222 Tasting Notes


Woke up on the wrong side of the bed today so decided to try one of my favorite forms of tea:Chai.

The Smell was intoxicating it fills up every room with rich dark chocolate smell.
It’s a very yummy tea..but I do not consider it a Chai tea( although they should remove “chai” from the label)..it just doesn’t have that kick that I usually expect and lust for in my Chai.

It has a nice Chocolate taste without sweetness and a slight spicy after taste.
I consider this a balanced basic morning black tea with a twist.

I was expecting hardcore Chai and I got soft core black tea with a twist.

However I think it’s a great tea for mornings where you need a extra boost.

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LOVE LOVE this tea.
This is the discerning tea addict’s lemonade.

If you are a citrus addict like I am a citrus addict then you’ll love this tea.
the hint of mint just adds that extra magic that makes this a totally unique experience.
perfect for cleansing taste buds and after heavy meals.

the more I drank the more I loved it.
Want to try it iced and in Popsicle form.

This is definitely going to be a staple tea for me.

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drank Bravissimo by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes

This is one of those teas that is a staple for any tea cupboard centered on wellness.
not overwhelmingly better then any other chamomile infusion I’ve tried.
soothing,warming and great for sore throats,anxiety and late night peace.
great for putting in a thermos when you have a cold or sore throat.

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the most nutty tea I’ve ever drank.
I really have not tasted any banana bread like other tasters have it’s overwhelmingly straight walnut to me.
The bitterness of the nut doesn’t come through too strongly.
Nice and warming but seems more of a mid-day tea then a morning energy boost tea.
Also quite soothing.
Wonder if I would enjoy it sweetened but am simply not in love with it enough to try and many other teas beckon.

If you love nuts and find Forever Nuts too light and wish it was strong and caffeinated without being sweet this tea is made for you.

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drank Nightcap by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes

Oh my goodness..I am in love with this tea.
It seems to me to basically be Tazo’s Passion Tea times a thousand(and I love Tazo’s Passion Tea).
I was surprised at how richly fruity it was and it had the perfect tartness of a good wine.
It is perfect for cold nights,relaxing with a book or as a mid-day taste boom.
I think it would be great iced.

I really hope I can find some in stock,since this will replace the passion tea for me..yeah I’m in that deep with this tea.

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drank Chocolate Rocket by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes

This just smells amazingly dark and sensual.
flavorful dark chocolate with raspberries and a rich smokiness.
There is a strong coffee like aftertaste which would make any coffee lover happy.

Having never been a coffee drinker this was a little too rich and bitter for my liking but was a great one time experience.

I do know my BFF (lindairvine) will probably love this though.

Linda Irvine

omgomgomg you have never been so right – this has risen to my new fave – was dreaming about it all night after my first taste! moar!!!!!

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drank Licorice Twist by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes

I am a big fan of Licorice Tea so I was super excited to try a licorice tea by my favorite tea company.
I sneezed when I first opened the pouch which for me is a good sign because it was just so overwhelmingly licorice-y.
The taste is incredible like an average licorice tea but with a very appealing edges of anise and fennel.
Has a very spicy smell that just wakes up all your senses.
it definitely could cure a cold with its spicy heated taste.
Perfect for cold days and late nights.
Not for the faint of heart.

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drank Mulberry Magic by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes

The smell is amazing.So familiar and yet unknown couldn’t stop smelling it try as I might.
This tea has amazing health benefits as well,always a plus.
Upon seeing the loose leaf itself I was a little put off because it was just so green and fiddle-head-like.
The tea in the cup was dark green and I found it hard to take the first sip even though the smell was so bewitching.
The taste was a little milky with an almost minty nutty after taste.
It’s undeniably pleasant but it has so many different things going on that it is definitely not an everyday tea though for it’s health benefits I wish it was.
The tea wavers between wonderful and weird never seeming to settle.
I will need to drink this whole pouch to figure out where I stand on it.
Never have I felt so divided about a tea.

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drank Green and Fruity by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes

This tea is definitely for people who like straight up Rooibos taste with a twist.

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drank Lime Gelato by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes

The smell is mouthwatering steeped or dry.
So refreshingly light.
Fantastic non-sugary sweetness with a generous hit of tartness.
Tastes like Lime Gelato.
Can cure a sweet tooth as well as Goji Pop,however has more of a sourness from the Lime that makes it a totally different experience that lingers on the tongue long after you’ve finished drinking it.

I cannot wait to try this iced.

I never thought Green Tea could taste this nice and light without any promise of bitterness.Truly ingenious.

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Tea addict.Tea Connoisseur.
Film Snob.
Voracious reader.

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