112 Tasting Notes

This one’s from January, apparently, but I’m just trying it now. (What a coincidence, I just tried “midwinter robe” the other day.) I don’t recognize half the herbs in this (galangal? astragulus? shatavari? rhodiola’s a flower, right? or am I thinking of gladiola?) but it all blends together very smoothly. Not much to say right now, but it’s good. I could drink an ounce of this.

0 min, 15 sec

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drank Cheesecake Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
112 tasting notes

I got my “free” sample in the mail today, so I tried it out, because why not and also because caffeine, which I desperately need today as I cannot seem to wake up. (Better late than never, right?)

I made it cold shaken with milk and a dash of cream, like I did for the matchaccino. I used 1/2 teaspoon and about a teaspoon of sugar, and I think I added too much cream, so after drinking a few sips I added another 1/4 teaspoon and some milk. I think I need to sort out the proportions better, because I’m not sure what part of what I was tasting was the cheesecake flavor and what part was just cream overdose.

It smelled really good, though. Matcha-y and cheesecake-y and only a touch artificial which I don’t really mind at all. I look forward to trying it again?

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Not really sure what I’m drinking, but it’s a sipdown, which puts me at… where I was this morning before my cheesecake matcha sample showed up. (67, if anyone was wondering)

It’s one of those weird teas my grandmother brought from Russia, with a little bit of ceylon to make it enough for a cup. It’s kinda sweet and floral… if I recall correctly, it has pineapple and… saffron petals? safflower? I dunno, something cute and flowery.

It’s pretty good, actually. I hope it doesn’t end up haunting me forever because I have no clue what it is and I doubt my parents/grandmother remember…

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Wow, I guess I’m adding the first tasting note? I am so not worthy of this honor. Or, rather, my badly written note is not. >.<

Got the box today, and I’m drinking this one because it’s caffeine free and I’m sleeeepy. I’m definitely getting orange creamsicle from this, except without the artificial weirdness (tasty weirdness, but weirdness) of the (cheap, supermarket brand) orange creamsicles I usually consume. I might have expected it to taste a little more like an earl grey, given the bergamot, but I g uess it doesn’t. And that’s cool. And I’m only getting a little bit of that weird mold note that I get from rooibos, so yay!

… maybe I’ll be more coherent next time I drink this. I definitely wouldn’t bet on it though.


sounds yummy though.


I got my box yesterday. Shipping to Canada takes forever… and ever.. oh wait for it… and ever. But eventually it always comes :D

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Man have I been going through the oolongs lately… I finished off my davidstea vanilla orchid and am almost done with this one, too. I’ve also been eating a strange amount of chocolate… just when I was about to admit to everyone that I’m not really a huge fan of chocolate anymore, I started going through it like crazy. (Maybe I’ll actually eat through my backlog. Who knows, anything could happen…)

The flavors of the tea are getting overshadowed by the citrus and pink pepper chocolate this morning, but they complement each other nicely, I think. (Hmm, there’s gotta be a floral-citrus-pepper tea blend out there, right?)

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So I’ve been drinking mostly oolongs the past day or two, but I’ve got a six hour shift ahead of me and I was falling asleep, so I dug this puer sample out of my cupboard. Of course, I don’t know how (or just don’t bother?) to do it right so it’s probably a waste of this fancy verdant tea. But it was a free sample so technically it’s the cheapest tea in my cupboard. Anyway.

I broke off half the sample, rinsed it, sort of, threw it into a mug of boiling water just before rushing downstairs. It was a bit of a shock at first, because apparently I’d forgotten what puer tastes like.

It’s quite nice now, though. Tastes like dirt and wet wood in the nicest way. I’m getting a little of the raisiny taste people mentioned. It’s smoother than that other stuff I tried once. Wow, my tasting notes are so legit. I’m really tired tonight…

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I decided to forget waiting for “mental clarity” or whatever, and just try this tea already. Enjoying it now with a roasted banana cupcake (or three). I like it. It has all that lovely chocolatey malty goodness of the laoshan black, without… well, whatever it was in that tea that I didn’t enjoy so much. Beyond that I don’t know. I’ll think about it more when I brew the rest of the sample. Maybe.

subsequent steeps: 1:30, 2, 3 minutes

Boiling 1 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Sometimes it’s just nice to enjoy, without thinking too hard. :)

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I’m drinking my fifth steeping of this today, after forgetting the leaves for a day or two… It’s not as fantastic as the first few, but still good. I’m sad today and I have zero energy right now, so I hope tea will help…


When I first saw the name of this I wondered whether it tasted like the dessert wine, but then I read the description and found out I was barking up the entirely wrong tree. ;-)


Me too, actually, but I’ve found that smelling it is a little reminiscent of enjoying a glass of wine by the lake, under the open sky, after a day outdoors… I’m not really sure why, must just be the memories it brings back.

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I got a bottle of pomegranate lychee green tea at the supermarket today, because I was sad and had a sudden craving for lychee. I think I need to invest in some lychee tea…

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This tea smells AMAZING and tastes almost as good… I’d been afraid to try it in case it didn’t live up to my expectations, but I finally did last night (and had the later cups with some chai tea monkeybread, mmm…). It tastes fantastic, the comforting familiarity of vanilla, the uniqueness of the cedar tips… but I can’t stop grappling with myself over the price tag. Maybe for special occasions… or just to take out and smell every once in a while.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

I’m glad you enjoyed this one! Sadly, there’s almost no mark-up on this tea…the price tag is due to the large amount of saffron (the most expensive herb/spice in the world) in the blend. I have been looking for a different ingredient that would bring a similar flavor that the saffron does, but so far have had no luck. :/

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Hi! I’m a linguistics major at a certain infamous east coast tech school, I write, I rock climb, and I have a mild obsession with Diana Wynne Jones.

I’m also Russian, which means I’ve been drinking tea all my life — always loose leaf, and always black. Black teas are still my favorite, but of course I dabble in a bit of everything. I really like ceylon, I recently discovered puer, and I’m having a lot of fun exploring flavored black teas (and making silly fandom blends on adagio…).

My tea cabinet may or may not be accurate at the moment, as I am transitioning between locations…

Rating system (work in progress):
95 – Wow!
85 – My favorites. Cupboard staple material.
75 – Really good. Debating whether to keep it around…
65 – Quite pleasant, but not for me. I probably won’t (re)purchase.
55 – Just okay.



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