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For a variety of reasons (some of which make sense and some of which don’t), the past few days have been really difficult for me. When Stacy said they were pulling this tea, my immediate reaction was to panic and horde what I have. But when deciding what to have with breakfast this morning, I realized that the only tea that could stand a chance at helping me out was this one. And it was just as lovely as it’s always been: just as full of innocence and promises and hope and comfort. I can’t tell you how distraught I am over the pulling of this tea. I even contacted naivetea, who also make a rose violet calendula oolong, but they, too, have pulled it.

Have a good day, guys. Things have to get better eventually, I tell myself.


:( I’m sorry to hear this, keychange. I hope your week improves and you are able to find a new tea to love as much as you love this one.

Sami Kelsh

I hope things mellow out and get better for you! And that Stacy changes her mind about the tea… hugs


I hope both you fine ladies are right on all counts!


OH bummer, this one is quite good. I guess not enough people go for the florals :(


And now I have to read such brilliant reviews like this knowing I can never taste this wonderful tea… it sounds divine, right up my alley. Ah, I hate when wonderful things are over. I understand completely.


I know. This tea was utter perfection. I don’t even know if stacy can ever bring it back.


Point her in the direction of the reviews! WE NEED THIS TEA! Will our bitter tears of sadness help? I’ll get a bucket.

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drank Irish Cream by Red Leaf Tea
417 tasting notes

I got this sample from sil, and was eager to try it because of the good reviews. The dry leaf smells amazing. it kind of smells as though it should be one of those Irish cream cappuccinos you can get at coffee shops, that are boldly flavoured. i wanted so much for the taste of the brew to reflect the smell, but alas it fell short. It’s funny, because the brewed aroma is still of a reasonably strong Irish cream, but it tastes very much like a generic black tea, with perhaps a hint of cream at the end of the sip. I brewed for three minutes, and wonder if I should have perhaps brewed for longer. I have enough left for another cup, and might just do that. Those of you who enjoy this tea: how have you prepared it for maximum flavour?

Bottom line: I’m open to trying it again and brewing it differently, but for now at least, I’ll just build my cart on rlt’s site with matcha only. Thanks again, sil!

Sami Kelsh

I hope you figure out the formula for getting this tea all delicious, because man, Irish cream is the business, for real.


I hope so too! it must live up to its smell!

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I am so, so happy that I have two full pouches of this. Frank, there’s just something about your banana, and that’s a scientific fact. There are other banana blends from Frank, but they all have other things that get in between me and the banana. But not this one. This one lets me have the banana all to myself. All of it. No sharing with butterscotch or cinnamon or watermelon. Just delicious, thick banana.


Ok ok I’ll stop. That was fun.

Oh, and this seems to shine at a brew time of three minutes. Any longer and the base gets in the way a little. And you know how i feel about things coming between me and the banana.


:D You’re hilarious, keychange!

I must say I haven’t had much luck with 52teas so far, they mostly leave me underwhelmed and wanting for more… of something. I should get a hold of this tea, though, perhaps I will get just as entranced by the banana.


This really is flavourful and very full of banana! mmm! I will beg and beg until Frank reblends this and then buy him out of stock.

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drank Two Friends by Custom (Butiki)
417 tasting notes

Sipdown! The second time around, this cup was even more delicious. A little less sugar, and I really felt the subtle chocolate orange taste. And omg the base tea is so malty and present and mmmm. Sorry, not feeling very articulate at the moment. But I may just want to get in when a reorder is put in on this one!


:) careful…that might just be an orange tea you like hahaha

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Decided to bust open the matcha package sent to me by Roswell Strange. Thanks so so much! You sent a ton for me to try, and I can’t wait to put together my rlt order.

I went with this one first because it seems to be a flavour associated with spring and summer, and although it feels anything unlike it outside, I’m still desperate to bring it about. This had an odd smell in the bag—not exactly chemically, but just…different. There was watermelon, but also something else. Actually, it sort of smelled as though a bottle of perfume had “turned”, and although that’s not the most appetizing description, it nonetheless stands. Not to be deterred though, I whipped it up in some milk. And the taste was definitely creamy watermelon, although like others have said it’s more of a candied watermelon than an authentic one. It tasted fine, but I found the whole thing to be a bit underwhelming. That being said, I downed the glass like it was no one’s business, and will have not a single problem either finishing off the sample or sending the last serving onto someone else who’s curious.
Bottom line: a good flavored matcha, although not my favourite.


