796 Tasting Notes

drank Butterbeer by 52teas
796 tasting notes

Whenever I think of Butterbeer I think of the first time Harry had it – when he snuck down to the Three Broomsticks in his Invisibility cloak. I remember the way J.K. Rowling described it – the way it warmed him down to his toes on that cold night. She was so good with writing things in a way I could feel. I think that’s why I’ve never been able to do the movies – they just paled in comparison to the fully fleshed out story she gave me to play out in my head.

I say that because this particular cup, this morning (with milk and sugar as additives), really managed to capture that warmth and comforting feeling. It took me right back to the middle of book 3, and for a tea called Butterbeer there really can be no higher praise, can there?

I have the next few days off, and I’m thinking I really should do myself a favor and spend it rereading some of those books. For the umpteenth time. With plenty of tea by my side.

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New tea to try! YAY! And it was the tea of the week last week, but it actually came out on my birthday (last Wednesday) so I am just self absorbed enough to pretend it was Frank’s birthday present to me! A birthday present I paid for, but I’ll go with it, haha. :)

It was really tempting not to eat that candy corn sitting so innocently, all whole and pretty, on top of the leaf. But I was good, and for the full experience, I let it just do it’s thing and melt into the hot water as it steeped at the below parameters. I did 1.5 tsp., no additives for my first cup.

Dry leaf smell – kind of musty, kind of vanilla-y? I feel like I’ve smelled this before. Maybe it’s the caramel flavoring Frank uses? Anyway, it wasn’t bad it was just familiar and not immediately discernible as candy corn.

Taste wise it did actually evolve into candy corn as the tea cooled off. At first it was just a generic sweetness in a black tea but then I did pick up on a caramel/vanilla flavor. I will try it with additives but it was good without – I’ll have to be careful if I do add sugar because I don’t think it would take much to make this overly sweet.

Pretty yummy, though – and I love how well timed it is for October!

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Jackie T

I ordered this for my dad and he’s visiting this weekend, I hope he brings the tea because I’m dying to try it!

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Backlog from a few days ago. I am so bad about starting these reviews and then just leaving them for hours lately.

This one was good. I just added some sugar, no milk, and a little more leaf than usual because I’ve had this a while and was worried about flavor loss. Nope. I mean, there’s strawberry, anyway. And it was still pretty creamy without creamer, and zabaglione is a kind of custard so that’s where that comes from.

I’m just in a tea rut, I think. It was a good cup but since it’s not really new to me I’m not really saying anything I haven’t said before. I do think it’s aged really well, though, because it has good flavor to it and it’s probably well past the age it should!

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Iced tea season is never REALLY over for me, but the weather is changing enough that I’m wanting to reach for hot tea about as often as cold.

This is still as awesome as the first time I had it iced – it has a creaminess without needing any additives and the sherbet really pops with my typical iced tea ratio of sugar.

I have a couple of these left and I’ll be hoarding them.

BrewTEAlly Sweet

Mmmmmmmmmm making my mouth water

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And just like that, its pumpkin season.

Literally overnight the weather has cooled off and the days are shorter. Even a few days ago I wouldn’t have been reaching for a pumpkin flavored tea but it’s kind of nice to see the seasons changing.

Even if I do like summer and wasn’t quite ready to let go of it yet.

I made this with milk and got mostly the spices rather than any actual pumpkin, but I’ve had it for a while and that could be why. I think the flavor overall is a little weak but next time I’ll compensate by adding more leaf.

Anyway, it was a great introduction to fall this morning!

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

I also found that this tea lost considerable pumpkin-ness over time. Sad, really. :(

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Backlog from yesterday morning.

I made this extra strong yesterday accidentally, but it was a good accident. Probably the best cup I’ve ever had: really strong on the blueberry, creamy and desserty. I ordered an extra pouch of this with my candy corn tea (because CANDY CORN!) so that I would always have some on hand.

It’s one of my favorite teas ever.

