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Another tea from Michelle’s swap we did just before Christmas. Wow was that lovely Steepsterite generous, I still haven’t made it through her collection! Seriously, I’m never doing 2 swaps at once again, its given me too many things to try and I’m not sure I’ll ever get through it all! Yep, exaggeration of course…

Anywho, the lovely other half did my tea pickings for today, and he suggested this one. I’ve just brewed it up in my Timolino at work, and even though this is meant to be an iced tea, its quite tasty. I can detect each of the spices included (the ginger, rosemary and lemon), as well as a hint of the white base. Its a very easy to drink tea hot, and is going perfectly with our cool yet sunny day.

If you have some of this in your cupboard try it warm, its quite tasty.

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And a third for the white tea on rotation mix. Not literally, all in different steeps. I’m almost out of my little bag of this one, so its on the order list! Just sublime, and gets sweeter and more beautiful with every steep.

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drank Secret Weapon by DAVIDsTEA
223 tasting notes

Been having this one along side White Tiger. So warming and tasty!

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Been going through my tin of this over the last week, especially, because I’ve been having that feeling my body is fighting something off, and white tea never goes astray in those circumstances. Still really good, and I’m sad its been discontinued! But a girl is always armed with a backup option, save being publically shamed, so I’m looking at ordering a bice big bag of Rabbit Hole Tea Bar’s White Peony. Hmmmm…. white tea……


I really should start cold-brewing/icing my vast quantity of this one. I had kind of forgotten about it…

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drank Elf Help by DAVIDsTEA
223 tasting notes

I’ve been a wee bit absent haven’t I? Its not because I don’t love you all, or (gasp!) fallen out of love with tea, I’ve just been having so many issues with my medical condition. I’ve not been symptomatic for almost 4 weeks and I’m still only just getting back on track. Its been a major pain. Literally – I’ve had more pain medication than is medically recommended, but my doctors have said its better than me being in agony for weeks on end. I won’t bore you all here, but I’ve started writing about it on a proper normal style blog instead of just clogging up this tea blog, so have a read/follow/comment/ignore me at your leisure: http://mymissingfactor.wordpress.com/.

And, in other fun news, I think I mentioned previously I was doing a 60 Day Challenge at my local barre studio – I won the runner up prize! So exciting! I get to go shopping for more tights and other clothes for barre! Weehee! I totally think it was the overconsumption of iced rooibos that gave me the edge.

And to counter my good news, our blender became a casualty in our soup making process last night. I am now sad because medical bills mean I don’t have the spare cash to fork out for my beloved Blentec until tax return time. :(

Anywho, on to Elf Help! My lovely other half has a week off work this week (becuase he doesn’t have an inherited medical condition which has recently seen him drain all of his leave reserves to a blip. No, I’m not bitter about that at all!), so he packed my timolino with this while I was dressing this morning. Oh my he made it well! Perfect selection of green tea, orange and cranberries to give it s lovely zing. I really like this, I might have to order more. And its warming me up on this chilly day.


so sorry you’re going through all that :( We’ve missed your review so it’s nice to see you back.


Yes, its certainly made life more interrupted over the last few months that I’d anticipated. Thanks for the message Sil.


Oh lady that sounds no fun at all. Apart from congrats on the barre prize, I mean! I’ll go check out your real blog xx


you totally made me want to go find somewhere here that does barre workouts. Throwback to my old ballet dancing days :)


Oh I just love barre, and the challenge was just an awesome 8 weeks. I definitely recommend checking it out, most studios have an introductory offer making it cheaper to try out.

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drank Black Rose by T2
223 tasting notes

I remember when I bought this with a birthday voucher last year. My other half sniggered because its the name of an adult shop in our city.

Either way, the cuppa is tasty! Not bitter, a lovely sweet hit from the papaya.

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Went on a hike today with the boy. He’s wilderness training me, today we did The Needles in southwest national park. Straight up, about 400m, wind blowing in sideways with a good dose of rain. Typical Tasmanian weather, and it was a bit awesome really! I did it all, and made good time and it made both of us quite happy! My body wasn’t able to cope with these things until recently, but I can now power up the hills and enjoy the weather and came back down nicely with no soreness or joint issues and it was awesome!

But with sideways rain comes a touch of coldness, so when we got home I made a pot of Mount Wellington tea and we warmed up on our insides. Comfort tea. Hmmmm……..


My goodness, reading about your escapade makes me want to reach for a blanket and a huge teapot!


Yep! It was needed! Was such a good feeling having the warm goodness slide down my throat.

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drank Read My Lips by DAVIDsTEA
223 tasting notes

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I remember getting my first cup of tea at about the age of 8. Just a standard run of the mill black, with some sugar and milk to make it palatable to an 8year old. But a love was born and I’ve never looked back!

I’ve always appreciated the quality of loose leaf, and thanks to the discovery of the fanatastic gadgets at DavidsTea while on holiday, the tea obsession has grown! Is it weird to be ordering tea and having it sent half way around the world?

I’d love to do some tea swaps with people to try new teas. I have a bit of a DavidsTea range for any Australians interested in trying some DT goodness minus international postage fees!

Ive just started working at The Art of Tea , a small Tasmanian company. They dont currently ship overseas, but im more than happy to arrange swaps with people. their full product listing can be found here: http://www.artoftea.com.au/. (December 2012).





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