2756 Tasting Notes

drank Nightcap by DAVIDsTEA
2756 tasting notes

Sipdown! This one was not very tasty last night. In fact, I dumped out the cup. Although, to be fair, it was in part because I thought I had grabbed my sample of Lime Bang from Janelle, and since it tasted nothing like lime, I didn’t want to drink it… but also, because it was gross and cardboardy. Likely a consequence of age. Also, hibiscus. So no big loss, I don’t think!

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drank White Rhino by Butiki Teas
2756 tasting notes

This tea is AMAZING. I’d seen some rave reviews about it before finally picking it up during Stacy’s Birthday Bash, but was pretty skeptical given that it’s a white tea (I usually find that they greatly lack flavour). However, it sounded interesting enough to try. So glad I did – the aroma from the bag is so incredibly sweet, light, hay-y, and the tea flavour follows accordingly. Probably the best white tea I’ve ever had, and I hope it stays in stock because I desperately want more! If you’ve never had success with a white tea before, this is one I’d strongly recommend trying as it’s wonderful.

ETA: Re-steeps are incredible too. 2 additional fantastic ones; number 3 is fairly flavourless so I’ll stop there, but I’m quite impressed. Yum.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Sipdown! Had a great mug of this last night, in my renewed quest to get rid of some opened teas. I had my roommate sniff the brewed tea to see her opinion, and she came up with “roasted corn or popcorn”, which I thought was neat. I personally get more of a toasty rice aroma/flavour. Anyhow, did a quick 10s rinse in boiling water (I left it sitting there and decided to drink it… it’s just as good as the tea) and then infused the little cake for about 2 minutes in maybe 11-12 oz. of water. Quite delicious – I haven’t had too many pu’erhs lately and it was a nice change from the string of flavoured DavidsTeas I’ve been drinking at work (because they don’t require much care). Anyhow, as this sample was pretty old, not too likely to ever get any again, but if I did run across more, I’d definitely pick some up for my mom as I think she’d love it.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec
Terri HarpLady

You’re probably the only person who still had some of this :)


I suspect that’s true about more than just this tea, too! All sorts of hidden… “gems” in my cupboard… (This one actually was. Some others, I’m not so sure about.)

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drank Pom Springs by DAVIDsTEA
2756 tasting notes

Apparently I did not notice that there was hibiscus in this blend…. Sigh. The colour betrayed its inclusion quickly, and although it isn’t sour (probably because I gave it a 2-3 minute green tea infusion), I would prefer it wasn’t included. Regardless, this is a weird blend of flavours. Definitely quite fruity, somewhat sweet (natural! Not stevia!), and no green tea flavour at all (as expected). I would like to try this iced – I think the flavours would work better as a cold drink, because this is too much like drinking hot juice. I’m undecided as to whether the flavour weirdness is because I don’t care for pomegranate, or if it’s something else, but it certainly could just be me. Will have to try iced before passing final judgment.

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Sipdown! Still not a big fan, although it probably tastes a bit better this time than last. Not too much floral, but there are definite overtones, particularly in the aroma. The main flavour is pretty light though – a bit of apple, maybe a touch of nuttiness. It seems like a great concept for a tea , but the flavours just don’t blend well and it would prefer more apple and pistachio.

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Oh, deliciousness. The flavour is pure browned butter, umami green tea, full-bodied vegetal flavour. Definitely requires a light touch – I have neither a timer nor thermometer here (nor measuring spoon, for that matter!) but I still managed a great cup. The roastiness is particularly pleasant. Hopefully I’ll get another couple infusions today – wet green tea leaves do not last!

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drank Yes We Cran by DAVIDsTEA
2756 tasting notes

Tastes like Christmas, and the hibiscus doesn’t ruin it! I wish there was a touch of pear or apple to add sweetness, but other than that the flavour is great. Tastes like my favourite apple cider spice mix. The ingredients here are a bit deceptive though, since the spices aren’t explicitly named – I’m pretty sure I taste cloves and probably ginger … Anyways, it was a pleasant surprise that despite the deep purple of hibiscus, the flavour was quite good. It’s like Christmas in July (because the temperature here right now is pretty much higher than all of July was this year!)

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drank Sweet Apple Cider by DAVIDsTEA
2756 tasting notes

Hmmmm. This one has lots of potential, but something was a bit off in the first cup I had. I absolutely loved the apple (reminiscent of Cranberry Pear, which I adore!) and the vanilla and cream flavourings made it incredibly decadent, but there was a bit of a strange aftertaste that I found rather unpleasant. I assume it’s the blackberry leaves, which is unfortunate. Perhaps a shorter infusion would help minimize that flavour, because I really enjoyed the tea otherwise, and was strongly considering picking up 50-100g just to have around.

