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I got this as a free sample with my last Adagio order. The dry leaf smells like potatoes… But after it’s brewed the aroma turns to roasted marshmallows and baked sweet potatoes. It reminds me of the sweet potatoes we have at Thanksgiving. This tea is very different but I kind of like it. But… Now I’m craving sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top D:

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This tea smells SOOO strongly of blueberries. Absolutely delicious :] Brewed it smells like blueberry pie and ice cream. The flavor is not as in your face as the aroma… It’s very mellow. The blueberry and vanilla come through very nicely. I can’t really taste the pomegranate but that’s ok. I REALLY like this tea.

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Sore throat getting worse D: I found this in my remedies collection so I thought I’d give it a shot. What’s that familiar taste? The flavor that makes me feel like I’m at the dentist…. GASP CLOVE D: nooooooooo

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Got this as a nice sample with my last order. It smells AMAZING! I was expecting this to be super sweet and strong but it’s perfect in flavor. The flavor is right on and light enough where I can taste the oolong base. The orange and caramel are the first flavors to come out. After that I can taste a little of the oolong base. The smooth cream\orange flavor kind of lingers in the aftertaste. This tea is magnificent. Definitively going to order some more. YUUMMMMMMM

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Thank you Ellyn! I think this is the tea I received in the swap. Well today has been very interesting and long. This tea is nice. The bergamot is actually quite light. This is a very light tasting tea. I’m getting some floral notes. I enjoyed this! Thank you.

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I thought since this was a pretty tea it had to be served in a pretty tea pot. Well… I’m using my favorite blue, handmade teapot with cherry blossoms on it. Fingers crossed I don’t break it. Usually it’s just for show but I though why not?
The aroma of this tea is nice. To me it tastes like the standard Earl Gray. There is a bit of a warmer tasting note to it. It’s good but over all I don’t really see anything super special about this tea.


it’s good to prepare tea for oneself in pretty dishes, you should do more often :)


I’m just afraid I’ll break it! I bought it for $40 at a local tea shop and I know if I break it I’ll never find another one D:

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Still battling my almost cold. So far I’ve stayed on top of it so it’s just stayed as a little cough and scratch throat.
I totally forgot that I had this so I made it as a bedtime cup. It’s very nice. I don’t ever remember tasting this much ginger in it but I’m ok with it. Now for some sleep! Goodnight Steepster!

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Oooohh my goodness gracious this tea smells amazing. It’s so tart and dessert like. The flavor isn’t as strong as I thought it was going to be. There is a nice citrus taste and the cream is a lovely touch. It really does taste like a liquid cream tart. I’m happy it’s a rooibos base. It just works really well.

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drank Le Foof by Custom-Adagio Teas
867 tasting notes

MMMMmmmmm :] I had this tea on the way to work today. I only steeped it two minutes because I feel like Adagio’s black teas are grumpy. At first all I get is spice but once it starts to cool all of the flavors come out. I can catch hints of caramel, apple, and the creme flavor adds a bit of a smooth note. Overall I reeeaaalllly enjoyed this.

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Mmmmm I have had at least 3 cups of this today. It has helped me feel a little better at work :)

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I love camping, longboarding, listening to and making music, hiking, yoga, cooking, the color blue, The Beatles, and of course the wonderful world of tea!
My journey with tea started about a year and a half ago. Since then I’ve learned a lot and that my favorites include oolongs, pu-erhs, and silver needle. I love a good dessert tea but I have found recently that I’m craving pure teas more and more! I look forward to learning a lot more from my fellow Steepsters :]


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