222 Tasting Notes

drank Kokomo Green by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes

This tea smells like…exactly what I believe a tropical paradise might smell like.There’s a sweetly salty breeze laced with fresh pineapples,mangoes and Papayas almost bursting from their flesh with ripeness.I smell green tea and my god this drink is “Fresh” smelling yet sensual..makes my nose tingle and my mouth water..This smells sends pleasure signals throughout my whole being.i want to jump on to this island right now.I’m imagining I can die happy after drinking this Tea.

Yesterday as one half of my birthday gift my boyfriend dropped me off in my fave DT store handed me 80.00 and let me get whatever I wanted….( He is the perfect boyfriend) I stocked up and found some new things to try and of course the summer collection and this 50g bag for 7.50.

On to the taste test:


Kicking myself. This could have been lovely but I get a lightly sweet mostly bitter tea…There’s potential but I’m docking major points for shitty instructions. I love you DT but sometimes you get stuff wrong.

I will do a redux tomorrow if I’m up to it. Not rating it yet. Majorly bummed.DON’T STEEP IT FOR 7 MINUTES.

200 °F / 93 °C 7 min, 0 sec

ALSO PUT LESS IN ! I EVEN used less then recommended…


Put less and don’t even do more than 3 minutes.


I made exactly the same mistake and I ducked them points for exactly the same thing!

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drank Kokomo Green by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes

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Oh god…too early..kill me now.. need to wake the &*%$ up. Eyes full of sleep and waiting for the hot( hopefully) fireman to come.( Aren’t they all hot even the not-hot ones?) to fix our smoke detector. ( please be cute.please be cute.please be cute) So yes need to wake up put a decent face on and I need something powerful,spicy and a punch in the face. It’s time to try Organic Chai Amazonia.

In the collector’s edition container..the smell punches my eyes.Tickles my nose. Light notes of Chai.Cinnamon loving my nostrils and the fennel is like I’M AWAKE.

Okay…here goes..down the hatch..

This is surprisingly mild..and it’s the only ‘chai" tea I’ve ever had from DT that is even close to being an actual representation of chai tea,proper.

Reminds me of : The reflection of a mug of chai tea( if that makes no sense to you,work on your imagination or take a history and aesthetics of art course) It wants to be chai,it is made of chai but it is not a chai. Just an imitation of a picture of a chai tea..that is not an insult it is just the truth.

Perfect for; People who can’t handle the intensity of chais and want something daintier.People who want a boost without caffeine and a good candidate for a jug of iced tea with a group of friends.Mixing with other chai teas.

Final verdict: Like I said above (perfectly may I add) it wants to be real Chai so badly but there’s no blue fairy for teas. (unfortunate I know)I’m sassy today! Big plus is I’m holy crap awake ( like good for you speed) ZOOOOOOM ZOOOOOM all around the living room!! Major bonus points for wanting to clean everything,read everything and dance crazy all around the house!

205 °F / 96 °C 7 min, 0 sec

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So waking up to not a beautiful day I see the line of beautiful trees that stand between me and a rather boring and grey line of buildings. I love the trees they make it feel like I’m separate from all but what I want to see..trees forever green full of life and color ..well this tea needed desperately and expertly drunk at this moment,this damn beautiful moment.

In the pouch it smells like a decent green tea with light notes of fruitiness ( reminds me of Merry Cranberry but softer and green).

The liquor is oddly clear makes me worried it will be too soft serve, but we shall see. Don’t judge a tea by it’s color…glass..ummm can we make that saying work here?!

First taste: The most gentle tea in existence. No bitterness but a light fruity after taste with a whisper of tartness. Feels like something you drink after a heavy meal.

Reminds me of the lingering after-taste a while after eating an apple.

Perfect for palette cleansing and people who don’t like traditional green tea taste.

Final Verdict: Too light,too timid and too underwhelming. It is nice and light and may make a good iced tea in the summer. I prefer my green tea to be itself strong or light but it always tastes like green tea because it’s a beautiful sensory thing accept no substitutes.