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drank Cinnaberry by DAVIDsTEA
2756 tasting notes

Bleeeccchhhh not a fan, and I’m pretty it’s because of the hibiscus. Whyyyyyy? Cinnamon and blueberry should be delicious, not sour and gross! I don’t think the rooibos base helped, but I think the hibby ruined it. I don’t even remember how it tasted, just that it was not very good. I dumped the last of the cup.


hibiscus ruins so many things.

Cameron B.

I agree, hibiscus is evil! However it didn’t quite ruin this one for me. :P


I don’t mind hibiscus so much when it’s cold brewed, but still, companies really need to dial it back with the hibiscus in herbal/fruit blends.


Yeah – hibiscus works in only a select few teas for me. It seems fine in Yes We Cran, and Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait (but both of those teas are supposed to have a sour, biting element). Cinnaberry though? I’m expecting cinnamon-spiced blueberry pie, not sour.

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Missed this last year, but my local DT had a bunch of 25g packs in the sale section, so I grabbed one. I rather like it – sweet and clovey, very Christmassy but without nasty hibiscus which too many Christmas teas seem to contain. I left the tea steeping in the mug the entire time, and it just got better – I would like to try it with proper infusions but I doubt it’s a long-lasting tea. I’m debating picking up another pack of it before it disappears, but being so heavy, it’s a pretty expensive tea by weight…. Also, best not to develop too much of a taste for a discontinued tea!

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I have always been a tea fan (primarily herbals and Japanese greens/oolongs) but in the last year or so, tea has become increasingly more appealing as not only a delicious, calming drink, but as a relatively cheap, healthy reward or treat to give myself when I deserve something. I should clarify that, however; the reward is expanding my tea cupboard, not drinking tea – I place no restrictions on myself in terms of drinking anything from my cupboard as that would defeat my many goals!

My DavidsTea addiction was born in late 2011, despite having spent nearly a year intentionally avoiding their local mall location (but apparently it was just avoiding the inevitable!). I seem to have some desire to try every tea they’ve ever had, so much of my stash is from there, although I’ve recently branched out and ordered from numerous other companies.

I like to try and drink all my teas unaltered, as one of the main reasons I’m drinking tea other than for the flavour is to be healthy and increase my water intake without adding too many calories! I’ve found that the trick in this regard is to be very careful about steeping time, as most teas are quite pleasant to drink straight as long as they haven’t been oversteeped. However, I tend to be forgetful (particularly at work) when I don’t set a timer, resulting in a few horrors (The Earl’s Garden is not so pleasant after, say, 7+ minutes of steeping).

I’m currently trying to figure out which types of teas are my favourites. Herbals are no longer at the top; oolongs have thoroughly taken over that spot, with greens a reasonably close second. My preference is for straight versions of both, but I do love a good flavoured oolong (flavoured greens are really hit or miss for me). Herbals I do love iced/cold-brewed, but I drink few routinely (Mulberry Magic from DavidsTea being a notable exception). I’m learning to like straight black teas thanks to the chocolatey, malty, delicious Laoshan Black from Verdant Tea, and malty, caramelly flavoured blacks work for me, but I’m pretty picky about anything with astringency. Lately I’ve found red rooibos to be rather medicinal, which I dislike, but green rooibos and honeybush blends are tolerable. I haven’t explored pu’erh, mate, or guayasa a great deal (although I have a few options in my cupboard).

I’ve decided to institute a rating system so my ratings will be more consistent. Following the smiley/frowny faces Steepster gives us:

100: This tea is amazing and I will go out of my way to keep it in stock.

85-99: My core collection (or a tea that would be, if I was allowing myself to restock everything!) Teas I get cravings for, and drink often.

75-84: Good but not amazing; I might keep these in stock sparingly depending on current preferences.

67-74: Not bad, I’ll happily finish what I have but probably won’t ever buy it again as there’s likely something rated more highly that I prefer.

51-66: Drinkable and maybe has some aspect that I like, but not really worth picking up again.

34-50: Not for me, but I can see why others might like it. I’ll make it through the cup and maybe experiment with the rest to get rid of it.

0-33: It’s a struggle to get through the cup, if I do at all. I will not willingly consume this one again, and will attempt to get rid of the rest of the tea if I have any left.

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