332 Tasting Notes

drank Berry Basil Blast by Teavana
332 tasting notes

Thanks to KallieBoo! for this sample!

I was feeling adventurous tonight and once I discovered this was a white tea and thus low in caffeine, I went for it.

It’s actually not bad! I sweetened it and it basically tastes like strawberry jam though the sample contained quite a few strawberry chunks. I’m not getting the basil really, maybe a hint at the end of the sip. I’m not sure I’d go out of my way to buy this, but I’ll use up the sample.

2 heaping teaspoons in my 16oz steeping mug

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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drank Pistachio Cream by DAVIDsTEA
332 tasting notes

During my first ever (!!) visit to a Davidstea, I smelled this and knew I had to purchase some. It’s super light so 44 grams of it absolutely stuffed the usual 50 gram bag that Davidstea uses. I love that it’s an herbal. It’s tastes exactly how it’s named, pistachios and cream. I’m a huge fan of pistachios and this delivers. It doesn’t taste exactly like pistachio ice cream, but it sure is close for zero calories!

2.5 teaspoons for my 16oz steeping mug + sweetener

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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So another purchase from a Della Terra sale which they apparently have every few weeks, not complaining.

So, this one is nice but I’m not getting an obvious pineapple taste, it’s pretty nondescript. Once you tell me it’s pineapple, I can make it out a bit more. It’s sweet, maple and/or brown sugary and has a fruit flavor, but it doesn’t really come to the forefront. Still it’s tasty and reduces any additional need for sugary caloric foods. I used 2.5 teaspoons in my 16oz steeping mug plus sweetener.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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When we were in Halifax, there was a market set up near the dock and I of course had to check out the lone tea company inside.

Instead of buying 75 gram portions, I opted for their sampler which included 6 10g bags of some of their more popular blends.

Maybe a didn’t use enough leaf (or steep long enough), but this has a much lighter flavor than I was expecting. It’s not bad but I was expecting more oomph. Good thing my husband suggested the sampler (even if it was biased to reduce the amount of tea I was bringing home)!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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drank JavaVana Mate by Teavana
332 tasting notes

Side note: I’m so happy to be back home and near my tea collection!

Thanks to RogersCK for this sample. We had to rise early to leave the ship and it was raining and I only managed 1 cup of coffee this morning. This was the perfect way to reunite with my variable water kettle and tea!

This tastes really good (I added sweetener). There’s a roasted kind of taste and also some vanilla and cocoa. I used 2 heaping teaspoons in my 16oz steeping mug. I can see why this would attract coffee drinkers but it doesn’t taste like straight up coffee. It’s a bit lighter. Yummy and I would purchase some to have around, for sure.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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My family just went on a cruise vacation with a stop in Halifax which has a Davidstea! It was my first time setting foot in an actual store and now I know why Steepsterites rave about it over Teavana. The staff was sooo nice and didn’t upsell. I bought a few teas while I was there and the guy gave me a free to-go cup on the house. I requested that he give me his favorite and this was it.

It was really yummy and perfect for the slightly dreary morning we encountered there. I had the first steep, and then got some more hot water for a second. I also managed to get the empty (except for the leaves) cup onto the ship and had a third while reading. Really yummy and I’ll certainly pick up some to have on hand at home where we are sadly lacking a physical Davidstea location.


love milky oolong! though I find the DT version is my third or fourth favourite (out of many more lol)


@indigobloom I’m curious to hear your first and second favorites!


Tealux has a really good one. :)

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2.5 teaspoons in my 16 oz steeping mug + sweetener

Another Della Terra sale purchase. This one isn’t bad, but it’s not nearly as flavorful as the Carrot Cake blend. I’m getting a slight chocolate (?) cake flavor and a creamy flavor (cream cheese frosting almost) but it’s a lot lighter. To be honest, everyone’s interpretation of red velvet cake is different and if you are used to generic versions, you probably taste red dye more than any “real” flavor. Nonetheless, this isn’t bad but it doesn’t blow me away like the Carrot Cake version.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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So being the amazing wife that I am, I bought my husband some peanut butter cup gelato and being the amazing wife on a diet that I am, I thought that maybe this tea would be a reasonable replacement for said gelato.

This I’m pretty disappointed with. It’s not bad exactly (it’s not something I’d dump down the sink), but it doesn’t really taste like peanut butter. Really, it doesn’t really taste like chocolate either. I’m getting a faint dessert like smell and slight taste. Again, it’s not bad, it’s just not good or memorable. Glad I only got the 1/2 ounce sampler.

(I even added sweetener, no dice)

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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drank Passion by Tazo
332 tasting notes

It has been awhile since I had this, but earlier in the week I brewed up 24oz to keep in the fridge and I plowed through it tonight with dinner. Since this tea is pretty strong, I can get away with using 2 teabags for 24oz which is nice. I used to add sweetener to this but I’ve managed to enjoy it unsweetened for awhile which makes it a healthy alternative to diet soda.

Still love this stuff and will be picking up a few more boxes since it’s on sale at Giant this week.


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If you are craving something sweet, this hits the spot. My only issue with it is I’m mostly getting icing. No real cake. It’s certainly not bad but there’s only so much icing you can eat before you get sick of it (at least that’s the case for me). Might switch up the temperature/steeping time to see if that has any impact.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Mmm liquid frosting :P

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I recently discovered loose leaf tea and am already addicted (much to my husband’s dismay)! I prefer fruity teas iced and savory teas hot. Looking forward to drinking and chatting.

Some likes/dislikes I’ve been noticing:

Fruity White Teas
lighters Blacks
Most Oolongs (especially greener varieties)
dessert teas
tisanes iced that don’t require added sweetener

Spicy flavors unless in chai
astringent black teas
heavy ginger teas
teas with licorice (as primary ingredients – somehow I like some where the licorice is in the back drop)
heavily oxidized oolongs

For my own reference, I’m only placing “full size” teas in my cupboard.



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