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Sample sent with my Dammann order. The name of this is so much fun. I think ‘coquelicot’ is now my favorite word ever.

I have to admit I’m very intrigued from the description of this tea. Poppy? Biscuit (I’m assuming cookie-biscuit more than, say, dinner-style biscuit)? Marzipan? These things just don’t compute.

The smell of the dry leaf is very strong. Like, pull yourself back immediately because it’s overwhelming strong. On second (further back) sniff, I get syrupy cherry and cookie. This is really highly reviewed on here but I’m not quite sure how I feel about it so far.

Steeped at below parameters, no additives.

Brewed tea smells much the same, if less strong. A lightly floral cherry/raspberry sugar cookie. I don’t get strictly marzipan but I imagine this is because the nuttiness blends in with the cookie notes. This is just how it tastes, too… unfortunately, I don’t enjoy raspberry and that is probably why I am not overly in love with this.

The quality of the blend, like all Dammann teas, is outstanding. The tea has a great texture, the base is perfectly complimented with the flavoring. Apparently poppy tastes like raspberries in my mouth, though, so I won’t be buying more.

I will, however, try to work the word ‘coquelicot’ into conversations as much as possible…

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And, for us rubes out in the country, how to you pronounce coquelicot properly? Instinct leads me to COKE-lee-coh. Am I even close?


You are correct! I don’t know why but it’s just so much fun to say!

Terri HarpLady

And the question I’ve been meaning to ask: what does it mean?


Haha, it refers to the red poppy flower in the ingredients. I actually love it even more because it’s remarkably similar to a nickname my little brother invented for me – and I have red hair. He was quite ahead of his time, really. :)


I think “coquelicot” is also my favorite (French) word ever.

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It is mostly Dammann December up in my tasting notes, but I did actually have something different yesterday for breakfast.

I’m still trying to hold steady to my no more than 75 teas rule, which presents a problem as I have a huge Butiki order coming in, and a need for all the Dammann teas. So, cleanout time has been commenced. This is not a sipdown but I only have a cup or so left and wanted something holiday-y and rich so it fit the bill.

Served with milk, no sugar. 2 tsp. to a 10 oz. cup.

The milk always helps this get more of a pudding-y texture. It is quite fruity with some good bread notes, a hint of spice. The sips aren’t consistent, some more flavorful than others, but it did give me a cozy holiday cup to celebrate that I will be off work for 5! whole! days!

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were you able to make this work??!!! i tried a million times!


75 teas… i’ll be there someday..maybe. Goal for this year was to get to 150 and stay there…next year maybe i’ll aim for getting to 100. heh


Sounds great! The first thing that comes to mind when I get days off coming is : think about all the teas you’re gonna have!!!
(Sil, you’re dreaming! Down to 100, really??? Lol!)


haha teafairy…hey i managed to get from 350+ down to 150…


Sil, That’s a MAJOR accomplishment, don’t let me take it away from you :-)


haha not to worry tea fairy! I just think i’m finally figuring out what i like, what i love and what i’d just like to try and move on with in terms of tea. My worry now is that i’ll start collecting puerh and it’ll be 100 teas and 100 puerhs lol


@TheTeaFairy and see, you’re far kinder than i am….. i’m gearing up as we speak to send her stuff and boost that number. i’m not as nice as you.

Sil: puerhs and the de loup? lol.




haha i’m not sure i ever need to buy matcha again at the rate i’m struggling to get through what’s in my cupboard. I DOOOOO really want to place an order with MF and theodor…but i have to wait until next week when i get paid to see what my bonus is. I’ve already decided if it’s over a certain amount, i’m doing it!


so exciting! i am chock full of justifications….. but i think i’m going to have to cool my jets a bit. well, who knows, maybe i’ll get money for christmas, lol!


James you’re wrong, I can be a mean Fairy, watch your back now, lol.


muwahahahahahaha =0)

now that just makes me like you more!

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Advent calendar, day 13.

I am loving my little routine of getting up and trying new teas every morning. Such a fun little present to myself. I’m also loving all the different “Noel” blends. It brings me to their website every day, making lists for future orders. Honestly it seems as though they have enough teas to where I could make my own advent calendar for a year. I’ve never once felt inclined to visit France (despite loving the language, and wanting to see the rest of Europe), but now I know I’ll have to stop in just for the tea alone.

