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Had some of this before bed last night!
A nice and bright bedtime tea :)
I loved it :) Mother had peppermint and my dad wanted to try both teas. He ended up liking both of them and loved how they were very different tastes.
I’m leaving a bit of this with my mom, along with a lot of other DAVIDs.

I bought the burgandy carry mug for my sister and they really like it! They might be placing an order online. One carry mug for each of them and I think they might be buying me tea :))

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Had this yesterday and prepared it the usual way I make my matcha, and my milk frother died right in the middle of making my matcha latte :( Ahh well, that’s what you get for using a $2 milk frother from IKEA bought nearly 5 years ago ahha.

But this was.. okay? I didn’t taste anything and I realized this morning that I was supposed to put 2 tsp, not my usual 1/2 tsp. When I read the back of the package, I was like.. isn’t that a bit much? But it is an “au lait mix” or whatever so maybe it’s just special ahha

Definitely going to try this with the intended amount of matcha sometime later on this week :)

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drank Glitter & Gold by DAVIDsTEA
621 tasting notes

I’ve been wanting to try this tea for the longest time because SPARKLES AHHHH

When I smelled this in store, it definitely smelled like a tea I would not enjoy. I don’t like super spicy teas? And the orange peel was a bit off-putting, but dude. Sparkles. So I just had to get it ahah.

I brewed this like SUPER quickly. Like I only brewed it for about 3 minutes, and it went straight into my Timolino with a dash of agave and I was out the door. I didn’t even have time to taste it on its own! But it ended up okay :) Sad that it was super rushed, but I managed to finish it all and enjoy my time. Definitely going to try this tea sometime this week, and this time it won’t be rushed ahha

In other news, the reason why I was rushed is because my cousins and I were almost late for the movie! It started at 4:05, and I started brewing my tea at like 3:40. 10 minutes to boil water and steep your tea really isn’t enough time. My dad literally rushed to the theater ahha. But we were sat up right at the front, but it was all good since I had my tea with me :)
Divergent is a good movie! I was kinda bitter about it because I broke my book/movie rule. This is the first time in years that I watched a movie first before reading the book. Ahh well, I have the book! I just haven’t found the time to read it :/ The quarter is starting so I’ll read as much as I can before I drown in all my tests and papers.

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drank Coffee Cake by DAVIDsTEA
621 tasting notes

Okay. Story time with Kyra.

So yesterday I went to Lupicia and DAVIDs and I was super excited because I got my special San Franciscan blends from Lupicia, and DAVIDs only exists in the San Francisco area on the entire western side of the US. Luckily the DAVIDs and Lupicia are in the same mall so great for me!

I went to DAVIDs and there was a girl named Jillian who was helping me out. She was LOVELY. I told her that I was going to buy a whole lot of tea and I do have a list with me so she has to be prepared for this. So I finally got all my teas (it was like 10-15 teas okay) and as she was ringing me up, I told her that there were some teas that I wanted to smell. Didn’t want to buy it, but just smell. So when she finished ringing me up and I finished paying, I got to smell Birthday Cake and Coffee Cake. Then another person who was working at DAVIDs, Trish, was all “Good call on the Coffee Cake! It’ll be gone for good tomorrow!” And so I was like Dude I don’t care. It’ll probably be like another $5 so that wouldn’t hurt. Just get me an oz of that and I’ll be on my way!
It turned out to be like $4.75 and as I was getting my cash out, Jillian was all “You know what? It’s on me.” And I was like “Really? Are you sure?!” And I was just oh my gosh. This is the best day ever.
I wasn’t looking for free stuff. Heck, I wasn’t expecting to get the free infusers and the free tin! I was already going to spend like $150 at DAVIDs because mother wanted things, I was was already going to get a lot of the peppermint, so that tin was just a bonus. An extra $4.75 wasn’t that much for me, but ahh I just had a great experience and I felt like this needed to be shared :)

I’ve brewed this tea and it’s a really nice rainy day and I’m taking my cousins to the mall so it’s in my Timolino and we’re all ready to go!
Umm.. I actually haven’t had this tea yet. I’ll like.. I’ll edit this later tonight for the actual tasting notes part :)

GOOD TEA. Okay I’m the worst and I had this nearly 10 hours ago and I forgot how this tasted like. Coffee and desserts and good stuff but ahh I’ll write a better note the next time I drink this tea because I forgot how it tasted like. All I knew is that it was good and I’d happily drink it again :)


oh oh oh!! what all did you get from lupicia?


YAY for free tea!! What a great experience. The DAVIDs employees are always so awesome.


Btw, if you want to taste Birthday Cake, I can send some in the swap package. I have plenty to spare.


I just looked at my cupboard and I thought I added all my teas! But looks like I missed nearly half of my Lupicia order. Ahh well. I bought: Yume, Orzo (caramel and honey), Melon White, Napa Blanc, and Cookie.

I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but they’re all prepackaged at 50g so I had to limit myself. And the fact that I had 3 packages of the Golden Honey Dew made it look like I had a butt ton of tea haha
I haven’t been to any of their other location so I have no idea if you can get like just 20g of one tea. I’d love that, but the Lupicia I always go to only has prepackaged teas.

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drank Tsugaru Green by Lupicia
621 tasting notes

Backlog and a sipdown!

