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2221 Tasting Notes

drank Wild Blueberry by Tealish
2221 tasting notes

Wanted something a little easier on the stomach… although if I want caffeine for the ride home, I’m going to have to finish it quickly to get something going! So thanks for the sample of this tasty-smelling one, Indigobloom!

Now, silly me forgot how much rooibos gets into my cup when I make a rooibos with my tea ball. Sigh. So there are floaters everywhere. Icky. But I guess I’ll drink around them…

Dry, the smell is definitely blueberry rooibos. Unmistakeable (well, except for rooibos of another dark berry variety. Perhaps blackberry. I digress.)

Steeped, the smell is really… odd. Tart, and not… not really in a good way. Maybe there is hibiscus in here, Indigobloom??

The flavour is definitely pretty tart, which I wasn’t really expecting, since the blueberry teas I’ve had lately have been more of the hot baked blueberry variety, not the tart fresh wild blueberry variety.

I should also note that although the water impacted this morning’s cup of Jane Austen Mafia, it’s not a factor in this one – I used filtered water out of my waterbottle this time instead of tap water. I had to gag down the last of my earlier cup because it was murky and cloudy and… yeah.

Egh, the more I drink of this, the weirder I feel about it. I don’t know if it’s the rooibos or the blueberries, or something else lurking in there, but… egh. I think I’d rather brew up some 52teas Coconut Cream Pie quickly than finish this one. So into the sink it shall go.

On the plus(?) side, it’s nowhere close to beating the nastiness of that Pina Colada tea from Saturday evening….

Boiling 8 min or more

We have a blueberry tea like this that is better by far with the addition of some vanilla powder. I think it’s just a bit too tangy some times, maybe tart is a better word. The vanilla powder makes it kind of creamy and adds the all powerful vanilla goodness.


yep definitely some hibby in this one, but I didn’t really notice it much? maybe you got a few extra stray leaves…
Try it with milk if you can, it really transformed it for me. (and a dash of sugar helped to lol)

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This seems to be one of my favourite reliable morning teas. I just love the blackberry and cream in this one, and will be sad to see it go…. which luckily won’t be for at least looks 4-5 more cups since Azzrian sent me oh so much of it!!

Unfortunately today it’s a bit off, but I’m 100% certain that’s because the water is hard here, and I didn’t steep it long enough (or the water wasn’t as hot as I thought). Pitfalls of being away from one’s home/office. It still smells amazing though :D I am in such a mood for cream and sugar right now; I would love to try it that way. It could only be spectacular.


I just love the name!

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drank Malted ChocoMaté by 52teas
2221 tasting notes

Another tasty cup this morning. Although not as tasty as I remember, probably in part because it was on the hot side, and I like it cooler – more flavour. I have decided that I want to try this with sugar, but since I’m so averse to that, I’m thinking of blending it with DavidsTea’s Chocolate Cake or some other truly sweet tea just to amp up the flavour a bit more without adding actual sugar/agave, etc. Of course, I can’t try any of this now because I’m 1.5 hours south at my research station, and all I have with me are two mugs, a teaball, 3 black teas and a blueberry rooibos (in case my stomach starts hurting).

Boiling 8 min or more

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I’m not a big fan of citrus in teas, because it’s often citrus peel that’s used as flavouring, which I dislike – I only like the juice, which has a different flavour. Anyhow, picked this up a while back to try anyways, because I’m ever-curious about new teas!

Steeped, the scent is citrusy. Citrus peel, definitely, but that’s what I saw in the dry tea, so I’m not exactly surprised. The flavour follows suit: lightly citrusy with a sencha base that comes through nicely. There’s almost a bit of creaminess as well.

If citrusy green teas are your thing, this one would definitely be one to try. Steeped as per the instructions (2 min, ~80C), it’s light and refreshing, without astringency or bitterness. My only complaint is that I’d like more green tea flavour. Common problem.

175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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The smell of this tea, steeped, reminds me a lot of “regular black tea”. I don’t know what that smell corresponds to, really, as I haven’t tried enough straight blacks to know.

The taste is a bit more complex though. I have no idea how long it was steeped (somewhere between 2-5 minutes; I swear I set the timer for four minutes but when I checked after what felt like less than four, it was already expired), but there’s no bitterness. It’s almost a touch sweet, not really malty… ok, I don’t have words to describe black teas. There’s a nice “tea” aftertaste though, which I’m enjoying (and don’t tend to taste with poor quality teas).

