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These were ok, not my favorite. I think these are an older sample I had which makes sense why the flavor was a bit more bland and not the lovely jasmine flavor I was hoping for. Am going to try the last few pearls as a cold brew for later this afternoon. Hoping the flavors come thru a bit stronger.

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I think I liked this tea a whole lot better the first go around. It tasted more like a flat chocolate watered down drink. Not bad, but not something I would really need anymore of.

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This is actually pretty tasty. Tastes just like a creamy root beer float but my brain can’t wrap itself around the fact that the tea is hot. I did try this as an iced tea and it seems like it got lost in translation.

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The weather is still pretty hot but I had to try out the this tea when it came the other day in its purple pkg. I literally torn the packaging apart to get to it.

I cold brewed this because I wasn’t in the mood for hot tea while it was so humid in the house. I could have shut the windows and turned the air on but with 5 boys in the house, it is nice to have the fresh air coming in.

Sweet pumpkin clove happiness is what I am greeted with. Very reminiscent of pumpkin pie. The honeybush is pretty strong in this tea-I kind of which that was toned down just a bit. I really like it but it isn’t my favorite pumpkin tea. I actually think the Celestial Seasoning Black Pumpkin Tea is still favorite. The pumpkin flavor is so strong in that tea. Yum!

Besides the Pumpkin Chai from David’s Tea and the Celestial Seasoning one, can anybody recommend any other fall teas that are not chai blends that have pumpkin or apple flavors in them?

Happy Friday everyone!


Flavors: Clove, Pumpkin

Liquid Proust

I can send you a few samples of possibilities.


I really love grandma’s pumpkin pie by dellaterra teas, or east indies tea company (della’s supplier). Best, best pumpkin tea I’ve ever had.

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Thank you TeaNTees!

This. . .tea. . .is. . . good! Sweet, maple syrup, malty .. maybe even hints of chocolate? . yummy!

I might be a bit tea drunk from too much tea this afternon! Ha!

Liquid Proust

What does this phrase mean?
‘too much tea’
I’m new to those words… :P


I wonder if I was interpreting the maple syrup as floral… hmm.

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This one I was hoping would be as awesome as the garlic tea was that I had from Mela Teas a bit ago, but the ginger just wasn’t there. It was like there was a dusting of ginger instead of actual ginger pieces. The tea itself was delicious just lacking the ginger part.

Happy Thursday everyone!


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Thanks again to the amazing TeaNTees for a sample of this delight. I had to do a double take on the ingredients because I swear this tea tastes like red rooibos. Not sure why that is the flavor I’m getting out of it. I’m going to try again later tonight with a cold brew.


I would never send you red rooibos! I know you don’t care for it at all. If I ever did it would be a crazy accident. :p


Oh my dear I know! I don’t know what is going on today. My taste buds are out of whack I think!

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I am sad to see this one go. I really liked the creamy peach roasted slightly nutty smooth notes. Farewell my morning oolong! Maybe one day we will meet again!

Flavors: Creamy, Nutty, Peach, Roasted

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Yum! Chocolate nutty roasted oolong goodness. . . Another winner from Liquid Proust Teas, but this may be my least favorite.

Another lovely tea from TeaNTees goodie box! Thank you again my dear.

Daylon R Thomas

I could have sworn I sent you that one too! The more of that one the better. It was one of my favorites.


I rec’d your pkg today. I’m checking now! Sweet! I did notice that the second infusion had such a rich silky chocolate flavor that was better than the first infusion.

Daylon R Thomas

Yeah, the second steep is my favorite.

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Oh where to begin. Its been a crazy couple years. My life has completely been turned upside down but I’m very happy where I landed. I’m finally in a great place-Living with an amazing guy and his hilarious yet full of attitude twin teenage boys, and my two adorable kiddos in Central Illinois and there is no other place I’d want to be.

Now on to the tea: I love all kinds. I’m not a huge fan of red rooibos but I love green rooibos. Beyond that, I’ll try everything once or twice to make sure I didn’t bumble up the steepings. If you are interested in something from me, just holler at me. I’m always up for trying new tea blends or sharing with others!

Check out my blog at http://www.cuppageek.com/

Recently, I was added to the SororiTea Sisters. I’m very excited and grateful for this new adventure to begin. Check us out here: http://sororiteasisters.com/.





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