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Had a cup of this while multitasking the crap out of my morning before work – calling my ISP to dispute an invoice, eating breakfast and watching Wild Oats XI win the Syndey-Hoabrt yacht race for the 6th time, including breaking their own record (both out off my balcony and on tv!). Lovely and yummy and perked me up after a few too many (but very tasty!) pinot noirs last night. Off to the Taste of Tasmania tonight for dinner – I do love summer!

Boiling 4 min, 45 sec

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I made a iced tea mug of this to take to barre class at lunch (which was followed by some accidental T2 shopping… What? Shhh…..) and it was perfectly rehydrating. Fantastic.

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drank Oh Canada! by DAVIDsTEA
223 tasting notes

Made a jug of this up last night using my tayeka flash chill set while we were watching Asylum of the daleks on DVD. Christmas night viewing isn’t that spectacular (though we did put off the DW because Mr Bean was on!). Very tasty, nice for rehydration. Did the job on our warm Christmas night! I’m finishing off my glass now while watching the pre-viewing for the Sydney to Hobart on tv this morning, now that we’ve moved, I’ll be able to watch the boats coming up the Derwent in a few days! Very exciting. Providing its not at 4am or something ridiculous. Any who, merry Christmas everyone!


Finished off the jug watching the Doctor Who Christmas special. Mind bown!

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Another one from my swap with azzrian. Having this one as my post-Christmas lunch tea. Lovely and sweet, very delicate black base too, not at all bitter. Very smooth. A nice dessertish tea to ease into my Christmas Day belly with no discomfort. And now, for doctor who proms!

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Nice and soft and tasty. A lovely contrast to my Christmas morning pancakes. Merry Christmas everyone!

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So this is the first ever tea from my first ever tea swap! International and everything. Thanks Azzrian for this one ( and the others, they look delightful). This is my first array into American tea companies (the only teas I had while there visiting about 5 years ago are not worth mentioning).

The smell of this dry is so good! To me, it smells like chocolate covered strawberries you get from the Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm in my state’s north. They do both freeze dried and fresh covered strawberries. The smell in my house right now is of the fresh covered berries, all warm and melty. I can’t do that smell justice in words, maybe you have a place nearby that does something like that and know it? My other half just bounded (literally!) over from his cup to sniff at mine. I can tell I’m going to have to hide this from him, based on smell alone!

First sip – it’s still pretty hot, but the smell is getting to me, must try! Oh my! How tasty! I got a huge hit of chocolate in my mouth, with a hint of the strawberry at the end. More sips – definitely very chocolatey, with just a hint of strawberry. The black tea base is very soft, not at all bitter, and compliments the flavours well.

An FYI – when trying a new tea, I always have my first cup without additions, unless there is unanimous suggestions to do so on here. For this tea, I’d very happily drink it straight, but if you have a sweet tooth, adding some sweetener would go well, and would probably bring out the strawberry. Milk would also be nice, but I’ll probably have it black.

I’ve just had a few nibbles of a muesli slice for breakfast (I know, it’s a dessert tea, but I’m rebelling) which is sweet, and I can taste the strawberry more. Yes, this one will have a bit of sweetness in the next cup I think. The strawberry is lovely! With the sweetness in my mouth, the chocolate and strawberry are very well balanced and work very well together. The black base is just sitting there, underneath, providing a nice home for the strawberry and chocolate. Not competing, supplementing.

Yes, I really like this! The only other berry/chocolate tea I’ve had is DavidsTea’s love tea #7, which is nice, but this is better.

Just delightful! Thankyou Azzrian!

(I steeped it for about 4mins, iPad functionality does allow for precise time selection. Was boiling point water).


Ok, can’t have this when the boy is around. He came over as I fished my cup and gave me a kiss, but almost sucked my tongue out of my head because it tasted so good. Tea thievery!



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drank Elf Help by DAVIDsTEA
223 tasting notes

Just because its the 2nd last work day before Christmas. Well third, but tomorrow is my first full day at the market with The Art of Tea, and talking about tea for 6 hours doesn’t count as work. Even if I start at 7am. And even if I’m getting paid.
So today is for Elf Help, because who doesn’t need help getting through the 2nd last day of work before Christmas (and not running away early because my DavidsTea order and my swap box from Azzrian arrived this morning and I desperately want to try all of it now!)

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drank Movie Night by DAVIDsTEA
223 tasting notes

I’m almost at the very end of the bag. And I only just tried this iced! It’s really good iced! Now I’m sad I didn’t get more in the order that’s its way to me. Still nice and apply, with hints of caramely goodness and popcorn. Very tasty.

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drank Indian Summer by DAVIDsTEA
223 tasting notes

This is a sample I was yet to finish from an order I did a few months ago. It’s one is tasty, but very fruity, almost lolly-like. Not very white tea-ish. But still quite drinkable. Probably would have preferred this as a herbal.

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I remember getting my first cup of tea at about the age of 8. Just a standard run of the mill black, with some sugar and milk to make it palatable to an 8year old. But a love was born and I’ve never looked back!

I’ve always appreciated the quality of loose leaf, and thanks to the discovery of the fanatastic gadgets at DavidsTea while on holiday, the tea obsession has grown! Is it weird to be ordering tea and having it sent half way around the world?

I’d love to do some tea swaps with people to try new teas. I have a bit of a DavidsTea range for any Australians interested in trying some DT goodness minus international postage fees!

Ive just started working at The Art of Tea , a small Tasmanian company. They dont currently ship overseas, but im more than happy to arrange swaps with people. their full product listing can be found here: http://www.artoftea.com.au/. (December 2012).





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