221 Tasting Notes

drank Sugar and Spice by DAVIDsTEA
221 tasting notes

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drank Sugar and Spice by DAVIDsTEA
221 tasting notes

So MRI last night. Was like being in a super slowed down Feindflug song. So now begins the waiting game and it is hard to get back to any normal state ..so much fear but denial is lovely this time of year. So as my gift for getting DT superfan status I got the new Fall Collection before anyone else..soot!

On to the tea.

I so love the smell of this tea ..it reminds me of these polish hard glazed with white sugar pastries with incredible chewy centres…..mmmmmm….memories.

I steeped to 5
And steeped a little less of the amount then recommended because I’m going to avoid bitterness.

The tea smells like the sweetened black tea my mom used to make for me ever since I can remember. This smells like the perfect comfort tea especially with all this stress it makes me feel like my mom is right beside me. This tea smells like home in comfy blankets and comfort everything.

As for taste..
Just a decent light black tea.
I’m a little disappointed for what it promised.
I barely taste anything but the base.

Just a very good but totally basic black tea with no extras. A real pity.
Maybe I’ll try to steep for 7 but I’m super hesitant.

I’ll stick with Glitter and Gold I think.

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drank Pumpkin Chai by DAVIDsTEA
221 tasting notes

Guess who got DT superfan status??


Yep. That’s me!!


Omg. You drink some too, right? :)


I was trying to read what teas you had. That is one impressive stash!! Enjoy.


Very funny! OF COURSE i drink it.


That’s awesome! :) How quickly do you rotate through all that?


well I keep it cool and air tight so it lasts 1 to 2 years so I couldn’t even tell you.Depends on my moods..my faves at any given time ..on and on

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So this was the best vacation ever…then I got home.
On last Monday I went numb all on one side no other symptoms. Went to the emergency room and they did a CT scan. The doctor comes out and tells me “You appear to have a mass in your brain” it is hard to even type that without collapsing . I then had to wait 12 hours to see the top Neurosurgeon …12 hours of hell it was like torture waiting and imagining the worst ..they finally came down and they are pretty sure it is a cyst but it is pressing on my brain stem. There are three types it can be but next step is an MRI..to say I’m terrified and depressed is a giant understatement so please forgive the quality of my reviews right now…goodbye drama onto the tea!

After such stress I needed some DT pronto. Picked this up for 3 reasons 1: the name because I sure am a tart 2: it is a mate 3: I could get just 8 trams and it smelled nice. I am worried about it becoming Pink Flamingo but we’ll see.

In the pouch or smells subdued kind of reminiscent of a whiff of earthy Campinos?!

Taste time! And hopefully a good damn burst of energy I am preparing my bedroom for a new kitten and there is much work to be done.

Yummy! Like Tazo Passion tea NOT Pink Flamingo! I only steeped for 5. It is lovely! Sadly not quite Paradise Found (which is being phased out cry) but I am enjoying it more then I thought! It is also the most gorgeous color.

Perfect for: icing,a morning kick,late nights with studying turning into more sexy activities,the beginning of Fall and still being able to dress Tarty for a little while longer without a jacket.

Final thoughts: Tarty in the best way. Everyone should try it at least once ! I’d stick to 5 minutes for those of us not fond of straight Hibiscus.


OMG, I’m sorry to hear about all of that. I hope they get the MRI right away and they find it’s the easiest one to deal with. I had to spend some time at the BC Cancer Agency in Vancouver if it turns out you have to go there I can tell you that my experiences there were generally positive. For what it is.

Going out for tea is the best reaction ever. I’m happy you weren’t disappointed. And new kitten! :O

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drank Bollywood Chai by DAVIDsTEA
221 tasting notes

So first off……..VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Second off….DAVIDsTEA I love you unconditionally but you have not made a real CHAI yet…there are awesome drinks under that name in your stock but it is not really chai.

I’m hoping that changes today.

In the pouch it smells like REAL chai……finally….ah my heart and nose are set afire. It is spicy,sexy,sweet and I can hear Indian music in my head.

Start the Sitar and light the hookah …we may be in Chai heaven.

the brewed tea is hazy like syrup… Sweet smelling like candied fennel. Not as strong as in the pouch but taste time is coming.

First taste: Ah the smell has caught up on it’s promise fully chai fully authentic! Excited.The taste is DEFINITELY Chai! FINALLY DT has Chai…..

It is a bit light but that can be fixed with either more tea steeped or a longer steeping time. It is not blowing my mind but I see the potential of it with just a little fussing.

Finally! Authentic DT Chai.

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 30 sec

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drank Pink Passionfruit by DAVIDsTEA
221 tasting notes

SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE…. a little too much..but some is better then none!

Time to lay out on the patio…sip some cool sweet iced tea..and revel in the sun..then watch bad horror movies and endure the rolling sweat and take a long cool shower that will will cool off all the day’s dust and sun.

Because I love you guys this much..and I love myself more I’ve made this tea HOT and ICED!

