475 Tasting Notes

drank Block Party Pomegranate by Teakoe
475 tasting notes

This was a great tea for my son’s 10th birthday party yesterday. I didn’t go by the package instructions on how to brew it but instead went with just a simple cold brew. This was pretty good. If I hadn’t read on the package that this was a green tea I would have thought this was just a straight herbal. The pomegranate flavor is the fore front flavor you pick up with the sweetness from the stevia falling right behind. There is hibiscus in this blend but it is slight and only provides a nice contrast to the stevia, giving the tea some tartness. The tea went over really well. So far I’m impressed with this company.
For the rest of my ramblings on this gloomy Monday-

Happy Monday all!!

Liquid Proust

This has nothing to do with your review, but as I think about the amount of jealousy I have when I see all of the interesting tea finds you get to try… I think if there ever becomes an underground league that do unspeakable things, I imagine you being somewhere in the high ranks.

If this league already exist: Hello, my name is Andrew and I keep secrets very well…


You crack me up Andrew. . .But yes. . I will give you the secret code and secret handshake to get in the league. . .

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This tea was part of a monthly service from ChaHoney. ChaHoney is a monthly subscription plan that sends you 4 teas from a company so you get to sample them before you decided to place a full fledged order. They don’t create the teas but more or less provide samples from tea companies that maybe you wouldn’t think about ordering from. I kind of like this idea.

This particular box from ChaHoney featured Tribute Teas. A company I had never had any teas from before. First one I tried was this one, 2014 Yunnan Moonlight Buds-White Tea. I am impressed. Sweet, stone fruit like, delicate white tea love hit me all at one from the first sip. I’m now on the 5th infusion and the tea is starting to turn more sour and I’m liking the contrast. Not sure how much more this tea will give, but I’m thinking I’m about at that point.

For more of my ramblings. . . http://www.cuppageek.com/index.php/2015/07/17/chahoneys-monthly-box-review-tribute-teas-2014-moonlight-buds/

Flavors: Malt, Peach, Sweet

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drank Rainy Day Tea by Yokai Tea
475 tasting notes

This tea fits in perfectly with the rainy season we have been experiencing lately. Geez. I was joking with a client yesterday about how we needed to start gathering the animals two by two.

On to the tea. . .This is one of the better earl grey blends. And it evens has lavender in it, something I’m not typically a fan of. I’m glad to see that the first tea I tried from Yokai Tea was a hit. Smooth, sweet, citrus like with hints of floral. The bergamot didn’t dominate the cuppa either. All around-a solid earl grey!


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I don’t necessarily agree with the name of this one. I think it should just be Happiness Green or Green Happiness instead of the Holiday part. This tea is just fab!!
Jasmine, mint, cinnamon, anise seeds, green tea, hibiscus. . . I know a crazy concoction of ingredients but they work so well together. Almost like a jasmine sweet chai. I’m hooked.


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This was a nice tasty tea. I had it kind of late last night so I added some cream to it, something I usually don’t do very often. I made two cups, one for me and one for Jason (his was plain). First sip of this plain and it was delicious. Rich, smooth, and well balanced. When I added the cream to my cup, I swear I could pick up honey notes. Pretty good.

For the rest of my ramblings. . . .

Any one else excited about the Ash vs The Evil Dead series? The trailer dropped yesterday. So awesome!

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drank Irish Breakfast by Three Teas
475 tasting notes

This was a nice way to wake up this morning. Malty and slightly astringent. Pretty well balanced tea. One that I’m sure I have had before, but haven’t had in a while. Not sure how much I will reach for it, but I’m glad I have it around now for a nice change of pace.

For the rest of the review and a few other goodies- http://www.cuppageek.com/index.php/2015/07/09/tea-of-the-day-irish-breakfast-from-three-teas/


She looks to be a repackager/reseller, you can find her teas (even the same pictures) all over the place – Metropolitan reseller maybe. So if you like one of her teas, be sure to shop around for the best deal.


I figured that was the case. :)


I dig her tea related art pieces though! The jewelry and the soft sculptured tea pots and tea cups.


She sent me one of the sculptured tea pots. It is pretty adorable! She also sent me a few pieces of jewelry but just haven’t had a chance to check them out yet.