You know, just from the name this isn’t something I would ever order, but after clicking through and reading the reviews, I might have to.


i have a beautiful vanilla sent to me by MissB that i’m waiting to get into….. now with the blender =0) heh heh! no stopping me!


James, I hear the vanilla is delish! and marzipan, I can send you the wee bit of this I have left if that’ll help you decide.


Oh, keychange, I’m waiting for summer just like you. But first we must get spring! That groundhog, I wanna wring his little neck! 6 weeks my ass.

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Oh yeah, sipdown, baby!!

And by sip down, I mean that I had a delicious cup with my breakfast this morning, and then made a cup for my future sister in law when she came over. Then she asked if I could send her home with some and I, um, gave her the rest of the tin because why not?

Grandma, I will have your pumpkin pie again come fall, but as for now, make way for the spring teas! besides, I have finally caved and am adding swap samples to my virtual cupboard now, and it’s getting a little out of control. I still haven’t added everything!

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drank Two Friends by Custom (Butiki)
417 tasting notes

I slept really well last night, but woke up with a resounding headache. Now that I’ve had my first cup of tea though, it isn’t nearly as bad. For some reason, I’d been craving the concept of this tea for the last few days, so dug this out of the suitcase of tea sil very generously sent me.

This tea is delicious. I don’t even know that I’d necessarily identify it as a chocolate orange tea, although that might be because I put in a bit too much sugar for the orange to really taste orangey, but it was still a creamy, slightly citrusy and lightly chocolate cup. I typically don’t like chocolate in tea because I find it to taste obnoxious, but that isn’t the case here. As usual, the flavouring was subtle but also creamy and delicious, and I love the thickness of the assam base. Way to go!

I have enough left for another small cup, and will be happy to polish that off. Thanks again, sil!


this one makes me happy. Three friends i can’t drink. it just always tastes bad to me :(


I threw up in my mouth the last time I had a marshmallow tea, so I’m glad to have tried this version instead!


LOL keychange

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I have no idea what happened this morning, but this is in the running for the most perfect cup of tea ever made. It was oozing, overflowing, positively dripping with caramel vanilla goodness, and had a thick, buttery quality underlying the whole composition that made me want to snap my tongue greedily against the roof of my mouth. I also steeped for only three minutes and not four, and perhaps that’s where the magic happened? I should have known better than to doubt Stacy’s steeping instructions.

A computer guru is coming to try and remedy my computer problems this morning, and you know what else I’m going to get him to do? tell me who this recent tea box is from and help me identify each tea! someone sent me a box! I’ll find out who it is soon enough, but just in case it was you, and you used frilly-edged paper for labels, identify yourself at once! :)


I hope they get your computer all fixed up.


I hope so too!


I hope your tech person gets everything sorted out, and that he/she can also identify your tea. And this tea sounds delicious!

Sami Kelsh

Oooh, everything is so exciting! That tea sounds LUSH and fixed computer and a box of tea! Wonderful times!


Yes! I feel very lucky. And hopefully a fixed computer very soon!


Yay for perfect cups!!! I get that with this tea sometimes – no idea what makes it so unbelievably good some times and ‘just’ really good other times.


That’s it! it’s always awesome, but sometimes it’s just out of this world!


Oh, I think that was me who sent you the package…

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Because I was a bit disappointed with the almond buscotti tea I’d had earlier, I decided to whip myself up some matcha milk before heading off to work. I’m getting close to a sip down on this one! It tasted delicious and buttery, although again, in the wake of the banana and cream matcha, I don’t quite know if it really stands a chance in featuring in my next order. This cup was also slightly tarnished by the fact that my magic bullet blends such that I get all this foam that settles at the bottom of the glass, and I don’t like it because it kind of has this dry mouth feel. If I blend for longer, this doesn’t make it go away, so I think I’ll just resign myself to the fact that there’ll be a bit of flavoured foam at the bottom of each glass that I shouldn’t try and sip because I won’t like it. Ah well, you can’t have it all can you?
Delicious treat. Thanks so much, Courtney!


