221 Tasting Notes

drank Toasted Walnut by DAVIDsTEA
221 tasting notes

I just wrote a long review and it disappeared and it was pretty brilliant isn’t that INFURIATING? EXPLETIVE EXPLETIVE etc..

Short version..which goes against every fibre in my being..

Smells: nutty,slightly fruity,warming,green tea
Taste:Deep,woody,warming,slight bitterness,very nutty..needs a straightjacket
Do I like it:I want to but I think I steeped it a tad too long ..the potential is there and there will be more experimentation!
Who would like it:once bitterness is no longer a factor anyone wanting to expand their tea horizons and start the lovely foray into Green tea this is a great start..this would also be perfect on the ski slope in a Thermos ..and on any cold cold day.
After thoughts:
I will rate this on potential and go cry about my lovely verbose and sexy review getting vaporized.


I hate it so much when that happens….

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drank Toasted Walnut by DAVIDsTEA
221 tasting notes

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drank Cocomint Cream by DAVIDsTEA
221 tasting notes

I love mint. I was kind of confused about this tea but it smells right and I hope it taste as right too.I love all the ingredients but together ..wow we will see.

I’m really hoping for a tea slam-dunk my last 2 were not that worthy of taking up permanent residence in my tea cupboard and being restocked again and again.
I need a winner.

Once steeped the mint tones down a bit and this sweet coconut is holding it’s hand.I don’t smell apple but there is a light fruity kick that piggybacks the rest.it smells minty but sexy fresh but rich.

Okay so the taste is heavy on the mint and I definitely taste the cream.
It is a combination I’ve never tried before……hmm I’m not sure what to think I’m quite confounded..I find it hard to give you a worthy review so I think I’m going to rate it but go back to the drawing board and brew more..

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Who doesn’t love vanilla? It is in almost every sweet food we love and the smell is the go to aroma for most people when choosing their own personal scent. Never have a I heard a disparaging remark about this lovely sexy thing.

Now Rooibos is not a main thing for most people I did not even register it as drinkable until my buff introduced me to it only a few years ago and I’ve been 30 years on this earth !drinking tea all that time!

Now this smells like straight up sexy sweet vanilla no real hint of rooibos until brewed and steeped. I of course overloaded my perfect DAVIDsTEA tea spoon and steeped 7 minutes for full body and flavour.I’ve never been a fan of straight rooibos the taste is not something I look forward to but this smells nice…I can tell its a rooibos but it doesn’t have that dry muddy smell it’s been liberated by the vanilla and they as ingredients complement each other nicely. The perfect couple? We shall see.

The taste is surprising in that it tastes like rooibos but for once I like it.it doesn’t feel heavy or earthy just warming and instead of being bitterness there is a sweetness at the end of every sip.there is also a floral kiss that is nice and subtle.

This tea is for you if you love rooibos and it is a great drink to start someone off with their rooibos discovering journey.I’m going to give this to my bff Linda Irvine since there is no bigger rooibos lover.I do feel conflicted about it though which surprises me even more!

I’m not going to buy more but I’ll never turn down a glass of it!

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drank Cookie Dough by DAVIDsTEA
221 tasting notes

So I have literally been dying to try this tea because when I was little I remember the texture and taste of the dough left over from my mother’s baking..I would roll it into balls and drop them on my tongue the texture and sweetness I can still remember to this day and every time I am near baking of any kind I salivate in remembrance.

Of course dry it smells nothing like dough which worries me ..smells chocolaty sweet but has no resemblance to what my memory possesses.

I did a full 7 minute steep so full flavour should be the forecast.

Once steeped it smells smells sweet and malty bright notes of sweetness fill the air and the liquor in my glass mug is honey like with sediment.As it cools the aroma becomes more and more like cookie dough imagine my nostalgic delight! Not a perfect representation but it does the job nicely.

As for taste…..so light..creamy and sweet..it is like Buttercream but with less heaviness..I think this would be a lovely iced tea..I do wish it was heavier but it is lovely.

This tea is for people who crave sweet tea but don’t want to add sweetener. It is also for people who loved Buttercream.

Not sure if I will buy more I need to experiment with making it more everything..sweeter…maltier and heavier.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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drank Sleigh Ride by DAVIDsTEA
221 tasting notes

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This tea smells like the freshest moistest dark chocolate pieces with banana hidden inside.Can’t wait to try it.It is sexy dark and silky smelling.

I’m not usually a fan of banana in my tea but the chocolate is selling me hard on it being a delightful addition.

As for taste it is chocolate banana with a astringent black tea base.
Once steeped it gets dark liquor wise and the aroma is even more beguiling.

I’m not sure I love it it seems pretty bitter ( like dark chocolate we which I’m not a fan of).

If you don’t like dark chocolate you will dislike this tea a great deal.
If you like it then you’ll love this.

205 °F / 96 °C 7 min, 30 sec

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drank All The Raj by DAVIDsTEA
221 tasting notes

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drank All The Raj by DAVIDsTEA
221 tasting notes

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drank Ceylon Star by DAVIDsTEA
221 tasting notes

First off Pretty Pretty name.OH and WHITE CHOCOLATE ARE YOU KIDDING ME….drool drool drool

Star anise has been a real star in a few DAVIDsTEA concoctions lately maybe a bit of a bromance going on.

Dry it smells chocolatey and deeply sensual with notes of cocoa and star anise
Ooohh I am dying to tie you up and spank you my dear…yes I said it my tea depravity knows no bounds.

Steeped it smells sweet and delicate with a lovely spicy kiss and chocolate whispers…oh my.

As for taste it is silky sweet and much more delicate and then I was anticipating a very light spiciness lingers on the tongue and there is definitely a nudge of licorice that stays on my taste buds long after the tea is gone.I steeped for 7 minutes and put in the recommended amount and it did not get bitter so that’s a first with DAVIDsTEA black teas..an improvement.

This tea is perfect for cold wet and dark January days and late nights in summer before a night out or after.it is gentle enough for the licorice shy and noticeable enough for licorice tea lovers like myself.I’m not in love but it has my attention and we may be sending shy glances to each other as 2013 moves on.

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

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