Steep notes: No additives, below parameters.

Black and green blends always make me nervous about steep temperature, but I’m less nervous since the Dammann teas seem incapable of bitterness no matter what you do to them. I don’t think I’m getting jasmine in the dry leaf, but I’m not good with florals. I am definitely getting pineapple, maybe mango. The tea, as usual, is not immediately discernible in the scent.

Steeped, the pineapple is 100% at the front of the taste. Surprisingly it’s the green tea that follows right behind, but I think it’s a perfect counterbalance to the sweetness. As it cools it takes on a more tropical flavoring, which I guess is the mango peeking out more. The very, very last sip was all passion fruit/guava. No floral (no biggie, not my thing anyway), and the black tea base is its typical mild, unassuming self.

I liked this – can’t say I would buy more, because green/black blends aren’t really my thing, but it was awesome for an unexpected, one teabag treat.

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Advent calendar day 12. Well for me it was, anyway. The 12th day was empty and it must have slipped down into the row below (I could feel two bags) so it is either the 12th or the 24th day. I’m waiting to post this until I know for sure because I don’t want to be the girl who spoils the surprise. :)

I could tell from the description I was going to love it. I mean, lemon is one of my favorite things. Creamy lemon with a black base? Yes, please.

The smell of the dry leaf was PERFECT. Lemon and vanilla were what I got, mostly. Like an EGC but with lemon instead of bergamot. Given how much I love those two flavors I should really have thought of buying a blend like this before now. I will have to check and see if such a thing exists from other companies.

The steeped tea smells just as heavenly as the dry – the tang of lemon and creamy notes are just still strong. And the taste- well. I have been overall very impressed with most of the Dammann Freres teas so far but this is my hands down favorite. Buttery vanilla (I guess this is what they describe as toffee) and a sweet, Meyer-esque lemon and actual detectable soft black tea base? SOLD.

I take it back, I don’t actually care if any other company makes something like this. This is the blend I want and I want a lot of it, right now. On my shopping list it goes…

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you’re probably going to hate me..

shipping is only 8euro, making it pretty inexpensive to order from them..though now that i think about it, you probably got the calendar from them..but anway, they have it haha


With all these amazing tea descriptions, my shopping list is exploding.

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Advent calendar day 11.

No additives, brewed at below parameters.

Holy wow chocolate. There was definitely orange in the dry leaf (and a nutty chocolate note there too) and that orange made it really seem vastly different from Harney’s Florence, even though they both are primarily chocolate and hazelnut.

The first sip of this was ALL chocolate. The scent was nutty and slightly citrus, but chocolate was pretty much it on taste. As with most of these teas, it’s pretty much all flavoring with no tea notes. Although, as it cools….maybe I get a hint of the tea more? OH, and orange does come out in the aftertaste.

Hmm, now there’s hazelnut first, then orange, then chocolate. WOW! This one is so fun because it literally changes with every sip! If I had gone on initial impressions I think Florence would have won hands down but this? This is a chameleon tea and I’m loving the surprise factor.

Oh, and since it is the 12th already – everyone else with the advent calendar, was your 12th day empty? It must have slipped into the column below (I could feel two bags so I pulled out the one on top) but now I’m not sure if it’s the right tea or not and I don’t want to post any spoilers if it isn’t. Sigh. Guess I’ll have to be patient and wait and see!

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It’s the correct one! It sounds nice.


Ooo! Florence fan here and this one sounds like a must try. :)


Maybe I can post a hint without posting spoilers (since I won’t be posting my review of todays until tomorrow)… the 12th’s tea was a “Noél in [insert place]” tea. Does that help?


@ Dinosara – Yes! Excellent! I did manage to get the right one then! I’ll post my note tomorrow as well. :)

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Dammann Freres advent calendar. Day… 4ish? Though I’m actually having it on the 11th of December, so whoops.

On the plus side though I have gone through the backlog and am (mostly) keeping up. This advent calendar stuff is hard when you work nights and the days change up on you mid shift.

