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Nowhere near raspberry enough.

Decent enough but I won’t be buying it again after finishing my 50 grams.

Really hoping for a teagasm just got a decent rooibos.

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drank The Glow (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes

smells exactly like apple cinnamon granola bars.

Tastes like unsweetened porridge.
Pleasant and warming.
Can see this as a night time relaxing tea.

Overall a future staple wellness tea.

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drank Mango Madness by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes

Again I am impressed with DT’s ability at making delicate,flavored and delicious white teas.

Smells like mangoes and tastes like biting into one.

I’m not the biggest mango fan but this is a very nice tea.
Not as good as Cherry Potion but fruity and wonderful nonetheless.

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drank Cherry Potion by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes

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drank Passion by Tazo
222 tasting notes

LOVE LOVE LOVE this tarty tart of a tea.
Brilliant iced.
A staple tea for me(fruit tea addict)

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drank Amaretto by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes

A very very watered down version of Alpine Punch and not even that good .

I’m sticking to the delicious Alpine Punch from now on.Tried this twice and even made it stronger and it still was weak and unimpressive.

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Just another strong peppermint tea.
good for upset stomachs and sore throats and is a staple for wellness
tastes like any peppermint tea bagged I’ve had(harsh but it’s my opinion)
if you do not have any bagged peppermint tea this is better because loose leaf is always better and it’s organic to boot.
Not the right mint taste that I adore.
Would be good for my wellness tea cupboard when needed.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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drank Dulce & Banana by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes

So this tea basically let me discover that I don’t think I’m a fan of banana in tea.

Basically just tasted like a chamomile tea but had the mediocre taste of banana as a afterthought.I even made it stronger then suggested and it was pleasant enough but boring.

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drank Luscious Watermelon by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes

I officially have the best bff in the world(lindairvine) many many reasons but introducing me to this tea is definitely another one of them (and her being willing to share too!).

This is a Teagasm.

Just make sure to go over the 2 teaspoon limit to get the full glory that is this tea.

God it’s beautiful,textured and so light and refreshing.

Leaves a taste like bubblegum in my mouth but yet has no false taste of watermelon this is authentic all the way.

lindairvine and I intend to buy out all the stock because it’s just too painful to wait until summer for this ultra amazing goddamn brilliantly fruity tea.

Goji Pop my love you are just a shade of this outrageously fantastic tea!

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Smells nice and minty fresh.
Not a fan of ginger but I don’t smell it and hopefully won’t taste it.

when brewed the smell becomes super pepperminty and has a kick of ginger(unfortunately).

A very nice very solid green tea that does not taste like green tea.

Tastes exactly like a mellowed down peppermint tea with a kick of ginger spice,which I actually didn’t mind.

A good drinking experience but not unforgettable.

Great for sore throats and colds.A good wellness tea to keep as a staple in your home.

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Oh and I want to SWAP TEA with others..I am in Burnaby right beside Lougheed mall steps from the skytrain!Send me a message, let’s do this thing!



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