581 Tasting Notes

drank Oh Canada! by DAVIDsTEA
581 tasting notes

So I love my rooibos teas oversteeped (especially this one) so I put this tea directly into my timolino and attached the mesh infuser and now I’m just drinking out the top so I don’t end up drinking all the rooibos.
Dude wait. I could have just put it into the mesh and drank out of the timolino itself! I just thought of that now wow.

But class hasn’t started yet and someone exclaimed “It smells like brown sugar!!”
And I’m just.. yeah that’s me.

Boiling 8 min or more 4 g 12 OZ / 354 ML

Sounds delicious!

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drank Butterfly Jasmine by DAVIDsTEA
581 tasting notes

Tasting note #300!
Dude. This is one of the teas that I’ve been eyeing for so long since I love jasmine so much and this one is just dang GORGEOUS!
I was going to wait till the end of the month when I visit DAVIDs, but MissB decided to throw this in the mystery pack I bought from her and I squealed when I saw it!
The leaves dry are just bursting with flavour. Not like overwhelming, but just great and mellow and beautiful and delicate and they’re rolled up in the shape of butterflies which makes it even better and ahhh it’s the best tea ever okay.
The Jasmine just comes out beautifully as it steeps and the leaves unravel and they’re huge and gorgeous and oh my gosh this tea is just the best tea in the entire world.
I’ve got about 10g left and I’m going to make this last as long as I can. I’ll just inhale it and then tell myself that I shouldn’t have some because there are other teas in my cupboard that needs some love.

This may be one of my favourite jasmine teas out there. Just because it’s rolled up so nicely, it’s like… ahhh I love this tea so much.
Thank you TONS MissB!!

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec 6 g 16 OZ / 473 ML

Congrats on 300!!


Congrats on 300! I’m getting close myself. Isn’t it exciting?


Thanks!! I knew that 300 was coming up and I was waiting to try this tea just for #300 haha.
Dude. Great tea. And it resteeps like no other :)


Congrats on 300 notes!! :) and this tea sounds quite good, might have to pick some up, I love jasmine teas!


300 notes and an amazing tea! Win win win! This tea does sound wonderful. Lately, I’m all about the jasmine.

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drank Cider Guayusa by Butiki Teas
581 tasting notes

Sipdown (115)

From MissB!

I’ve never had Guayusa before. With exploration on the DAVIDs site, I feel like it’s in the Mate family? I don’t even know why friends think I’m a tea expert. I just drink tea and I really don’t know much about it haha.
I’m just assuming that it has like natural caffeine in it. DAVIDs say it is a stimulant soooo I kinda need the energy since we’re cleaning the kitchens today! Aww this is the last time I’ll ever be in the kitchens this year :( I’ll be in them again in a bit over a year though :)

But dry, this smelled nice and bright! It smells like… a thing.. But I can’t remember what that thing is though.
Now it’s steeping and it’s picking up a smokier/toastier flavour?
And now.. dude. It’s like smoky, but tastes fresh. Like it’s so weird, but IT WORKS.
I actually really like this, wow. Probably not an everyday kind of tea, but a tea where I’ll utilize its caffeine content for days like today :) Definitely a morning tea. I don’t know if my body can handle this after Dinner hahah
I do get the faint cider flavours though! During new years, my aunt makes sure to buy a costco pack of apple cider because my cousins and I always drink a whole lot ahha. I love all versions of cider and looks like this is going into my cider-love list :)

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec 3 g 12 OZ / 354 ML

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drank Lemon Grass by Adagio Teas
581 tasting notes

Oh my gosh. So I was drinking tea earlier and my roommate dropped her pretzels and I exclaimed “FOOD FELL!!!” right when our other roommate and her boyfriend walked in! And both of them were all “Kyra, are you drinking caffeine again?” and I was all… no…
I told them that it was 7pm and so no more caffeine for me and I held up my package of Lemongrass. And then Levi decided to give me some chocolate and Laura was all “Levi, no. She can’t have any more sugar”
I’m seriously laughing right now because I totally act like a 5 year old. We totally had this conversation with another one of my roommates last night ahha.
But Laura and Levi left and Laura said she’ll be back sometime around midnight and I was al “You bet I’ll be up :))”
So yeah. Caffeine turns me into a 5 year old.
Luckily Monica and I are going to have a matcha party right before her 9am class.

I’ve never had straight lemongrass. I’ve blended this into my chamomile or minty teas, but never lemongrass alone. It smells like… curry? No. Like some sort of zesty spice that’s really good but I can’t put my finger on it right now.
It tastes really good as well!
I didn’t know how to make this tea though. I thought that 3g would be a bit much since it’s so light, but Ido tend to like my herbals and rooibos more flavourful. So I just did 2g in my smaller teacup, that way if I want more, resteeping it would be easy peasy, lemon squeezey.

I AM LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW. I really didn’t want to make dinner tonight. Like it’s dead week so I’m just worried about school and it’s already 8pm and I don’t have the time to make dinner! If I can live on tea and air alone, that’d be great.
I remembered that I had a slice of chocolate cake in the fridge so… looks like it’s cake for dinner :) I’m the definition of a 5year old child right now.