Coldbrewed from a couple days ago, but I definitely strained it before it got bitter ahha. Cold brewed for 10-11 hours? Nice tea. Definitely been in my mom’s cupboard for a while so the taste wasn’t the best, but still decent. A touch of sugar and it tastes like nice and crisp apples :)

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Had a butt ton of this tea yesterday.
So I was so used to buying in grams. Like on the DAVIDs site, it’s like in 50g or 100g bags and stuff so I walked into DAVIDs asking for 25g of tea and the lady who was helping me, Jillian, was like.. umm How much is that in ounces? So I was like I DON’T EVEN KNOW.
So I definitely spent a LOT at DAVIDs. I took my cousin with me and we managed to get two free Perfect Infusers, and a free tin because I bought 4oz. of this tea.
Yeah. Online it says to get 100g and get a free tin, BUT THAT’S CANADA. AMERICA NEEDS 4OZ.
But seriously, No one can have too much peppermint. Pretty much the only herbal tea that I enjoy straight. Not blended with any other tea, no sweeteners whatsoever.
A wonderful peppermint tea :)

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drank Matcha Matsu by DAVIDsTEA
621 tasting notes

Good matcha! Happy to have some straight, unflavoured matcha in my cupboard :) And I have one of those fancy electic whisk milk frother things now because I bought one for like $2 years ago and left at home ahha. But I have one now and it definitely made life much easier!

Definitely a nice matcha :)

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Oh gosh. I have so many teas to backlog from yesterday.
I finally had that massive tea day yesterday. Spent well over $100 of tea at Lupicia and DAVIDs because when else am I going to be able to do that? Ahh well, I have a butt ton of tea now, and I was able to get free tea from DAVIDs because the lady who was helping me was like super nice and ahhh I had a great day yesterday :)

So pretty much, My cousin took her driver’s test yesterday AND SHE PASSED! So we celebrated at Julie’s with breakfast and tea. I shared a pot of their Lapsang and it was actually pretty good! I’m actuallly starting to like Lapsang now. Adagio’s Lapsang is a bit.. weird. But the others that I’ve tried are nice :)

Lapsang was prepared in store. Cutest little tea place ever and I’m definitely going back :)

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Oh my gosh I’m so scared to burn this tea okay. Like I always have bad luck with white teas because I’m afraid that the water would be too hot and I’d see the scorch marks on the leaves and usually when that happens, I just brush it off, but I’ve been wanting to try this tea for the longest time and I got a wonderful sample from MissB but the thing is, I’ve only got one cup of this and I really don’t wanna ruin it!
Okay. Here it goes. My kettle has been sitting for a good five minutes now so hopefully that’s enough time?
Dude. It smells so good! Not overkill on the watermelon, which is great. It smells so nice and bright and wonderful. MissB highly recommended me to sweeten it so when it’s done steeping, I’ve got some agave right next to me and I’ll just play around a bit :)

Hmm.. It tastes more like warm water with a bit of fragrance. I think my water was a bit too cool! Ahh well, looks like I’ll just have to make a purchase with Butiki sometime in the future and grab some of this :) It is a wonderful tea, but I know I definitely didn’t make it correctly on the first try. Maybe hotter and less water, or hotter water, more leaves. Gotta remember that for next time!


I’d probably go with more leaves with the cooler water, but I haven’t tried this tea before.

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From shmiracles!

Excitement is in the air because I’m seeing my friends from high school for the first time in MONTHS. AHH I AM SO EXCITED.
And with that, I accidentally brewed this for far too long and now it’s turned bitter :(
Doing whatever it takes to get a decent cuppa, but nothing’s working :/ Well, at least I have a couple cold brews in the fridge that I can drink during breakfast if I completely give up on Thor :)

Boiling 5 min, 15 sec 3 g 12 OZ / 354 ML

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Tea lover.
Chef in training.
Hospitality Management major.
DCP Alumni/Participant (starting June)
(jump62359 is my everything okay)

Teas in my cupboard are in my personal collection.
I’m always looking forward to reducing my stash so swappable teas are listed here:
(last updated: 11 Apr 2014)
Likes/dislikes here:

Tea rating guide:
100-90: Best thing to ever touch my mouth and I want more. Restocking is a must
89-80: Love this tea. Restock if I can
79-70: Decent tea. Neither love nor hate.
69-60: I won’t be upset when it runs out. I’ll drink it but won’t restock.
59-30: I’ve done whatever I can to like this tea and I’ll finish the cup.
29-10: I’ve done whatever I can to like this tea. It may or may not have gone down the sink…
9-below: Let’s not even hide it. This definitely went down the drain.

I love tea.
I drink it.
I log it.
I have a good time.
Lather, rinse, repeat.

I first discovered my love for tea with Jasmine because that’s all my mother would buy, so for the longest time, I thought that all teas were jasmine! And then in 4th grade, I watched the tea episode of Good Eats and that’s when the education started! I’d like to blame Alton Brown for starting this obsession because now I only like loose leaf tea.
It wasn’t until my second year of college that I actually expanded my tea taste buds. Special shout out to Cara McGee, Queen Tea for her Adagio Fandom blends. Because of Cara, I actually started drinking blacks, herbals and whites and pretty much everything else in between. I still have a special love for my jasmine though :)
I drink tea daily. Usually just straight up, no sugar or milk with the exception of chai. I like chai with just a wee dash of milk and a sprinkle of sugar! This little obsession started young and just… kept going, I guess. I have friends who think I have a problem with tea, but I really don’t. Everything is good in moderation.
I also have a mug buying problem and I’ve got Disney to blame for that. At least all my mugs are being put to good use!

also I apologize in advance for lazy tasting notes and horrible grammar in everything I write. I’m an avid fandom blogger on tumblr we have some weird way of talking to each other and sometimes I forget that this isn’t tumblr oops


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