Haha I’m glad you enjoyed the Banana & Cream so much. It is so good! I also really enjoy this one, but I agree that nothing will come close to banana matcha milk.


Haha I probably shouldn’t have tried the banana one first! Have you tried any of the other fruit flavours? I’m thinking the strawberry and cream and raspberries and cream ones might be delish.


I ordered the Strawberries & Cream, but it is still en route. I haven’t tried the Rapberries & Cream, though it’s on my list. As far as straight fruits I’ve tried watermelon, fig, green apple, coconut, and cranberry.


oh! what did you think of the watermelon and green apple? did you try them with milk? and do let me know how you like the strawberry one-I think I’ll order it if enough people with similar tastes to me like it, and it seems that so far, that’s the case.


Honestly the only fruit one that has worked so far is coconut. The others were chemically and/or just not as natural as I like. I’m extremely picky when it comes to natural tastes though. Yep, all with milk. I’ve seen plenty of good notes on them though, so don’t ixnay them altogether. :)


Hmmm, off to read notes. I’m particularly interested in green apple! and although I’m not as picky about something tasting natural, I am extremely picky about things tasting like chemicals.

aisling of tea

The green apple is amazing mixed with caramel. Nom nom nom.


mmm that does sound delicious!

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So I think I must come to the most unfortunate conclusion that green tea simply isn’t for me, at least the majority of the time. But I have yet to taste a green tea that I don’t have to force myself to finish, and sadly this was no exception.
This sample came to me from VariaTea, who very thoughtfully combed my wish list and sent me like everything on it. I had wanted to try this for a long time, because other people who also weren’t huge green tea fans were liking it. Alas, I got a hint of delicious marzipan followed by a green base that kind of drowned out any enjoyment I could get from the almond flavouring. I thought of adding some sugar to it, and might just do that with my next cup to see if I can’t tame the base a bit, but we’ll see.

Thanks again, variaTea!


I am sorry this wasn’t the exception to your green tea dislike. Also, I think your wallet might thank you for eliminating a whole type of tea because now you want be as tempted to try ALL the teas. Now, just MOST of the teas.


I’m with you on the green tea thing….always seem to taste like…well, leaves!! Lupicia has a strawberry & vanilla with macha that tolerates milk well (and tastes like cap’n crunch on a picnic) but I’ve pretty much passed on all of the green teas except the Lupicia one. I tried…..

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Well, it’s been slightly over six months since I’ve joined steepster, and I can’t say enough wonderful things about this community. Like many of you, I began my foray into the world of loose-leaf tea by discovering David’s Tea, and although I’ve ventured out and have discovered many other companies that I’m extremely fond of, there are still many of David’s teas that I hold close to my heart and I will always appreciate it as a starting point for my journey.

As for my preferences, I tend to prefer bold black tea, flavoured and unflavoured alike, and I almost always take my blacks with cream and sugar. This isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy a good, flavoured white though, and I’m slowly making my way through the incredibly confusing world of oolongs and greens. I am also not a fan of rooibos, although I am starting to suspect green rooibos may be ok, but you know how it is: when you’ve decided you detest a certain ingredient, you’ll notice it everywhere—perhaps even where it doesn’t exist!

Things other than tea: I’m engaged to be married to my best friend, and feel like the richest woman on the planet because of it. I am also a veracious reader, and I also happen to have an obsession with fragrances, and have amassed quite a collection, although it pales in comparison to some collections out there! As a result of this obsession, I also follow several fragrance blogs, and am always up for a chat about scent. I’m also almost completely blind, and this does indeed mean that I come complete with a guide dog, who unlike me, hales from the sunny California campus of Guide dogs for the Blind. I think I’ve rambled on long enough, but if there’s anything you’d like to know or if you just feel like chatting to someone, please don’t hesitate to send me a message.


Ontario, Canada

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