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1160 Tasting Notes

My first note in the new format. I like it but I would move the company description above the community comments – but that is a little thing.

This one is archived on Verdant’s site . So this is like reviewing an extinct species. This did not evoke images of dragonwell tea other than the flat leaf appearance. It was slightly bitter but very easy to sip. It reminded me more of Tai Ping Hou Kui. Beyond that comparison, I also thought it was a bit bean like and nutty.

I also noticed it disappeared really fast. There must be a hole in my cup. lol

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 15 sec
Terri HarpLady

haha, teas have a tendency to do that in my cup too!

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Well this was a surprise. I don’t drink many teas from India. They are often bitter, harsh, and burn in my stomach like crazy. This one though… the wet leaf smells incredible. The orange-red brew is very smooth, and not in the least bitter. Yes it is somewhat drying but not harsh. I steeped it for 3 1/2 minutes – I imagine had I gone 2-2 1/2 a lot of that dryness could be reduced. I found myself really enjoying this bold malty cup and a single cup did not cause stomach burn.


Dang. I was waffling on putting this in the cart along with the yunnan last night. Next time, i guess.


i’m totally thinking about picking up this in the 3 pack + the horse..’cause i ned more tea..NOT!

Terri HarpLady

I’ve got plenty of the others, so just getting a tin of the Horse. Which is spurring me onward to place an order with the devotea… I have money burning a hole in my playpal account, thanks to recent CD sales!


i’m trying hard not to look at the devotea yet… sigh

Terri HarpLady

I’m sending you samples of everything I got…


i know.. it’s what’s keeping me from ordering any time soon haha. must try first. it’s also what’s keeping me from placing and order with A&D unless it looks like the horse is going to disappear… i’ll be mad if i don’t get that

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I have never seen braided tea before. This is cool even if just for the weirdness factor. The fact that it tastes very nice is also a huge bonus. I used 3 braids for 10 oz. Very clean and crisp. To me there is a light metallic (but pleasant) taste. The other reviewers saw this as citrus. Maybe that is because they used a gaiwan. Slightly creamy. Slightly slick. My favorite part is how it rumbles in my belly. Possibly the best rumbler I have had. Probably because it is attacking the bologna sandwich I had a while ago.

This is very drinkable. It has no bitterness, no barnyard, and no fishiness. This is currently listed for $8.99/50g or $10.99/100g with free shipping. If you even sort of like sheng, this is worth a try even if just for the weirdness factor.

One year ago today I walked out of the workplace for the last time with tools in hand after being downsized. 3 friends also were laid off. One decided to just retire. The other two now have better jobs in the industry working for other companies. I have only occasional residual anger and hurt. As it turns out they did me a huge favor. This year I had to face though my mind is still fairly sharp, physically I can no longer keep up with an 8 hour or longer day. Being disabled is not fun and you often face judgment from healthy people who don’t understand. I’ll gladly go to work in any one’s place on Monday if they trade me bodies for the day. They just think they are glad to see 4:00 now. Anyway thank you Steepsterites for allowing me to vent on occasion so my wife doesn’t have to listen to it.


That tea does sound interesting!
And, you can vent anytime! :-)


Like Pooh Bear, we get rumbly in our tumbly! Maybe the puerh was actually HAVING a rumble with that bologna sandwich. I can see it now, each one tossing a switchblade back and forth…


In the 100 acre woods all things are possible!


Time and perspective do smooth out the rough edges eventually. Hope yours are all sanded down real soon.

Separately, rolled and coiled and braided teas are absolutely fascinating—-wouldn’t it be fun to watch the preparation process?


There used to be a YouTube video of dragon pearls being rolled. It is a miracle we don’t pay more when you see them hand rolling the pearls individually,

Terri HarpLady

K, you can unload with us any time. :)

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drank Laoshan Bilochun Green by Verdant Tea
1160 tasting notes

As noted by Terri this version does not look like the picture. It is flat rolled into long dark brittle twists. This tea does some funky stuff. First off, I don’t know why one steeps still boggle my mind but they do. Starts out crisp with a bite and a tingle to the cheeks and sides of the tongue. It is creamy and salty but not buttery when hot. It reminds me of pea pods in taste. As it cools and I continue to steep this becomes incredibly sweet. It also begins to feel like melted butter with out the greasy feel. It really is incredibly good. Thanks Terri.

