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1160 Tasting Notes

I cannot use Verdant’s steeping method. I tried but I just can’t drink tea when it is that hot. So I had maybe a 30 second steep before realizing I had to pour into a drinking vessel. Even with botched methodology and a pretty short steep, this turned out very nice. This is an excellent version of the type. Clean, crisp, fresh and green. The aftertaste is sweet. I am on my first cup but expect to enjoy several more.

175 °F / 79 °C 0 min, 30 sec
Terri HarpLady

I’m so glad you’re enjoying these teas! :)


I’m so glad you shared them! I had three 12oz mugs out of this before I ran out of time.


I’m so glad you shared them! I had three 12oz mugs out of this before I ran out of time.

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drank English Breakfast by Twinings
1160 tasting notes

Tea of the morning. From a bag. I’m OK with that. I had more pressing matters.

This morning at 6:15 AM the unmanned Mun Rescue II vehicle was launched in an effort to rescue the crew of the Alice K (to the moon Alice) who have been stranded on the moon since losing fuel. Thanks to warp technology, within minutes the unmmanned lander sat down within 3 meters of the crippled ship. The stranded crew EVA’d into the lander and proceeded its return to the Kerbal Space Center. Everything was going textbook perfect when the chutes deployed 500 meters above the landing sight. Then tragedy struck as the chute and remote unit were ripped from the top of the crew cab. The crew were blown to bits and bytes (thanks TeaExplorer for the pun). Our engineers are looking into strengthening the connection for future missions.

On the bright side the tea was brisk and went exceptionally well with the honey multi-grained bagel with cream cheese schmear.


I like this one too when I want something just plain & good. Great compliment to breakfast!

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I needed this simple green tea to keep me steady and calm my nerves. For those who have been following the saga of the Mun stranded Kerbals – great news! I designed a remote control ship and land within inches of one of my two stranded vessels. The three trapped aboard the ship did an EVA into the new ship and as we speak the ship is returning to Kerbin. If the chute deploys and we don’t disintegrate on reentry – both real possibilities, Jebediah and crew will once again be flying misions. If all goes well tomorrow I rescue the other stranded crew.


Huzzah to the Kerbals!


Bill Kerbal thanks you. :)


Our hearts go out to the other stranded crew. Hopefully they won’t get blown to bits (and bytes). Of course they knew the risks when they joined the KSP :-P

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drank Lady Devotea by The Devotea
1160 tasting notes

Not having the original packaging, I wasn’t sure how to steep this as it has both white and black teas in it. A quick web search and off we go with boiling water and a 3 minute steep. My quick search led me to Lord Devotea’s blog. If you aren’t already reading it, you should. A lot of wit and occasional insight :D So anyway, I learned they grow their own oranges and lavender. Back to this tea. The aroma is much as expected from the list of ingredients but on lighter side. The taste made me reread the ingredients. My first thought was light cinnamon and light pepperiness. That is what my brain translated from my first big swig. Going back and sipping slowly I first encounter natural bergamot morphing quickly into orange. Late in the sip it changes to light lavender. I mention light because I find lavender to usually be overwhelming. It fits very nicely here. The more the cup cools the more I taste the base especially in the aftertaste. This truly is well balanced and quite different from anything I have had before. There is enough depth for those who want it and there is simple relaxation for those who need it. I did add sweetener because that is how I roll.

Terri HarpLady

I love lavender in my garden, my bath, my pillow, but generally not in food or tea. My experiment with Herbs de Province yielded a meal that was almost unpalatable for me. Likewise with most uses in tea, however, this one was not undrinkable, & I’ve grown to enjoy orange more. I agree that the bergamot & lavender were light enough to get by. Of course, in my case I don’t think I actually drank a cup of it. I made a cup for Tony, who loves such things, & took a few sips. He really enjoyed this one, as I recall. And like you, K, he rolls with a little sugar (german rock or honey)

Robert Godden

Lovely! And thanks for the bit about the blog. I’m about to do seven posts in seven days from Thursday. All of them very silly!


Robert Godden as much as I enjoy your humor, I also must applaud you on the serious East Indies piece. The history of tea interests me – even the dark side that people often don’t want to think about.

Robert Godden

Thank you, K. S. I agree with you 100%. We need to be aware.

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drank Eight Treasures Yabao by Verdant Tea
1160 tasting notes

What the heck is Yabao? I had to look it up. First impression of the wet leaf smell was cat pee. It is probably really more of a kiwi smell. This has nowhere to go but up! The first sip was rose and a spicy almost metallic note. I added sweetener (sorry, I know it is Verdant) Now it is jasmine and honeysuckle with a hint of vanilla. I taste marigold very quickly at the beginning of each sip. I glanced through others notes and see this is well loved. I am not drawn to it. I would drink it if offered. I bet it would be great iced while rocking on a front porch swing.


Yay, cat pee! Kinda like Sauvignon blanc.


Cat pee tea, sounds delicious.


More amusing is it didn’t stop me from trying it. Once you have sipped cheap puer anything is possible.


LOL you guys. :-)


My rule has always been to try a sip of every tea plain and then sweeten it to check that transformation (because so many people sweeten tea) then add cream (not to oolong or some greens and whites). Yabao is a unique flavor. Seems that you either strongly love it or hate it. I love it. It’s a bit finicky with sweetening sometimes. I prefer real sugar or honey…because my usual splenda seems to sour the yabao.


Bonnie I have a plain yabao from Terri that I am anxious to try. From this potpourri mix I am really still not sure what the yabao tastes like. It is buds prepared like white tea but some consider it a puer. I like both of those. I agree I try to taste it first au natural then do my thing to see the change. I think with this one about half what I normally use would have been the correct happy medium. It was a little too sweet my way and the rose was only in the aftertaste.