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Still getting back into the grove from vacation, I thought this would be a nice tea to get me back on track. Brewed hot, I didn’t care for this one. It had a very sugary like taste to it. But cold brewed, this tea delivered a delicious sweet cherry taste. Really happy with this one cold brewed.

For the rest of my ramblings and my new Predator Pop! (I’m now slightly addicted to these now. )- http://www.cuppageek.com/index.php/2015/07/08/tea-of-the-day-monks-meditation-from-piper-leaf/


It’s official; you’re a bad influence! (J/K) I just had to pick up a couple teas from etsy partially because of your reviews. I guess it’s my last hurrah for quite a bit due to our new house needing so much work. No complaints though! :) Anyway, I’ll have to send you a sample of some of the teas I ordered if you’d like. Have nice last day of Vacation!


Oops! Sorry! :) Haha! You’ll have to let me know which ones you picked up.


Plum Pudding, Vanilla Hazelnut, Chocolate Cherry, Amaretto, and Bermuda Colony Blend. Let me know if you’d like to try some & I’ll add it to the follow-up tea package I have for you! :)

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Back from our 4 day vacation to St Louis. It was a blast but crazy busy. Packed with City Museum, St Louis Zoo, Incredible Pizza Company, Sky Zone Trampoline Park, swimming and more. I wasn’t able to meet up with Terri HarpLady which was sad. I was hoping we would have time for tea but with the 4 kids all wanting to do different things, it wasn’t in the cards this trip. Hopefully Jason and I can make another trip down and see her play at one of her gigs. I didn’t really even drink tea while we were gone.

This delightful herbal I drank the night before we left. I was excited to try this one. With a name like Purple Snozberry, my inner geek was just giddy. Brewed up this purple beverage made my taste buds happy. Never having butterfly pea flower tea, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sweet and vegetal all at the same time. The sweet was more like a candied flavor. There were notes of strawberry. The flavors really worked well together.

The tea bag even had this amazing shrinky dink/tea charm that I’m thinking I need to turn into a pair of earrings.

For more pics and more about the tea- http://www.cuppageek.com/index.php/2015/07/06/purple-snozberry-from-paper-box-goodies/


love this!

Roswell Strange

These snozberries taste like snozberries!

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drank Jazilla by Vampyre Tea Co
475 tasting notes

My inner geek exploded with giddiness when I found this blend @Vampyre Tea Co. When the tea arrived yesterday I couldn’t wait to dig in. I was impressed. This is a nice black/green tea blend with jasmine. Yes I’ve been on a floral kick. But I think Marzipan hit it on the head the other day. I crave floral teas in the warmer weather. Either that or I crave a soothing and relaxing tea when work is crazy stressful.

For the rest of story. . . http://www.cuppageek.com/index.php/2015/07/01/tea-of-the-day-jazilla-from-vampyre-tea-co/

Happy Wednesday all!




Love their site.

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I have been craving jasmine and rose teas lately. Have no idea why. I have been searching them out in my tea stash and came upon this. It was good and hit the spot. Simple green with jasmine. This is one that I could see picking up at a later date but not one I need anymore of now. I grabbed this when there was a sale at Simple Loose Leaf for one of their boxes for $5. Can’t go wrong with that price.



Maybe you’ll find that you crave florals in hot weather.


Maybe you are on to something. That might be it.

Roswell Strange

I craved florals all Spring

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Oh where to begin. Its been a crazy couple years. My life has completely been turned upside down but I’m very happy where I landed. I’m finally in a great place-Living with an amazing guy and his hilarious yet full of attitude twin teenage boys, and my two adorable kiddos in Central Illinois and there is no other place I’d want to be.

Now on to the tea: I love all kinds. I’m not a huge fan of red rooibos but I love green rooibos. Beyond that, I’ll try everything once or twice to make sure I didn’t bumble up the steepings. If you are interested in something from me, just holler at me. I’m always up for trying new tea blends or sharing with others!

Check out my blog at http://www.cuppageek.com/

Recently, I was added to the SororiTea Sisters. I’m very excited and grateful for this new adventure to begin. Check us out here: http://sororiteasisters.com/.





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