This tea smells like those 25 cent gummies we used to get..covered in powdered sugar or sourness…we used to buy bags of these during our recess in almost all my school years and during our long blissful irresponsible summers…Ah nostalgia!

HOT:Smells like all the candies have melted together into a goopy hot mass…mmmmm. As for taste it’s okay. fruity a little tarty. pretty nice but there is way better DT HOT fruit teas but you know..I may keep drinking though so we will see . Let us try this sucker ICED.

ICE ICE BABY: MMMMmmm it is like all the gummy candies have melted and created this lovely tarty tea …IF Pink Flamingo was actually drinkable THIS is what it would have tasted like!(I am still mourning that tea being too much hibiscus-y)This is lovely lovely lovely. I’m enchanted it’s a PERFECT fruity summer Iced Tea.No sexiness like in Tropicalia or Coconut Grove but it is the taste of sheer child-like abandon..Also it is perfect for wayward kids.

smack smack delish. The summer Collection from DT is perfection this year.

Enjoy the summer

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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drank Coconut Grove by DAVIDsTEA
221 tasting notes

I’m running out of teas to review! Need a DT run soon!!! Plus totally need more mint julep.

I love coconut as a flavour addition and as the real thing and imbued into teas. I made it iced AND hot. In the pouch this smells like coconut cream. The vanilla loves being in bed with the coconut they appear to be soulmates.Smells sweet and makes my mouth water. Reminds me of coconut cream pastries and I don’t know why but also something sexy like full body massages(?)

This beauty is about to get courted.hard.

Hot:The smell is definately more sensual and warm in the mug.Still sweet but more moody.

As for hot taste. It’s a cup of alright.Still sweet but it lost that sex appeal and just seems a coconut white tea. A pretty good one though. Let’s check it out iced.

Cold(iced): much better! The tea is at home on ice truly.the coconut is wow.the creaminess totally cool and sexy.. Reminds me of bikinis and umbrellas under a gold soaked sky.Toes burying into sand warm like toast.sticking a tiny blue umbrella in it for sure!
Doesn’t have the fruity of Tropicalia but is like the very adult need ID to get in version…drink!

Very refreshing. Very elegant. Very sexy and mature( without the lines)

Verdict: A summer staple white tea. Iced or die.Could see mixing it or adding booze. Lovely refreshing creamy and composed of the nicest Bai Mu Dan white tea leaves. Don’t think this is a fave yet…we need a few more clandestine meetings over the summer..this is the drink to sponsor affairs over the summer.

4 min, 30 sec

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drank Paradise Found by DAVIDsTEA
221 tasting notes

Having it iced today.Lovely!

I’m so sad that it is getting removed from DT’s stock!!!
I’m happy I stocked up and maybe they will bring it up for a revival but I blame you guys that never gave it a shake..Damn brilliant tea..I will miss you….the perfect fruity black tea..full of gorgeous fruit perversion and complexity..bursting with gentleness or a a huge tarty kiss. I Love you Paradise Found. We will meet again across the great void.


I’m ordering this, you better be for real!


Make sure you only do 1 tsp and only 4 minutes!


i hope they keep it for a couple of more days, I saved my cart. If I hate it, you’re getting 100 gr of this. Sorry, I won’t buy more than 100 gr. since I’m doing it blindly. I wish I heard of this tea before… I could have tried it. They have so many though, and I’ve only been drinking loose leaf for just over a month now!

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I have a bag of this but it has no brewing at ructions of any kind..any help would be appreciated.


Instructions I mean

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Woke up full of grump and snark today and outside it is rainy and I soooooo do not want to leave the house today. I need as serious boost and this is the last mate I have that I have not tried yet it is steeping now.

Smells lemony which I love even if it is in a sore throat lozenge kind of way.I will drink anything today if it will wake me up and stop the rain. I love Dt’s stimulant teas they are like strapping you to a rocket or gently punching you awake…I always end up full of energy with no real burn out like energy drinks or too much caffeine. Today either of those are much needed boosts.

Once brewed it smells even more wellness-tea like but I’d drink rocket fuel right now. It tastes like lemony wellness..but unlike wellness teas this isn’t gross or boring it is actually totally mellow,refreshing and is a totally pleasant start to any day I am unprepared for the energy boost because it doesn’t taste like any incoming energy. It is a perfectly drinkable drink. Wonder if icing would be nice.

The taste doesn’t blow my mind but I like it. It is mellow,bright and a kick in the ass(hopefully)

Well I feel more awake but nothing like I wanted. What a disappointment! No punch no kick. Just mellow. Sigh major points docked unless I get serious energy in like 5 . I remember Amazonian Chain being OMG IM FLYING energy this is meh.like the taste though .

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

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Tea addict.Tea Connoisseur.
Film Snob.
Voracious reader.

Oh and I want to SWAP TEA with others..I am in Burnaby right beside Lougheed mall steps from the skytrain!Send me a message, let’s do this thing!



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