweet and creamy and chocolatey like chocolatey davidstea blends are wont to be. But every couple sips I get hit with the most terrible licoricey aftertaste, and I remember why I shouldn’t own this tea. We’ll see. Maybe it’s an acquirable taste?

Not giving this a rating, for obvious reasons.

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Hi! I’m a linguistics major at a certain infamous east coast tech school, I write, I rock climb, and I have a mild obsession with Diana Wynne Jones.

I’m also Russian, which means I’ve been drinking tea all my life — always loose leaf, and always black. Black teas are still my favorite, but of course I dabble in a bit of everything. I really like ceylon, I recently discovered puer, and I’m having a lot of fun exploring flavored black teas (and making silly fandom blends on adagio…).

My tea cabinet may or may not be accurate at the moment, as I am transitioning between locations…

Rating system (work in progress):
95 – Wow!
85 – My favorites. Cupboard staple material.
75 – Really good. Debating whether to keep it around…
65 – Quite pleasant, but not for me. I probably won’t (re)purchase.
55 – Just okay.



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