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I have been heavily broke so it’s been months since a DT run…and it’s killing me! Thankfully I have such a huge amount that I’m never broke in a having tea sort of way. My birthday is soon so hopefully my boyfriend will be tea generous:-)


In the pouch this tea smells earthy but berry good.Strawberry notes make my mouth water. The blackberry is lovely dark and more of a sullen sweetness.Smells like what I imagine a HEALTHY fruit roll-up would smell like.

First taste: Berries and sweet with a sourness that is like the sourness of new fruit. Pleasant and I can see beautiful possibilities involving ice cubes and porches with huge umbrellas breaking up the sunshine while my legs dangle over the edge getting sun kissed .

Reminds me of ; Summer,being a child,getting sun-kissed and huge umbrellas with striped patterns on a lovely deck overlooking the great BC expanse.

Perfect for: A real damn good icing.Those days when you want something sweet but not too sweet.If you want a sweetie with a tarty side!

Final verdict : A nice surprise. It is not amazing or a huge discovery but it feels like the staple berry tea you will be giving your guests in the summer iced and in the cold times a nice reliable tea that is the quintessential berry tea everyone should have in their cupboards. So versatile and simple it is the reliable shoulder in the cupboard when you need nothing fancy but nothing boring either.

205 °F / 96 °C 7 min, 15 sec

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drank Cherry Blossom by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes

I haven’t been here for a while which I deeply regret.I’m starting off with Cherry Blossom because it seems appropriate since the lovely things are blooming like crazy around my beautiful but rainy home province.

plus : FLORAL, FLORAL FLORAL!! ( I’m a BIG fan of floral..in fact I’m the only person I know who actually likes All The Raj!)

In the pouch it smells very cherry, a little sweet and lightly dusted with coconut..every time I shake the pouch or smell it again it changes in lovely ways and makes my taste buds ache with antici…..pation.Oh and it smells expensive like you shouldn’t be able to afford it.

First taste: Gently sweet and I can tell this would be much better iced.It is also a little bitter and I didn’t take into account the green tea in it so I recommend putting it for less then the recommended time for sure!

Reminds me of: Spring and picnics under a beautifully blue sky.

Perfect for: A good Icing.Sitting on the patio with good friends and people that can get the timing juuuust right.

Final Verdict: Nice,but ultimately uninteresting.I will try it iced next time but really I prefer the smell from the pouch and wish I could bathe in it( perhaps I could make it into potpourri?? is that even possible with tea?? SERIOUSLY let me know it smells that good.)Not floral or fruity enough either.The sweetness was nice though.

200 °F / 93 °C 6 min, 0 sec

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drank Aloha Pu'erh by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes

So this smelled like a tiny tropical paradise in the store so I promptly bought 25 grams and scurried home as fast as my legs could take me and prepared it.

It smells in the pouch very similar to many of the other pineapple teas they carry except for one thing ..this little smile at the end of each sniff of white chocolate sweetness..WHITE CHOCOLATE..and tropical paradise..I should be scared of such a bold combo but instead I am dancing inside.
and it doesn’t even smell like Pu-erh but something else…once brewed it smells richer and almost honey-like with a tiny lick of muskiness.

As my tea cools I have news! I GOT A JOB! Doing what I love helping people..I have never been this happy ..feels so damn good to be comfortable in my own skin..to feel i am a worthwhile person..that I belong and can make an impact in this world.I can’t wait to start.

Also new Tegan and Sara is dynamite! Buy now!


First taste: nice..like watered down hot chocolate..in a very nice way.Sweet and dusky..the pu’erh just a sweet suggestion and the white chocolate is gently dancing with girls wearing grass skirts.Doesn’t blow my mind but it’s nice and light and warm.

Reminds me of:A shadow of hot chocolate,a light kiss of a tropical breeze.

perfect for : commitment-phobes,Pu’erh lovers(obviously),just one try.