Boiling 8 min or more 2 g 5 OZ / 147 ML

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drank Cherry Blossom by DAVIDsTEA
581 tasting notes

Shout out to shmiracles for sending this to me! Looks like I’ll get that sipdown after all :)

A whiff of this and I was all WOW it smells flowery and fruity and… mediciny. Everything cherry or grape flavoured just reminds me of medicine okay.
But that doesn’t stop me! I shall try this tea and see how I like it :)
Oh hello cherries, it’s nice to smell you again.
Oh oh.. cherries are running away now that the tea is steeping longer! Well, I am perfectly okay with that :)

Before, I was a bit hesitant with this tea, but now it’s mellowed out a bit and the cherries aren’t as harsh so that’s what I love :)
The cherries definitely have a bite to it, but it’s nice. I feel like my water may have been a bit too hot because it’s getting to the slight bitterness of the tea, but it’s all good!
The smell from the package wasn’t the most pleasant, but the taste of it is all that matters, and it’s pretty good!

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec 4 g 12 OZ / 354 ML

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I wanted to drink a couple teas from my sipdown pile (hence this photo: http://instagram.com/p/ldrYIRvhCI/) but I wanted black tea and none of the black teas in my sipdown pile was really calling my name.
So if I can’t sip a tea down, might as well drink tea and put the remainder of that tea in with all the other teas to get sipped down!

So this one was from MissB which I got not too long ago :)
Dry, it smells like your basic black tea. Like dry and dusty and antique and books and old people and nice :) No seriously. My roommate completely agrees with me when it smells all ancient and old and beautiful and just full of lovely memories. THAT’S BLACK TEA FOR YOU.
But this tea tastes like… black tea. A special kind of black tea though. It just takes me back to memories and wonderful times with friends and family and it takes me to the lovely laid back side of my Mind Palace, not the weirdo scientific/mathy/problem solving Mind Palace.

Overall, a very pleasant tea :)

Boiling 3 min, 45 sec 3 g 12 OZ / 354 ML

I’m so glad you liked this. I had a really different experience with it, so this is great to hear!

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drank Fruit Sangria by Adagio Teas
581 tasting notes

I was studying with my friend earlier and we got hungry so we decided to grab Starbucks and Subway down the Hill for lunch. I actually gave Starbucks up for lent so I just asked for a cup of hot water since I always bring sachets of tea with me :)
This is the first time that I’ve has this tea hot and it’s actually pretty good! I thought that it would only taste good iced since it’s super fruity, but it actually worked! A decent cuppa for my busy schedule today.

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Sipdown! (117)

I got this from shmiracles pretty recently :)

Opened up the pack and… medicine? The blueberry flavouring was kinda overpowering, and the sweet African Rooibos was kinda getting lost with all the other super fruity flavours.
I poured it into my slightly warmish moist mason jar and it kinda just sat there for a while as I was waiting for the kettle to boil and the mediciney smell was definitely going away and I can smell the sweetness of the rooibos! oh happy day :)
It’s steeping and wow. The lavender is coming out like a lot a lot.
The taste of the actual tea is a bit confusing. Love the lavender and I love the rooibos (those are the two most prominent flavours I can taste) but I don’t think that they mix well together. Can’t taste the rose in it, and I’m getting wee bits of the blueberries and currants. Like I said, the lavender is pretty strong in this tea.
It’s okay? I probably won’t finish this cup, but I’ll wash out my mason jar and stick it in the fridge and see how it’ll taste in the morning :)

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 5 g 14 OZ / 414 ML

I can’t imagine I would like this but lavender in tea isn’t that appealing to me.


Yep, I wanted to like this but the lavender was just a little too much.


I tried it iced this morning and the lavender.
Like I love the smell of lavender, but I don’t think it’s a flavour I’d necessarily enjoy drinking.


wanna know what’s weird? i REALLLY don’t like lavender soap or lavender scented things. i also am generally ‘so over’ rooibos. at least the red one.
i bought this tea for my sister. cuz i like her lots and she likes rose things lots.
… but i’m pretty sure i drink this 10x more often than she does.
it has many things i don’t like in it, i really shouldn’t like it, but i do!! i do!
it’s crazy. i’m crazy. everything’s crazy.


Dude, that’s the complete opposite to me. I looove everything lavender! There’s a farmer’s market that happens every week the town over and whenever I’m home, I go with my parents all the time. There’s a stand from a local shop and they sell all things lavender and I LOVE it. That’s where I get my lavender sachets to tuck into my microwaveable pillow hehe :)
But the tea was like.. too fragrant. It was like drinking perfume! Loved the sweet rooibos but the lavender didn’t mix.
You’re weird. I’m weird. Everyone’s weird so let’s just go crazy and dance.

