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I didn’t notice when I was ordering, but this green tea also has rooibos, which I am not a big fan of. I only double checked when I was smelling the dry leaf because it smelled strongly of caramel with a whiff of rooibos. After brewing, it smelled more strongly of rooibos to me. I really liked the level of sweetness from the caramel in this tea (not too overwhelmingly sweet), but it leaves a very typical medicinal rooibos aftertaste that I just can’t get over. It’s a real shame that I somehow don’t like rooibos, because this is a nice tea otherwise. The Persimmon Tree had a lot of really nicely flavored teas, but this is not the one for me.

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As soon as I got back to chilly Boston, all I wanted was a nice cup of oolong. I remember trying this one right before I left, so I thought it would be the perfect way to bookend my little vacation. It is pretty much exactly how I remembered it, so I won’t repeat myself. I’ll just say that I’m going to be very sad when I run out of this!

Edit: I’ve been resteeping multiple times and the flavor is still going strong! I almost think it’s getting smokier each time.

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drank Laoshan Black by Verdant Tea
420 tasting notes

Today, I am officially late for a class that I am TA-ing for due to the weather not letting me fly back to Boston, sigh. With that stress accumulating, I decided to sip down the rest of my Laoshan Black sample that I have with me. Because I just used up the rest of what I had, this cup came out a bit stronger than usual, but that is fine by me! I didn’t like this tea at first, but it really grew on me while I worked my way through the sample packet. Good thing that Verdant sent me two of these samples, so I have more to enjoy when I get back!

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drank Corn Tea by Dong Suh
420 tasting notes

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After standing in line for hours at the airport and having a flight cancelled on me, I came home exhausted and quite frustrated. I thought I ought to make a cup of tea to calm me down, so I reached for my reliable hojicha. Unfortunately, I only had a little of this left that I brought with me, so it was a bit weak this time around. Now let’s just hope that my rebooked flights aren’t cancelled, too.

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Thanks to JoonSusanna for generously sending me this tea! I finally got a chance to try this one out this morning. I’ve been trying a lot of straight oolongs these days, and just when I feel like I’ve tasted the range of them, I find a new one! This oolong has a roasted taste, and it also tasted peppery? I thought I was going crazy, so I scanned through some other tasting notes and no one else seems to have mentioned it, so I’m not entirely sure what’s going on there with my taste buds. Anyway, a lovely oolong for the day!

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I’m obsessed with my new cast iron teapot, and seeing how it may not fit in my luggage back to Boston, I brewed up a nice strong pot of this English Breakfast this morning. The day was a bit draining, so I resteeped when I got back. Unfortunately, I only have enough tea left for one more cuppa :(


There is always room for tea and teaware. There might not be room for shoes or clothes or other inconsequential things, but that’s beside the point.


Haha true! I’ll just wear all my winter clothes onto the plane :P

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Yesterday, I impulse bought a cast iron set of a teapot, two teacups, and a wooden trivet at World Market. I went there to pick up some tea tins, saw this set, fell in love, couldn’t believe the price, and somehow found myself at the cash register buying it, haha. Anyway, I wanted to break it in with a less picky tea, so I went for this hojicha. Delicious as always!

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drank Genmaicha by Unknown
420 tasting notes

I’ll use this “unknown” to log two unknown teas that I had today. First off, I rang in the new year with a nice cup of rose green tea and some macarons. We were too lazy to pop open the bottle of champagne right at midnight, but the tea was nice. In the morning, I then had a nice genmaicha with breakfast. Both teas are unknown because I was at a friend’s house and she only knew that they were “from China”. Anyway, both teas were great and a lovely way to start the new year!

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A short tasting note, but basically, I’m loving this oolong! It’s sweet, floral, and buttery. Some greener oolongs can be a bit too vegetal or grassy to me, but this does not fall into that category. Kind of reminds me of the Traditional Tieguanyin from Verdant.

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I’m a California girl temporarily located in Boston for school (brrr). I only recently got into teas because I’ve never really liked coffee (too bitter), but I have been a daily barley tea drinker since I was little.

Through some timid tastings and exploring, I so far like:
-Japanese green teas (genmaicha, hojicha, sencha, etc)
-Oolongs! (Most kinds except formosa and dan cong so far)
-Straight black teas
-English Breakfast teas
-Fruity teas (peach, apple, strawberry, other berries)

NOT a huge fan of rooibos, matcha, heavily artificial tasting teas, or anything gingery or peppery, but I’m trying to keep an open mind and taste everything that I can!

I’m trying to sample more straight teas and have been having pretty awesome discoveries so far. Thank goodness for sample sizes!

My tentative rating system:
90-100: Woohoo! I’m loving it, and I’m definitely restocking when I get the chance and/or crying when I’m out.

80-90: Yum! I’ll try to restock if it fits in my budget when I run out.

70-80: Probably would not buy again, but it was nice enough to finish the cup.

50-70: Would not choose this tea for myself if given the situation, but would not reject it if someone offered it to me and would gulp down politely.

50 or less: Nope. Don’t care to taste that tea again, sorry!

I’m always down to swap, so send me a message if anything in my cupboard is calling your name!

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