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75 Tasting Notes


Wow. I am definately surprised by this one! I received it as a gift, and is not something I would have picked out myself.

My only other experience with a straight white tea was many moons ago, when Salada tea bags were the only tea I knew. I walked into an Amour des thés shop, and was sold “a wonderful white tea!” with no futher info, even though I was obviously a newbie to loose leaf and quality teas. Result? I made a cup using boiling water, added milk and sugar (that is the only way I knew how to drink tea back then) and promptly gave the rest of the $20 bag away! (Yet another way in which I fully appreciate DT…)

Back to the tea!
First impressions – The dry leaf smells like a subdued gunpowder green tea. It brews to a pale golden color with a similar aroma. I definately agree with Tina S. = these are the most beautiful tea leaves that have unfurled in my cup. So delicate and fresh!

Flavour – Definately not the mild flavour I would expect. It’s like a wonderful Osprey Gunpowder that has mellowed out and had any trace of bitterness removed. Very light yet still a lasting flavour.

Lovability – Not the tea that I would run to, nor one that I would necessarily restock. But it is definately a pleasant and surprising tea that I am happy to have tried.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 30 sec
Maxime-Daniel Friðrikson

I don’t agree that much about the note, but anyway, try steep it during 10 minutes. Anyway, your reviews are good!

Tina S.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who looked at the leaves and couldn’t believe how lovely they were! :D

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drank Santa's Secret by DAVIDsTEA
75 tasting notes

Thank goodness I stocked up on this one to last me through the rest of the winter. It’s just the perfect compliment to snowy weather. I went skating today, and the whole time I just though about how wonderful my post-winter-activity cup of Santa’s secret would be. And it just smells sooooo good…

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I was in Québec City over the holidays, and had completely forgot to bring any of my teas with me on the trip! (Imagine being tired enough to forget tea, that’s the state I was in…) Luckily enough, there’s a DT that I was able to go to the first day. I was really craving some Electric Lemon, so I asked the worker what lemon-ginger mixes they have Since they only have two options, I ended up taking a cup of this to go.

Weak. Mild. Inoffensive. Boring. I really do not like this tea.

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drank Buttercream by DAVIDsTEA
75 tasting notes

This tea has never been a favorite, but every so often I just have to drink it, and today is one of those days. It’s light, flavorful and slightly creamy, with just a subtle hint of fruit. It’s incredibly smooth, and one of the rare DT blends (like Checkmate) that forms a cohesive flavour above and beyond the individual ingredients, rather than ‘hmm this tastes like white tea with chamomile with mango!’ The whole is better than the sum of its parts…


At first sniff, I couldn’t have cared less about this tea. But now everyone seems to be getting excited about it, and I wish I had given it a shot. Now it’s too late! :(

Kay Kanada

It’s ok! It’s one of those teas that are good, but I can totally go without. You’re not missing out on anything spectacular!

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Drank this on New Year’s Eve to ease my newly started cold in the hopes of partaking in the celebrations. Unfortunately, as it was the first day of symptons, my nose wasn’t blocked and I was able to really taste this herbal. And, turns out, I don’t really like the taste. But, the intense eucalyptus/menthol smell in the hot vapors definately screams ‘Cold be gone!’

Did it actually help? Well, I was able to stay up til 2am. Whether it was a credit to the tea shall have to be determined another time, so I’ll hold off on rating. For now, Electric Lemon is still my go-to cold tea.

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One of the teas I bought myself to celebrate the end of the semester, and thought I would see how well it puts me to sleep seeing as how I need to wake early tomorrow for work.

The liquor is a beautiful (and surprising) color: steeped this in my glass infuser and was treated to a pleasant delicate pink. Smells mild and minty. Mint teas are actually growing on me, and this one is nicely balanced by the lemongrass. I don’t actually taste the camomile at all. At that end, I get a bitter note that I don’t really appreciate, but I can’t place it – possibly the valerian root?

I’ll have to try this one a couple of times to see if it actually makes me sleepy, or if I’m just beat from staying up late last night…

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

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drank Elf Help by DAVIDsTEA
75 tasting notes

OK Kay, one exam to go, you can do it!

Today’s companion tea – the wonderfully playful Elf Help. With a little dash of honey, just because. For some reason, I find it to be a tad tart today, not sure what may have gone wrong. Perhaps I should buy some of the new batch. (I’m still finishing off the huge amount I bought last year, just in case…). Yep, I’ll definately do that, so I can ‘vote’ for a tea I love, and because it seems to be the underdog this year compared to Santa’s Secret and Oh Christmas Treat.

I have a feeling my post-exam DT celebrations will be a bit pricey this year…


Good luck!

Kay Kanada

Thanks Jessie!

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drank Chocolate Rocket by DAVIDsTEA
75 tasting notes

Trying to wake up a bit to get back to work. Once again, I am pleasantly surprised by how much this tastes like a banana and nutella crepe, without being too rich. But, let’s face it, today is all about trying to get myself a maté hit.

Sits down and waits

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drank Happy Kombucha by DAVIDsTEA
75 tasting notes

Can’t believe I haven’t commented on this tea yet! Well, finishing one of my courses today allows me a bit of down-time to review this one. Especially when it was my companion at the end of that darned essay!

First impressions – Love the smell of this one. It reminds me of sunshine. That is all.

Taste – I really enjoy it. It tastes like mango-peach. It is borderline for me on the sweetness factor, but other than that I really love the taste. And the second steep is just as awesome. Plus, as you guys might be starting to figure out about me, I definately appreciate a tea that can be left to steep a long while without becoming nasty.

Loveability – Now, that’s a hard one. This was one of my favorites for a while, but it then got pushed aside come fall and the bajillion new teas DT came out with. When I pulled it out today, I was reminded of how awesome this tea is. But, it has artificial flavoring. And, because I am who I am, that bugs me. So, as much as I like this one, once I finish off what I have, I think I’ll have to pass on buying some more.

205 °F / 96 °C 7 min, 45 sec

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Age 2 – Stealing sips of orange pekoe from my Grandpa’s cup.

Age 4 – Being spoiled by my Nanny with my own cups of tea.

Age 13 – A mug of camomile from my mother to accompany a good book.

Age 17 – Strong black tea with milk and too much sugar to wake me up for school.

Age 18 – A tea (or five) a day keeps the doctor away.

Age 19 – Exploration and experimentation. With loose leaf teas at “Un amour des thés” in Montréal.

Age 22 – I embrace DavidsTeas with open arms.


Laval, Québec

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