235 Tasting Notes

drank Love Tea #7 by DAVIDsTEA
235 tasting notes

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drank Maple Sugar by DAVIDsTEA
235 tasting notes

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drank Vanilla Rose by DAVIDsTEA
235 tasting notes

This tea smells interesting and a real departure for the usual gentleness of white tea blends. I’m always excited to try seemingly wierd blends. Like crossing into untouched waters really. For safety I only got 10 grams because white teas can be expensive and I may hate it…who knows!

Tea time as my breville beeps.so this really seems a crazy mish mash of flavors and ingredients. Let’s drink!
Okay so waaaay gentler then I thought. A bit if a cinnamon kiss and creamy. Perfectly pleasant nothing to write home about but I drank all 10 grams and don’t regret it. Don’t think it needs to live on my shelf just not that newsworthy . Better stuff to spend your money on. Definitely a palate cleanser though.

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I first tried this several months ago, with my mother. Me being a citrus hound and all this is hands down the best lemon black tea I’ve ever had. Big words. The instant I had it it was an instant crowd please powerfully lemony a wake up call for all companies trying their best to make citrus tea.this is the yardstick for excellence in lemony teas. Learn from it! This is heVen

Flavors: Lemon

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Big fan of their rooibos chai tea. Really captures the authentic flavor without caffeine.

Never tried the flavored versions, but it smells deep,velvety and chai-like.
I’m drinking this unsweetened although I believe chai is the only tea that is privileged by being sweetened.

As for taste I am impressed. Lovely chai with dark chocolate overtones that do not overwhelm with sweetness. Lovely spiciness yet manages to be different from their other flavors. For bagged teas they are fantastic. I normally hate dark chocolate but there is no bitterness as I was wary of. Sweet and sexy and warm. This is another win for zhena’s gypsy teas. Do wish I’d steeped a little longer. But as the cup empties I just feel satisfied. Would love another cup.

Flavors: Dark Chocolate, Rooibos, Spices

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drank Berry Poppins by DAVIDsTEA
235 tasting notes

Mmmm pouch smells like candy,mouth watering. Brain meet berry ,Berry Poppins meet primate brain. Nom.

Used extra in my DT iced tea maker after following heat of water in my breville then poured and steeped extra long. Then popped in about 4 trays of ice cube trays.stirred and slipped it into the fridge. Then poured over ice and here it is rich berry color. In a DT tumbler. First official day of my vacation. My first iced tea. Time to relax like I can’t even..

Taste is sweet. I’m glad I steeped it extra no watery nonsense.
Pretty nice. A nice tarty taste to wake up your mouth.
Sour,sweet,tart…but it does taste a little too artificial " splenda syndrome" for me. I’m glad I only got the 25 g pouch. I really wish it tasted more real and less fake. I think this tea suffers from more style then substance. Less refreshing because of the artificial cream in it. Also where is the taste of rose petals? Just a bit of a mess.enjoyable but I couldn’t drink this in any large quantity. Cest la vie. One less tea.

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drank Watermelon Mint by DAVIDsTEA
235 tasting notes

So . this is a tea meant to be iced. Drinking it hot just not right. Some teas are versatile and hot or cold it will create a sensation in your mouth.

This is a lovely refreshing tea. I like the mint kisses. And just fruity enough poured over ice it is a great one off. Steep long and pour over ice every time you drink it. I bought the ice tea maker from dt and it was a great purchase the. Also always have like 6 full ice cube trays.

Soothing,nicely sour,a tiny tartness, minty kisses. Totally decent a lovely seasonal tea but not a must have for the cabinet.

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drank Just Peachy by DAVIDsTEA
235 tasting notes

Perfect fruity iced tea. Only down is the little bit of sugary ending up. otherwise perfectly refreshing and light and peachy. Perfect for a down right hot and oppressive day. Also available in lovely little iced tea packs that make the routine of making iced tea simple,cheap and delicious. Lots of caffeine free choices too.perfect for poolside sipping, people watching from a porch under an umbrella or bringing to a party. Kid and adult friendly. Ah summer you’ve met a match.

Flavors: Peach, Sugar, Sugarcane

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drank Strawberry Fields by DAVIDsTEA
235 tasting notes

I’m really hoping this is a winner. It smells so yummy like strawberries and cream. I may just surprise myself and add milk. It seems like that kind of tea. Right now this is a fairly new tea but I’m
tired and need caffeine as opposed to a

backlog. Maybe later.
Wow. Bitter.
I even steeped shorter and with less
I NEVER sweeten my tea. I had to add milk. I prefer simple I’m glad I only got 10 grams. Ah no strawberry Fields forever I suspect. With milk it is nice not holy crap nice but a servicable morning latte . basically I had to adulterate it to make it drinkable.

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drank Cool Cucumber by DAVIDsTEA
235 tasting notes

So yes major backlog!
I’m sorry my little kettles, for being a ghost.
Also I had to spring clean my tea ….sadly. The queen of teas had to retire some where they can only reside in my memory . that is OK. Nothing lasts forever. Especially with tea it is all about the moment. It is the perfect blend of thing/experience to get philosophical
Sometimes you have to give up a tea forever or just once a year. So never take it for granted.

I love this smell like candy. Melon. Summer.
Of course I drink it hot first. I’m a hot girl what can I say.

Iced later I promise.

Brewed smells like heaven melon. Mouth watering.

Smells like soap from the body shop. A good thing I’m sure.

Tastes nice. Tastes refreshing.can’t wait to ice it
Melon,lightly sweet.mellow.

No commitment just freshness. Like a ripe melon.

Feels right for a gloomy day to brighten up all.
Seems perfect for summer and all of the sweaty nights.

Really nice. Not a commitment but lovely as long as it lasts

Flavors: Cucumber, Melon

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