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ALRIGHT. I found a use for the brisket-in-a-cup tea! Brewed it up and used it to add smokiness to a pot of pinto beans I made! So much win!

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I don’t think I prepared this correctly. . . it’s so mild it’s almost not there at all. I pick up a vague vegetalness that clings to the tongue a bit after I’ve swallowed. I do adore the currrrrrly little leaves, though!

I’m gonna hafta make another cup before I decide whether or not I like it; indeed, or if there’s even anything to like.


I noticed there was very big difference in flavor just between using 2g of leaf per 100ml water and 2.5g leaf per 100ml. One was almost flavorless and the other was almost too flavorful. It is a kind of picky tea, I think.

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The liquor brewed up a pleasing bright red. It smelled juicy, but indeterminate. The tartness was satisfying, but the watermelon tasted artificial, like a jolly rancher. It wasn’t bad, and I’d happily drink it again; I wouldn’t actually buy it, though.

I received this as a sample in the Republic of Tea catalog.

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So fruity and juicy and tart! The ruby liquor is gorgeous, and the smell is warm and inviting. I like this with a bit of maguey sap and a tiny little dusting of cinnamon.

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Gotta love those office Christmas parties, eh? This was my secret santa’s idea of an ideal gift for me.

It’s not bad! (which is a good thing, since I now have SO.MUCH. of it) It’s a standard green tea flavor; mild, not exactly bland, but it doesn’t really blow my skirt up, either. I’ve learned that I don’t like to drink it until the loose matcha dumped from the packet settles to the bottom. Drinking the loose matcha gives the tea an instant tea mouth feel that I find unpleasant, but the flavor itself is better with than without it.

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