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drank Butter Pecan by Compass Teas
796 tasting notes

Tea of this morning.

Prep notes: 1.5 tsp. leaf, 10 oz. water, milk, some sugar.

Mmm. I’m not an ice cream person but I make an exception for butter pecan. Seeing that butter pecan tea was a thing? Yes. Please.

As far as a tasting note, though, I’m not really sure I’ve got too much to say- it is absolutely dead on butter pecan, balances well with the black tea, and I finished the cup pretty fast. In general Compass Teas have been 100% on point with all of their tea blends, so if you are wanting to order from them you will definitely get the flavors they’re promising!

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Backlog from yesterday – my birthday tea!

I woke up and my stomach was really upset for some reason. This always steers me toward green teas or mint teas, and I saw this first so into the infuser it went.

I still think the directions on this are really confusing – they say 5 grams to one quart, which is what – 1/2 tsp. to a cup? Still at boiling for two minutes. I can do the boiling water and the 2 minute steep time (hesitantly!) but anything less than 1 tsp. would surely be too weak for me.

I went with the 1 tsp. and yeah, I can’t imagine doing less leaf – as it was I got a light vegetal green but I think it would have been little more than tinted water if I’d followed that recommended amount. This was very soothing and there were some roasted undertones that did give it an oolong-ish character. I had this with honey in Hawaii, but yesterday it was just plain and it was more than drinkable.

It is unlike any tea I’ve had before – I don’t know if that’s because it was grown in such a unique climate or what, but I’m going to be sad when my small sample is gone. Guess I’ll just have to move there so I get it more frequently! :)

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Happy belated bday! Hope your stomach got feeling better!




Happy happy birthday!


Happy birthday. :)


i’m such a noob…totally missed that it was your birthday! Happy belated!

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drank S'mores Chai by 52teas
796 tasting notes

Prep notes: below parameters, some milk and sugar, 8 oz. water, 1.5 tsp. leaf.

Tasted like a generic chai. Maaaybe some marshmallow but I think that’s more creaminess from the milk. No real chocolate or graham cracker notes. All the spices were there but there wasn’t anything really notable. Guess I’ll play around with this a bit more.

Boiling 5 min, 15 sec

Is this from the recent re-blend?


Yep – I’m going to let it settle a bit more and then see what happens!

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drank Turtle Cheesecake by 52teas
796 tasting notes

Am I really the first person to log this?

I got this based on how much I love cheesecake blends, and that caramel turtle blend a while back. I figured that no wrong could come of two flavors I liked separately.

Prep notes: 1.5 tsp., 8 oz. water, 2 oz. milk, some sugar, at my standard parameters for 52teas black teas.

This blend wasn’t bad – I could taste the caramel and chocolate first and foremost, with some nuttiness a bit more as an afterthought. There was sort of some cheesecake present only in the form of a background tang, even less present than the nutty flavors. There was a lot going on here and that easily overwhelmed the black tea base – I didn’t really feel like I was drinking tea during the whole cup. That really isn’t a bad thing and I should have expected it given how much this blend has going on.

Eh. My first taste of this wasn’t bad but I’ll let the flavors sit a bit to see if they become a bit more cohesive. I got all of the elements separately but if they truly combine to taste like turtle cheesecake this rating will increase for sure.

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I have come to the point (as of October 2014) where quality in tea is more important than quantity. Especially because I’m a seasonal tea drinker where hot tea is concerned, and a SLOW one to boot. I generally don’t resteep only because I’d be here all day if I did, though I do break out a gaiwan from time to time.

I adore French teas in practically every iteration, Japanese Sencha (specifically from the Uji region, as they offer the most seaweed flavor), and Dan Cong oolongs. I am trying to focus on plain teas and so companies like Verdant, Upton, and Butiki are on my favorites list.

When it comes to tea, I feel like the 10th Doctor says it best:

“Tea! That’s all I needed! Good cup of tea! Super-heated infusion of free-radicals and tannin, just the thing for healing the synapses. "


Atlanta, GA

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