Ok, I’m cheating and reading other peoples’ notes. It’s definitely mild and mellow, and I can taste a hint of smokiness now that that possibility has entered my mind. Overall it’s decent for a black tea, but nothing I’d actively seek out. Right now, if I want a straight black tea, I’ll be going with Verdant’s Laoshan Black :) (But black tea appears not to be my thing, so I’d probably pick an oolong instead, haha.)

Thanks for the sample, LiberTEAS! For teas like this, it’s really nice to just have a sample size to try, so that I can at least get acquainted with different straight blacks (and yes, I know this is a blend), but not have to attempt to drink 50-100g of them.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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drank Jumpy Monkey by DAVIDsTEA
2221 tasting notes

Awake before noon? Good time to try this tea, finally!

It smells rather like a coffee, to me. Definitely reminiscent of 52teas Malted ChocoMate, but that’s not surprising given that they both contain roasted mate.

The taste is definitely much more palatable than coffee. It’s slightly sweet, with no bitterness, and almost a toasted barley sort of flavour(?) I can perhaps taste a hint of chocolate as well.

Overall, quite pleasant, and definitely doesn’t require additions for me to drink it. However, I don’t like it as much as Malted ChocoMate (whew), so once this small sample packet is finished, I think that will be it for me :) I’m also not sure if I’ll have a problem with the coffee in it, but we’ll see.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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drank Pina Colada by Fusion Teas
2221 tasting notes

I can’t believe there aren’t any tasting notes for this one!

I have to say… this one actually smells like a pina colada! Like, it smells like the drink I had tonight tasted! DELICIOUS! Sweet and pineapply and coconutty and rummy and good. Definitely most excited for this one!

Steeped, it still smells like a pina colada, but I’m getting more apple than I would like.

Ohhh why did they have to add hibiscus. sigh It’s tart, but luckily not too tart. And… it definitely tastes more like pina colada than either of the other two, but it’s still not quite right. Pina coladas are not tart, and do not contain a bunch of apple.

That all being said, this is a flavourful tisane that I won’t mind finishing off. However, the quest for a pina colada tea continues.

ETA: Ohhhh, my bad. Thanks to Fusion Tea Room for the generous sample!

ETA again: Finishing the cold cup this morning (since last night I felt pretty gross after the Adagio tea, I didn’t finish anything I brought upstairs for fear it would come back up anyhow). I feel like if the hibiscus was removed from this blend, there would actually be a fairly authentic pina colada flavour. Who cares about the colour – I’d rather a gross looking tea that tastes great than a great-looking tea that tastes gross.

Boiling 8 min or more

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drank Pina Colada Honeybush by 52teas
2221 tasting notes

:/ Not sure I should continue tasting the other two pina colada teas tonight, as I have a small fear that I’m going to be sick later. (And Azzrian, don’t worry, I tried the Adagio one of my own volition knowing it was bad, but a tea should never be this horrible.)

I had this one before and wrote a tasting note, but didn’t find it that great. Tonight, comparison-wise at least, it is fantastic. However, in terms of pina-colada flavour, I’m finding it a bit lacking. It’s a bit sweet, the honeybush base is definitely present, and I taste both pineapple and coconut, which is good, but something’s missing to make this into a low-cal replacement for a pina colada. Oh well.

Boiling 8 min or more

LOL you Pina away girl! hahaha its a pina night for you! :)


Hey Krystaleyn – this here: And Azzrian, don’t worry, I tried this of my own volition knowing it was bad, but a tea should never be this horrible.)
Is that supposed to be in the other review or this one?


I was writing the reviews sequentially and was referring to my previous one. I’ve made it a touch more clear now. I’m feeling a little queasy now, haha.


Poor thing – girl I should have tried to talk you out of it lol


It’s completely fine. I’m serious though, that I think there is something genuinely wrong with the batch that came from. There’s a difference between a tea being old or not suited to one’s preferences, even bitter/astringent. That one tasted like rotten vomit. And given that two of us feel that way…


Hopefully this tea tastes better than vomit.


Oh yes! The 52teas version is a perfectly fine honeybush; it’s just not cocktaily enough for me. The Adagio Pina Colada on the other hand…….

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drank Pina Colada by Adagio Teas
2221 tasting notes

Pina Colada night, apparently. Went out for drinks for a friend’s birthday and had a virgin one (I was driving), and came home and decided to brew up the three different versions I have to try.

First up, Adagio’s. Thanks for the sample, Azzrian. :)

Smells kind of sweet dry, but with a gross fermenting fruit sort of flavour. Makes me a gag a bit, actually. Steeped…. it smells rather like vomit. I’m sorry, but that’s truly the only way to describe it.