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This morning it is warmer outside than it has been in forever (a whopping 20 F!), so why can’t I get warm? So what do I do? I reach in the fridge and grab a cold brew. No not that kind, the tea kind. I poured it into my Tupperware glass because I’m a bearded redneck. It turned out well. I don’t notice a lot of difference other than it is cold. My personal sweet spot is just above room temperature with most teas. This is no exception. Call me crazy.

While I’m waiting for this to warm up a little – I mentioned playing guitar with a group of friends who put on a concert at our church Sunday. They put up a video on Youtube of a song they wrote the week of the concert. The audio and a few clips are from our church. I am not playing with them :( but it is an awesome slide blues song. Thought you might enjoy it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgjpRETiIv8&feature=youtu.be


Ooh, we could use us some o’dat come Sunday! (I have this crazy hankerin’ for musicians that actually play instruments, not background tracks!)

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I cold brewed this all day in the fridge as others said they liked it that way. In my opinion the flavors meld together more making the sip less complex. I enjoyed this much more hot. This is my first cold brew attempt but I think I got it right. Just like it brewed better. Now I know, and now I have the skills to cold brew puerh.


this blend is really lovely to see


Yay for new skills!

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Digging through my tea drawers (plural – sad in a super happy sort of way) and what’s this!? How can I possibly still have some of this beauty? Oh WOW! It looks like I still have enough for two sessions of many cups of glorious grapey jasmine awesomeness! I love happy surprises – especially when I give them to myself all unexpected like. OK, really Teavivre made this moment happen. I know that but right now I’m not telling me. My day is complete. Party on Garth. Party on Wayne.


Party on!!! These are delicious!

BrewTEAlly Sweet

This is the one I added to my bf order on accident instead of peach jasmine pearls! Hmmm I must try seeing as I have a WHOLE lot if it!!!

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The reviews on this are kind of all over the place. I thought it was pretty good. I love peppermint in tea blends. I love white tea – though admittedly I normally enjoy them more without additives to better enjoy the subtle flavors. I am learning to appreciate rose when it is handled masterfully. This tea hits hard with initial blast of mint that turns rose quickly. I do taste white tea late in the sip and under the cooling minty aftertaste.


Rose and mint sound like a nice combo—-mint slapping down the rose so it doesn’t smell like my grandmothers boudoir.


See, you get it.

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drank Russian Caravan by The Tea Spot
1160 tasting notes

Terri warned me some of the teas she sent me, in our totally lopsided in my favor swap, were double bagged. I separated them from the box to protect the innocent. Every time I walk into the room at least one of those double bagged boogers whispers my name. I think it is this one. I love terri’s labels. She tells you how many cups worth are in the bag and how many steeps each will go.

Anyway, so this one – not that long ago it would have made me scream like a little girl and head for cover. Smoky LS and puerh in the same tea! Now I am inhaling this and thinking, Wow that’s awesome! In this first cup I am not able to separate the four different teas. The smoke is highly complex. The mixed base underneath is rich, thick, and almost creamy feeling. As it cools I am detecting the assam in the aftertaste.

If you are a LS fan this is really an excellent blend. Can’t wait to see how later cups develop.

I haven’t been rating teas lately but I am going to rate this since the only numbered review was negative

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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Just got home from town. I got a tiny microwave for the den. Now I need to start figuring out what needs to leave the room for more space… but not today. I still have blues slide guitar riffs rumbling through my head from yesterday’s concert at church. It was awesome. Ready to relax. I want tea but haven’t much ambition. This puerh is a simple nice enough for what it is tea. I used a Finum and a 5 oz cup. 20 second steeps. Just a basic good cup for a lazy afternoon.

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