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<strong>Tea:</strong> I just started drinking loose tea in the fall of 2012, ...



Travelling the world, one sip at a time.

A guide to my brewing:
I typically don’t infuse and instead use sachets, unless I am out at a chain like Argo or Teavana or at some other salon or tearoom. I also brew in the cup as I’m not a teapot owner. I hope to start infusing properly and invest in a new kettle and pot soon.

A guide to my ratings:
0-19 – Did not like anything about the tea and would not recommend it. Might go so far as to tell others to avoid.
20-40 – Didn’t like the tea, but would not avoid it.
41-60 – On the fence about the tea. It probably needs more tried and tested tweaking.
61-70 – An okay tea. Would drink again, but not a fave and wouldn’t stock it.
71-80 – A good tea. Will probably try again. Might recommend.
81-90 – A really good tea but not a favorite. Would recommend.
91-100 – A favorite or perfect tea. Would probably stock it at home and recommend highly.

What I’m looking for: advice on infusers, teapots, travel tumblers (with infusers) and recommendations on teas I’ve never tried. Hoping to study new teas to me: whites, floral infusions, and more.

About my Cupboard:
I’m using the cupboard to keep note of my current tea stock and add to it accordingly when shopping or tasting. If I added every tea I’ve ever had to my cupboard it wouldn’t be an honest representation of me as a tea drinker.


New York, NY


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