!@#*#()$&() This is absolutely DISGUSTING. I can’t even….

Azzrian, I completely understand why you rated this a 1. It tastes. Like vomit.

I think there is something seriously wrong with this tea. I think you/we should contact them about it, because this is the most disgustingly vile tea I have ever had the misfortune of tasting. I know i only asked for it because of curiousity as to how something could be that bad, but I didn’t imagine quite how bad it would be.

I actually gulped a bit down and am starting to feel sick to my stomach. Whether that’s simply concern over what I just ingested or what, I don’t know.

I still have some of the sample left if Adagio wants to take a look at it for themselves…. this is NOT right.

Boiling 8 min or more

the pineapple kona pop from Teavana is disgusting too


See that is the word I left out of my rating but yes VOMIT all the way. OMG it is horrid just HORRID!!!!!!!!!


OK… Vomit flavored tea just doesn’t sound good.


It was awful. I feel like they may have gotten a rotten batch of something and put it into the blend. And given my somewhat upset stomach afterward, I am definitely rather concerned.


Sounds so gross…. And I just bought some that I havent tried yet…. :S


It was awful. I think there’s something wrong with a batch, because there are positive tasting notes about this blend. I would suggest that if you open the packet and it smells rotten at all, or if you steep it and it smells gross, maybe don’t drink it. And for heaven’s sake, don’t swallow it if it tastes gross!! :)


To be honest, I have not ordered ANYTHING from Adagio since this happened. I probably won’t ever again. Something like this can really destroy a companies image – for me anyway. The fact that something like this could pass their inspection – assuming they have one – and be shipped out. Unacceptable!

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I have always been a tea fan (primarily herbals and Japanese greens/oolongs) but in the last year or so, tea has become increasingly more appealing as not only a delicious, calming drink, but as a relatively cheap, healthy reward or treat to give myself when I deserve something. I should clarify that, however; the reward is expanding my tea cupboard, not drinking tea – I place no restrictions on myself in terms of drinking anything from my cupboard as that would defeat my many goals!

My DavidsTea addiction was born in late 2011, despite having spent nearly a year intentionally avoiding their local mall location (but apparently it was just avoiding the inevitable!). I seem to have some desire to try every tea they’ve ever had, so much of my stash is from there, although I’ve recently branched out and ordered from numerous other companies.

I like to try and drink all my teas unaltered, as one of the main reasons I’m drinking tea other than for the flavour is to be healthy and increase my water intake without adding too many calories! I’ve found that the trick in this regard is to be very careful about steeping time, as most teas are quite pleasant to drink straight as long as they haven’t been oversteeped. However, I tend to be forgetful (particularly at work) when I don’t set a timer, resulting in a few horrors (The Earl’s Garden is not so pleasant after, say, 7+ minutes of steeping).

I’m currently trying to figure out which types of teas are my favourites. Herbals are no longer at the top; oolongs have thoroughly taken over that spot, with greens a reasonably close second. My preference is for straight versions of both, but I do love a good flavoured oolong (flavoured greens are really hit or miss for me). Herbals I do love iced/cold-brewed, but I drink few routinely (Mulberry Magic from DavidsTea being a notable exception). I’m learning to like straight black teas thanks to the chocolatey, malty, delicious Laoshan Black from Verdant Tea, and malty, caramelly flavoured blacks work for me, but I’m pretty picky about anything with astringency. Lately I’ve found red rooibos to be rather medicinal, which I dislike, but green rooibos and honeybush blends are tolerable. I haven’t explored pu’erh, mate, or guayasa a great deal (although I have a few options in my cupboard).

I’ve decided to institute a rating system so my ratings will be more consistent. Following the smiley/frowny faces Steepster gives us:

100: This tea is amazing and I will go out of my way to keep it in stock.

85-99: My core collection (or a tea that would be, if I was allowing myself to restock everything!) Teas I get cravings for, and drink often.

75-84: Good but not amazing; I might keep these in stock sparingly depending on current preferences.

67-74: Not bad, I’ll happily finish what I have but probably won’t ever buy it again as there’s likely something rated more highly that I prefer.

51-66: Drinkable and maybe has some aspect that I like, but not really worth picking up again.

34-50: Not for me, but I can see why others might like it. I’ll make it through the cup and maybe experiment with the rest to get rid of it.

0-33: It’s a struggle to get through the cup, if I do at all. I will not willingly consume this one again, and will attempt to get rid of the rest of the tea if I have any left.

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