88 Tasting Notes

drank Winter Nog by Della Terra Teas
88 tasting notes

This tea smells phenomenal. It was in my Black Friday Surprise Seasonal Box and I was leery at first. Egg nog is one of a handful of foods that I just CAN’T stand. I’m usually really good about not being picky with what I eat, but when I hate something I hate it.

When I opened the package of this I was immeditely releived that it didn’t smell like anything I don’t like about egg nog. It brewed up super dark and pretty, and hubby kept mentioning how he smelled blueberry when he drank it.

I’ve said before that Roobios is a tea that can go a bit ‘mulchy’ for me. And this one manages to get past it. Its lovely and smooth to drink, with something a bit fruity to the flavor. I’ll definitly finish the ounce that I have, but I doubt I’ll order more.

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The directions on this say to make it in 16oz of water. I made it in 32 and its bearably sweet. That should tell you something. But its still delicious. If I thought the rock sugar was worth buying, I’d buy a ton of the stuff. But I really don’t sweeten my tea much. If I’m in the mood for sweet I drink something from Della Terra with sprinkles or something in it. This is one of the teas that started me down my path into tea-dom so I can’t hate it no matter how much they oversugar it.

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I really don’t understand why they insist on putting rock sugar in their samples. Especially with teas like this one which is sweet to begin with and really doesn’t need to be sweetened.

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Dear husband had the idea of putting this in a steeper and infusing some mead with it, and it is phenomenal. Just silly good. I encourage anyone who likes a nice glass of mead to get an unflavored one and put some in there. It is one of the best things I’ve ever drank.

Lariel of Lórien

Pineapple flavoured mead? That sounds fabulous!


I’m using Bea’s Mead because its cheap and easy to drink honestly, but its even better with that pineapple. Yum yum yum.

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This tea was something I wanted to try the instant I heard it existed. The smell out of the bag is brilliant, but I’m getting no cherry. Once brewed the color is a dark brown. Flavorwise I’m really not getting the cakey-ness others have mentioned. I get the pinapple and a bit of the cherry though. Both of which I’m nothing but happy about. All and all I’m happy I got this because its lovely! I might need to go heavier on the leaves to get more of that cakey flavor, but goodness am I happy either way.

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Apple and I are not the best of friends for eating. However for drinking, we’re close as can be. This is really lovely, though I think I was a bit stingy on the leaf for the size pot I made to share with my husband. Its delicious to drink though regardless. I’m actually a little bummed I only got a sample of this, but honestly, I’ve got apple tea. I don’t need more. I just wanted to check and see how Adagio did with it. I’d definitly buy this again.

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One of my favorite teas, especially since I got it from Iheartteas on facebook who had an amazing sale going on in spring. I used some vanilla almond milk to give it some creamyness and it only made it better.

What a wonderful start to a lovely Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to anyone else in the states with me!

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drank Luck O O'Riley by Adagio
88 tasting notes

A nice and creamy. The flavor is so beautifully mellow and its a great tea to wake up with. I recommmend this to anyone who like chocolate as well as a suitable craving filler.

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Let me say first off, that this is my first foray into Matcha. As I didn’t have the proper supplies, someone suggested I use my french press to get a froth, so thats what I did.

This…this is heaven in a cup. I think I used far too little Matcha powder after reading things up online, the ‘how to’s’ I read online about how to make it with the press had said use a teaspoon. I’m assuming their stuff was different because using that much here I got mildly flavored milk, but it was still delicious. It strikes me as a good alternative for a day when I’m craving hot chocolate but wanting something with a little more oomph.

This was sent to me from TeaSipper, and I’m really thankful for the ability to try it without paying an exorbanant amount for something I may not end up liking.

Super pleased with this, going to try more here in a moment with more powder because I really think the flavor being upped some wouldn’t be a bad thing at all.


I’m glad you like it! This is matchaccino though, different from a matcha serving. My bag comes with a scoop that IS bigger than a teaspoon.. I don’t know how much exactly.. it could be a tablespoon.


Thank you for that. I’ll give it a try with a teaspoon this next time.

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Detroiter, tea drinker, fangirl pagan. Ask away.

Interested in trying any and all teas I haven’t tried. Variety is the spice of life and the bane of my existance. If I have the tea to trade, I’m more then willing to swap.

Loves : Flavored Blacks, Honeybushs, Roobios and Herbals
On the fence : Greens
Dislikes : Smokey teas or really grassy green teas. If I want to taste grass clippings I’ll eat guacomole, not drink something thanks.



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