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I got a pretty large sample of this from MissB so I decided to brew a bit more than usual! Bringing 12oz. of this to class tonight and just drinking the rest right now :)

I was literally inhaling all my teas last night, not gunna lie. My roommates just looked at me. THEY SMELLED SO GOOD OKAY.
The last time I had a fruity tea from Dammann Freres, it was like over-fruity, almost medicine-like. This one, however, smells nice and balanced! Does have the fruity bits, and I like how I smell the black tea base :)
It’s brewing right now and it almost smells like a smoky-fruity concoction?
I don’t even know what kinds of fruit I’m supposed to smell though. Too lazy to look through the Dammann Freres site and the steepster page doesn’t list it so imma go with my gut and say it’s umm… fruit. A bit of cherries and apricot?
Hmm I like this!
I was debating between adding lemon or sugar, and I thought that the tartness of the lemon might bring the flavours out a bit more but nope. Maybe a small splash of lemon but.. I think I added too much oops.
Luckily I have this tea completely untouched in my timolino!
Yeah I had like probably 2oz in my mug and a wee bit of lemon goes a LONG way if you’re working with that little liquid.
I might actually just bring sugar packets with me, and possibly hide a lemon slice under the cap so I can so whatever the heck I want with it during class hahah.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec 4 g 12 OZ / 354 ML

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drank Lapsang Souchong by DuvalTea
581 tasting notes

I got this sample from MissB yesterday!
She’s lovely and I asked her if I could have like a wee sample of Lapsang because I’ve only ever had Lapsang Souchong in fandom blends.

This tea dry actually smelled very nice! I was surprised because all the blends I’ve had with Lapsang was very bacon smelling/tasting so I think it may be just Adagio’s tea that smells like that? Dude I don’t even know. I’d like to try other Lapsangs from other companies.
I was nervous for this tea because from what I’ve had, I never really liked the blends. But the smell is nice and mellow! I know from reading places that this tea is supposed to be super smoky and that’s definitely coming out as it steeps.
Oh whoa yeah. I just poured it into my mug and it’s definitely not bacon-y, but smoky.

Oh this is interesting. Not the best tea, but decent ish? Smoky, yes. Tasty? I’m so very confused with this tea because I’ve never had straight Lapsang before so I have no idea how it’s supposed to taste like! But at least I have a general idea. Definitely going to look for opportunities to try like single servings of Lapsang Souchong :)

((First one to review this tea what.))

(((Would it be considered a sipdown if you only have one serving of this tea? Ahh well, it’s a sipdown {118} hehe)))

Flavors: Ash

Boiling 3 min, 45 sec 4 g 12 OZ / 354 ML

Definitely a sipdown ;) I love lapsangs, haven’t had one for ages!


DuvalTea is a really special company out of Canada, and I swore I reviewed this tea… guess not. I’d say this is on the higher end of straight Lapsangs, and really true to form in that the process is similar to the story as to how Lapsangs came to be.


Oh, and if you kept the leaves, you can re-steep this many times over for a different experience each time – and thus partially why this specific tea is expensive.


Aww darn! I didn’t get the chance to resteep them! I usually do, but I think I was probably running off to class right when I finished the cup.
I was definitely expecting it to taste like bacon, but I didn’t get that haha. But I’m forsure going to keep my eye out for Lapsang, and I’ll definitely remember to resteep them next time :)

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Tea lover.
Chef in training.
Hospitality Management major.
DCP Alumni/Participant (starting June)
(jump62359 is my everything okay)

Teas in my cupboard are in my personal collection.
I’m always looking forward to reducing my stash so swappable teas are listed here:
(last updated: 11 Apr 2014)
Likes/dislikes here:

Tea rating guide:
100-90: Best thing to ever touch my mouth and I want more. Restocking is a must
89-80: Love this tea. Restock if I can
79-70: Decent tea. Neither love nor hate.
69-60: I won’t be upset when it runs out. I’ll drink it but won’t restock.
59-30: I’ve done whatever I can to like this tea and I’ll finish the cup.
29-10: I’ve done whatever I can to like this tea. It may or may not have gone down the sink…
9-below: Let’s not even hide it. This definitely went down the drain.

I love tea.
I drink it.
I log it.
I have a good time.
Lather, rinse, repeat.

I first discovered my love for tea with Jasmine because that’s all my mother would buy, so for the longest time, I thought that all teas were jasmine! And then in 4th grade, I watched the tea episode of Good Eats and that’s when the education started! I’d like to blame Alton Brown for starting this obsession because now I only like loose leaf tea.
It wasn’t until my second year of college that I actually expanded my tea taste buds. Special shout out to Cara McGee, Queen Tea for her Adagio Fandom blends. Because of Cara, I actually started drinking blacks, herbals and whites and pretty much everything else in between. I still have a special love for my jasmine though :)
I drink tea daily. Usually just straight up, no sugar or milk with the exception of chai. I like chai with just a wee dash of milk and a sprinkle of sugar! This little obsession started young and just… kept going, I guess. I have friends who think I have a problem with tea, but I really don’t. Everything is good in moderation.
I also have a mug buying problem and I’ve got Disney to blame for that. At least all my mugs are being put to good use!

also I apologize in advance for lazy tasting notes and horrible grammar in everything I write. I’m an avid fandom blogger on tumblr we have some weird way of talking to each other and sometimes I forget that this isn’t tumblr oops


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