Dry this really smelled a lot like cherry candy flavoring. Once steeped I get what resembles apple cinnamon. It’s so fun how these things change with nothing but the addition of hot water. Though there is orange in the ingredient list, I don’t get any here. Just mostly that cinnamon with apple and then a vague creaminesss that I will assume is from the vanilla.

What a cozy Christmas tea! I was worried about liking it since greens usually aren’t the first tea I reach for, but it is surprisingly full bodied and comforting – I don’t normally think of greens as a winter tea but it works here.

A refreshing break from the citrus, really. And quite good plain – I will have to keep this in mind if I do place a Dammann freres order in the future.

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Day 10 on the advent calendar.

I think this will be the first green tea of theirs I tried. Still haven’t gotten around to the Christmas tea vert from day 5-ish. I also wasn’t as careful with the water temperature as I should have been. These teas don’t seem to be too fussy about that though (maybe because they are higher quality leaf?).

Dammann loves them some orange flavoring. Fortunately I think they do it really well. This one is no exception, and may even be that much better with the vegetal green base. The spices (mostly cinnamon) are confined to the smell for me but I kind of like the duality there. It’s fun to drink something and smell something totally different (albeit complimentary).

So yes, a variation on a theme, well done, and I’m glad to have tried it.

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drank Earl Grey by Dammann Freres
829 tasting notes

Advent calendar 2013, day 9.

I love Earl Grey. LOVE it. Mostly the EGC varietals, but I have to admit this is probably the most excited I’ve been about a tea so far, since I kind of know what level of flavoring I like and have had enough other versions that I could really do a good comparison.

The results were disappointingly ‘eh’.

There is surprisingly little flavor from either the tea or the bergamot in this, despite following the recommended steep parameters. I’ve enjoyed all of Dammann’s other teas without additives but maybe that’s what is missing here? I guess I’ll give it a try….

Okay, with a bit of milk and sugar the bergamot peeks out but this is still a really lackluster tea base. It’s smooth, it’s just…barely there. I think Earls need a strong base to stand up to the bergamot.

So this one wasn’t too my taste. Still a good tea, just…I’ve had better Earl Greys for sure.

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Huh- was there hibiscus in this? I wasn’t expecting it to be pink but it starting turning as soon as the bag hit the water.

I’m having this during my lunch break with a chicken salad and it actually works really well. The lemon is what I get first and foremost and the tartness from the hibiscus is next. No real spices or actual guayusa/green tea that I can see.

I’m excited to read other tasting notes and see if I’ve even got the right blend, to be honest. I do like it and wish I had enough to try iced…

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This was day 4 of the Advent calendar, but I’m just getting around to it now.

This is mostly to do with the fact that I really, REALLY don’t do smoke and the Keemun base was scaring me a bit. I can’t smell it in the leaves, necessarily (I get a kind of chocolate/caramel smell more than anything) but knowing it’s there, and knowing the accuracy of the tasting notes/blends has me a bit uneasy.

Unfortunately this tea is exactly what it says it is. The smoky taste and smell are at the forefront and end of the sip, with a little bit of chocolate in between. This is what I envisioned the 52 teas smores tea to taste like, absent the graham cracker and marshmallow notes.

This is definitely a case of a tea not being to my taste. I hate to rate it so low but it just isn’t one I’ll even be able to finish. I’m glad it was in the calendar to try, though. And I’m glad I just had the one teabag – instant decupboarding!

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it’s so weird you find it smocky, to me it was really so mellow.Anyway not my favourite tea, too much chocolatey for me even if i’s the purpose of the blend – I cannot reproach it !

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I have come to the point (as of October 2014) where quality in tea is more important than quantity. Especially because I’m a seasonal tea drinker where hot tea is concerned, and a SLOW one to boot. I generally don’t resteep only because I’d be here all day if I did, though I do break out a gaiwan from time to time.

I adore French teas in practically every iteration, Japanese Sencha (specifically from the Uji region, as they offer the most seaweed flavor), and Dan Cong oolongs. I am trying to focus on plain teas and so companies like Verdant, Upton, and Butiki are on my favorites list.

When it comes to tea, I feel like the 10th Doctor says it best:

“Tea! That’s all I needed! Good cup of tea! Super-heated infusion of free-radicals and tannin, just the thing for healing the synapses. "


Atlanta, GA

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