Final verdict: Alright.Really didn’t like the sediment at the bottom.Pretty forgettable and I’ll be trading my 25 grams I think..there’s other drinks similar that are much better.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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drank Fantasy Island by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes


sexy,sweet,dark,fruity,sensual and even a little dusky it tastes so expensive like good cashmere or gold flaked vodka.

I remember to only put in a shallow tea spoon and steeped the shortest recommended time..it is perfect!This tea can get really bitter if even the slightest change happens in your preparation routine.

rule of thumb (I’M SOOOO TIRED OF REPEATING THIS)with DT’s Black teas with the exception of Buttered Rum and a Glitter and Gold…ALWAYS put in half the recommended amount and steep for the shortest time recommended.THEN experiment but don’t base the rating on this tea for your first bitter taste GET IN YOUR CUPBOARD AND DO IT RIGHT…and I promise you it will be the fantasy and escape it was meant to be.

Verdict (very biased)

Reminds me of : silk and lace,a perfectly velvety starless night,slow kisses after eating coconut cake and abandoned beaches where we go skinny-dipping.

Perfect for : Sophisticated gatherings,porcelain tea cups,Icing,when you are in lingerie after a tryst, comfy beds with canopies and pretty much in any castle.It is THAT fancy! Ideal for people who are aristocratic and people who like to get spoiled,gold-diggers and women of means..(you know it’s a good tea when you get full of crazy notions)Also perfect for writers looking for inspiration…a muse if you will.

Last thoughts: It is perfect when you make it perfectly and I so do love it but it is a bit of a pain in the ass.You never know when the bitterness will appear and so it’s a bit of a crap shoot..when made right and the stars are aligned this is one of DT’s BEST teas but when it’s not it tastes like expensive mud.I would love to give this a 100 but I can’t justify it since making it is so finnicky that it is more usual for me to pick something else then my 100 grams of it.I’ll go as high as ethically possible.

Awkward Soul / Oolong Owl

best word evar!

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drank Fantasy Island by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes

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drank Vanilla Orchid by DAVIDsTEA
222 tasting notes

OKAY OKAY I know…MORE Vanilla..well it can’t be helped!

At first I thought Vanilla Oolong was Vanilla Orchid just with a vamped up name (they did this with chocolate orange and renamed it for Halloween and also did it to Dr.Chocolate or something similar and changed it to Spiced Carob???If you know the actual name I’d be grateful..PLEASE STOP DOING THAT DAVIDsTEA)

Off the rant path now let’s down to business.

This actually does not smell like Vanilla Oolong it smells like it’s in the same family but once removed.This smells less milky and more creamy and a little sweeter.Also the quality of the Oolong is vastly superior just by the dry smell alone it seems to have fully absorbed the vanilla and created this Vanilla Heaven..I wish I could smell like this..It is sexy but pure,Rich but attainable and smooth but not sassy.

Once steeped the Oolong takes centre stage but the vanilla is the best back-up singer not out-doing or showing off but complementing the premium Oolong..this even smells expensive( and it sooo wasn’t it was in the 2 for 5 bin I got one for myself and one for my bff Linda Irvine)

As for taste…I like this so much more then Vanilla Oolong and that drink was beautiful!I think I prefer this because it lacks the milk base but still stays creamy,sexy and smooth.It’s not quite as sweet either..more delicate and just lovely,lovely lovely!

Perfect for: late nights,people who don’t like milk bases with oolong and Vanilla but want creamy still,studying,watching marathons of a guilty pleasure show and basically any time you want to feel like you are indulging heavily without the mess or consequences.

Reminds me of: feeling rich,thick silk drapery,pretty french lacy underwear,Simone De Beauvoir,Orchids and being comfortably alone.

Last thoughts: I love this…I don’t know if I’ll buy again or not but I’m really crushing on this at the moment.I’m not an Oolong girl unfortunately so that may be the death knell of our relationship but for now it’s the most lovely tryst, affair ..passing ships in the night?If I want decadence I may just reach for this.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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