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I had a cup-o-this tea at a tea shop I stumbled across while exploring Kansas City yesterday. The woman behind the counter said that it was her favorite, so I had to try it. The vanilla was rich and creamy, and the black tea was strong and smoky. Very nice. Too bad the only way you can get it is to go to Missouri!

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The leaves are very aromatic and encompass the very essence of strawberries. After my sand timer ran out (this is the way they brew tea for customers at Indigo), I added a conservative amount of rock sugar it was ready to drink! The strawberry taste is nice and strong, which I would expect since the flavor of black tea is such a force to be reckoned with. At the same time, the strawberry flavor is rich and convincingly fresh, as each sip is like popping a ripe juicy strawberry into my mouth. The finish of this tea is quite pleasant as well; as the sweet strawberry taste wanes the black tea taste comes in for the final word. An overall lovely brew.

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Quick review: Leaves very aromatic. Peppermint is very strong, chocolate taste is more subtle. Like an andes mint but much more minty. I’ve never been a huge fan of really minty teas, but this one is decent. Something about the flavor makes me think this is more muted or bland than it could be.

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I like going here to study, and when I need a break I just get up and smell all of their samples of tea to help me decide what I want. I came across this tea and the leaves were so aromatic. They have this wonderful vanilla bourbon-y smell, so I had to try it.

I like my black tea sweet, splash of milk to get rid of any bitterness and smooth out the flavor. The vanilla taste is a nice undertone that complements the black tea and does not taste artificial in any way. I don’t exactly know how to describe the taste of the black tea, kind of earthy, smokey. It’s the best vanilla black tea blend I’ve ever tasted, plus it’s great hot and cold. I will definitely buy some of this as a morning staple once I free up a tin!


Ooh I’m going to add this to my shopping list!

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drank Kamiya Papaya by Teavana
84 tasting notes

This is a nice and simple tea, by my standards. It is delicious hot or cold and the fruit flavor is not overpowering or artificial tasting. Has a nice light gold color and I’m picking up on the cinnamon more in the scent than in the taste of the tea.

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drank Blue Mountain Spice by TeaSource
84 tasting notes

A nice smokey black tea. What more can I say?


sometimes brevity is nice. I honestly don’t read those 6 paragraph descriptions that people write. lol!


I completely agree :) That’s cool that people have that much to say but I’m definitely no expert on tea, but I am a huge enthusiast!

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drank Monkey-Picked Oolong by Teavana
84 tasting notes

This green oolong goes down easy, as I find it pretty crisp and clean. It’s also pretty astringent. To enhance my willpower to work on my dissertation for the 7th day in a row (it’s like a sprinting marathon), I added some jasmine dragon phoenix pearls for a flowery touch. This blend is awesome, btw. I may never go back to drinking the monkey picked alone! Now, if I could just find those monkeys and bribe them to write my paper, I would be set!


good luck finding those monkeys!! just be careful they don’t form a union lol


I have a feeling that if I help them pick tea, that they will return the favor :)


haha, yes I suspect you are right!! and maybe throw in a few bananas

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drank Mom's Apple Pie by DAVIDsTEA
84 tasting notes

This tea definitely deserves an upgraded rating to a perfect score. It has this wonderful green tea aroma, laced with the sweetness of apples and the spicy bittersweetness of cinnamon. The aftertaste lingers in my mouth and leaves the impression of pie crust, and before I know it I am instantly swept away to the many falls I spent in my mom’s kitchen as she peeled those haralson apples and let them sit in cinnamon and sugar until they were nice and juicy. The nostalgia this tea forces me into will hold me over until next fall when I can take in the aroma and tartness that is my mom’s special apple pie. I don’t know how they did it, but the experience I get when drinking this tea goes beyond my imagination for how DavidsTea made this flavored gem. However, sense of smell bypasses the cortex and feeds right into the emotional center of the brain, causing spontaneous recall of meaningful events. I can’t wait until next fall – I hope they start selling this one again because I am running out!

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drank Vanilla by Adagio Teas
84 tasting notes

I completely agree with the description of this tea regarding vanilla ice cream. I love it, love it, LOVE IT. This tea, not so much. I’ve had it a few times before deciding to rate it and there’s just something the flavor I do not like. I can pick up on the vanilla but I’m thinking that it’s the black tea they use as a base that I am hating on. I have many black teas from Adagio that are just “meh” and a few (such as their peppermint one) that I really liked. I have a feeling this one is going to sit in the back of the cupboard until one day I spot it and have forgotten what I thought of it.

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I can’t believe I haven’t logged this blend yet. It’s one of my favorites and goes quickly once I finally get around to buying more of it. You can of course add more or less of which ever tea you want to predominate the taste if you buy them separately, which is what I do. I’m very particular – I like about a 1:2 ratio of the tropica to the Jasmine pearls. This way, it’s more of the flowery taste with fruity undertones that don’t dominate the taste. I also prefer it sweetened. I also enjoy this tea because I can make it more mellow or strong depending on how I feel that day. Today I’ve made an entire pot of it in my beautiful purple cast iron teapot covered in vines and am loving it.

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 15 sec

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I’ve been drinking loose leaf teas for about 4 years and really enjoy the sense of contentment it brings to my busy life. I suppose tea is an experience you inherently have to slow down and enjoy, as it quiets the mind and allows you to hear more readily. I am also interested in Buddhism, yoga, meditation, and psychotherapy.

Here are some of my favorite teas:

Organic Silver Needle White Tea (Teavivre)
Bailin Gongfu Black Tea (Teavivre)
Buttered Rum (DavidsTea)
Gyrokuro/Gyrokuro Genmaicha (Teavana)
Apple Green Tea (Indigo Tea Company)
Strawberry Festival (Indigo Tea Company)
Mom’s Apple Pie (David’s Tea)
Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls/Rooibos Tropica Blend (Teavana)


Eagan, Minnesota

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