226 Tasting Notes

drank Sleigh Ride by DAVIDsTEA
226 tasting notes

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This tea smells like the freshest moistest dark chocolate pieces with banana hidden inside.Can’t wait to try it.It is sexy dark and silky smelling.

I’m not usually a fan of banana in my tea but the chocolate is selling me hard on it being a delightful addition.

As for taste it is chocolate banana with a astringent black tea base.
Once steeped it gets dark liquor wise and the aroma is even more beguiling.

I’m not sure I love it it seems pretty bitter ( like dark chocolate we which I’m not a fan of).

If you don’t like dark chocolate you will dislike this tea a great deal.
If you like it then you’ll love this.

205 °F / 96 °C 7 min, 30 sec

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drank All The Raj by DAVIDsTEA
226 tasting notes

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drank All The Raj by DAVIDsTEA
226 tasting notes

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drank Ceylon Star by DAVIDsTEA
226 tasting notes

First off Pretty Pretty name.OH and WHITE CHOCOLATE ARE YOU KIDDING ME….drool drool drool

Star anise has been a real star in a few DAVIDsTEA concoctions lately maybe a bit of a bromance going on.

Dry it smells chocolatey and deeply sensual with notes of cocoa and star anise
Ooohh I am dying to tie you up and spank you my dear…yes I said it my tea depravity knows no bounds.

Steeped it smells sweet and delicate with a lovely spicy kiss and chocolate whispers…oh my.

As for taste it is silky sweet and much more delicate and then I was anticipating a very light spiciness lingers on the tongue and there is definitely a nudge of licorice that stays on my taste buds long after the tea is gone.I steeped for 7 minutes and put in the recommended amount and it did not get bitter so that’s a first with DAVIDsTEA black teas..an improvement.

This tea is perfect for cold wet and dark January days and late nights in summer before a night out or after.it is gentle enough for the licorice shy and noticeable enough for licorice tea lovers like myself.I’m not in love but it has my attention and we may be sending shy glances to each other as 2013 moves on.

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

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drank Merry Cranberry by DAVIDsTEA
226 tasting notes

I have neglected my beloved steepster for far too long!
I am back and wish you all a wickedly good new year and hope you got spoiled with tea for Christmas.

I’m starting with an herbal for 2013 still from my obsessive relationship with davidstea ….oh my love may we never be parted.

Soooo merry cranberry dry smells like those dried fruit bars like healthy fruit roll ups!

I ate a dried cranberry from the tin and it was nice as cranberries usually are( better then raisins).
As per my habit with fruity teasI steeped longer and put more in ….full flavour or get off my boat…or is it bus?

Once steeped just smells like tea..smells like I may have accidentally made it bitter oh well first flop of 2013 ? We will see.

As for taste it is actually nice it has a fruity fuzzy robe on for sure but it’s the black tea that centres it.it has a nice tartness that overshadows any bitterness and I think it would work with a good icing in the summer.it is no Paradise Found but its decent in it’s own right it’s what I wished Pu’erh would taste more like less earth dirty and more rich dark tea leaves steeped in history.

I will definitely be trying it again but I am rating it nonetheless that’s how I roll.

Cheers my tea loving friends drink deep and well and never stop :-)

Boiling 7 min, 45 sec

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Bizarre combinations sometimes completely win me over I’m looking at you Strawberry Ginger and you Exotica..(2 of my absolute faves)I even like Splash!I am not a big fan of ginger but apparently it can actually be nice when balanced off other flavors.

The pouch smells kind of like a very old fruit-rollup with almost a tang of something licorice like.

Once brewed it is totally clear with a slight gold finish..the smell of strawberry is totally there and something else that I can’t place at the moment it’s also got kind of a syrupy or honey vibe.

The taste is very very light wasn’t that flavorful there’s no spice to it..I can see the potential perhaps..I will try again but put way more in then I originally did ..I always heap the perfect spoonful in and steep fully so it amazes me how weak this tastes..it’s like a very very very watered-down impression of a photograph of DT’s Exotica..It’s basically hot water with an aftertaste..

Will try again..but I’m still rating it if it improves I will do my duty..I wanted to do a “if you like this then you’ll love this” type of thing but it seems that all I can recommend is Exotica

Boiling 7 min, 15 sec

Blazing Strawberries Batman! If she likes this, then she’ll love that… reminds me of something…hum….EXOTICA!
(Very interesting…conclusive!)


Thanks :)


I add freeze-dried strawberries to my blazing strawberries to pull out the fruit taste more. I find this tea isn’t quite strong enough alone.

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EVERYONE knows that I am obsessed with DT’s various renditions of Earl Grey and other classic teas.They do SUCH a profoundly good job it would soften the hardest of hearts and make the most particular tea lover reconsider their good taste.Yes they are THAT good.

This tea smells like a lovely earl grey profile but it’s a green tea and and the orange oil and bergamot just burst with a freshness and lightness that doesn’t smell usual or predictable.It’s pretty similar in smell to the Earl of Lemon just not as citrusy and not as deep and sexy as the Cream of Earl grey.It smells just lovely.

As for taste it’s nice..not mind-blowing like other earl grey types I’ve tried but good.It’s perfect for people that want something classic like an earl grey that usually only exists in a black tea to be a green tea instead.I think this would also be the most able to take a good icing out of all the other earl greys..it’s just light enough.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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HEAVEN in a cup..

Boiling 8 min or more

There are so many great new teas to try, and even though I JUST finished my last bit of Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait, I couldn’t help but re-stock this on my recent trip to DT. It’s become a “must have” for my tea cupboard.


Sigh…. Guess this is another one I’ll have to add to my list. :P


YES ! it is a “must-have”!

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drank Gold Rush by DAVIDsTEA
226 tasting notes

It’s lovely and golden outside with the sun slivering down into the sharp chilliness of the morning and I want something sweet and sexy.

This seemed the fine choice with golden mulberries and coconut…less a tea and more a decadent dessert.It smells almost buttery.

Once brewed it smells more like tea.It smells sweetly with the edge of coconut and the slight earthy tone of the white silver needles.

As for taste it is smooth and velvety with a sweet creaminess.The aftertaste brings out the coconut and it melts like butter on my tongue.

It’s nice and light.it doesn’t wow me which surprises me with it’s sexy texture but it does leave a sourness that seems out of place .It’s nice and all but I’m not sure I’m going to finish this 50grams the idea just tires me out.Makes me sad!

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

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Tea addict.Tea Connoisseur.
Film Snob.
Voracious reader.

Oh and I want to SWAP TEA with others..I am in Burnaby right beside Lougheed mall steps from the skytrain!Send me a message, let’s do this thing!



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