Terri HarpLady

It’s interesting to drink a cup of this once in awhile, & same with the plain yabao. Neither one is really all that appealing to me, just a nice occasional contrast from my usual choices. I’ve never tried either one sweetened.


Maybe it is like Kopi Luwak coffee, but the tea version. Ha ha :P


I may have to go buy me a kiwi now and hold it up to the litter box…


…for scientific purposes, of course.


You’ll need some eight treasures yabao as the control. Can’t wait for your report :)

Terri HarpLady

GG, I still have some left. Want me to send you a sample? :)

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This is my first Verdant tea ever. I feel there is so much pressure associated with it – like a movie everyone is crazy about – that it makes me uncomfortable. It can’t possibly live up to the hype.

I used my press and 175 F water being careful not to pour the water directly over the crinkly leaf. I wish I had added the leaf after the water for more of a dance. The wet leaf has a very strong aroma of artichoke/stew beef. The liquor is very clear and yellow.

The first cup is really creamy and tastes like Cheerios. There is a bite late in the sip that reminds me of Dragonwell. The aftertaste is really sweet and lingers. As nice as this already tastes, I was intrigued even more by the cup as it cooled. It takes on notes of creamed corn.

Cups two and three lose the creamy oats and replace it with a more green (not grassy) cup with a light but good metallic bitterness. That doesn’t sound tasty but it is. The aftertaste remains very sweet.

A very good tea indeed!


See, you survived. I’m their black tea fan but have some of everything.

Terri HarpLady

Yay!!! I’m so glad you liked it! Can’t wait to hear your reviews of the other teas!


That’s how I felt as well!


Terri I did the Devotea earl grey yesterday if you missed it. Pressure is off now, I’m ready to dig in!


Like your description of Cheerios. :)

Terri HarpLady

I’m way behind on my reading of reviews here! But I’ll be sure & check that review out!

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drank Special Earl Grey by The Devotea
1160 tasting notes

First off, thank you Terri Harplady for swapping with me. It is my suspicion Ms Theresa was out of the room while little Terri stuffed the box. My lands Terri you doubled the number of teas I have. I won’t tell Ms Theresa if you don’t.

I started sorting the box to decide which teas to drink first. My plan was to begin the assault with green teas as I think they age quickest. But then, I spotted an Earl Grey and all reason went out the window. Must drink Earl Grey.

This is a nice one. The level of bergamot is about the same intensity as Twinings but since this uses actual oil of bergamot it is far more complex and less biting. The base tea is extremely smooth when hot. As it cools it picks up some briskness and a little drying. A satisfying cup for Earl Grey enthusiasts and Star Ship Captains everywhere.

Earl Grey hot. Make it so Number One. Engage. Sorry, I’ll stop now. Live long and prosper.


“Make it so Number One. Engage.” <3


Ooooo, sounds like an exciting box! Enjoy!


Don’t you love ooh-look-what’s-in-the-mail days? Wrong series, I know, but you’ve got me craving Deep Space Nine. I have a thing for Odo.


Yes, love good mail days! I used to watch DS9 all the time. Quark amused me. I thought DS9 was far better than TNG. I liked Picard but in general I thought TNG tried to hard to be bigger and better.

Terri HarpLady

Yay! So glad you like this one!
I was a fan of ALL the star trek shows!


Tribbles crossover and (hubby’s favorite) Vic in the holosuite—what’s not to like?


When TNG did the simple relationship shows I enjoyed them – one of my favorites being when Picard returned to earth to visit his brother on his orchard. They were living the simple life free of technology but they still used all kinds of gadgets we can only imagine.

Robert Godden

As enjoyable as this discussion is – I’m an original cast Star Trek fan myself – on behalf of the Devotea, can we engage warp speed to the next tasting note? We can’t wait to hear what you think!


Scotty we need warp drive online now. Captain, I’m giving it all she’s got.

I have some Lady Grey that will be coming up soon.

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drank Mint Medley by Bigelow
1160 tasting notes

I have no idea how old this is but I suspect several years. It was given to me. Steeped in a small cup to see if it survived. At first I thought it was too far gone but as it cooled the peppermint came through nicely. Really not getting the spearmint but I prefer it that way. The rosehips and hibiscus give the cup color and only the slightest touch of tart. It would be interesting to know how this tastes fresh. I probably would not buy a box but will definitely finish this one.


I have had this tea last year in fact. It is a minty tea but not overly minted and I would not have a full box of it; mine was part of their assorted tea packs.
I am not reviewing of teas these days. Not much doing with tea. There will be no book by me on tea. No need since I am simply not good enough. I continue to be bothered by things. I feel bullied but it is imagined since a 13 years old and their mother would not do this. At times tea land feels a little like ‘Hitler land’ and I mean no disrespect to those who suffered.
I received this book: And the Pursuit of Happiness by Maira Kalman and I have gotten emails notice several time with new Steepster folks who can be asked anything and will have answer. Their company is in Pursuit of Tea; Anna and Sebastian. I wish them well. It was this email that prompted me to visit here now.
My illness is the way that I connect things together when others see not a connection or specifically so what if seeming familiar.

I gave up a lot and it has been all for nothing. No one asked that I give up lots. The tea book was all my idea as I am unemployed and keeping busy. I have allowed others to get the better of me or to top me since this is the personality that I am surrounded with. I cannot do this. I keep a blog as this does not sustain me either. I a joke; ridicule daily by folks around me. This is wrong.
I played at writing and failed but why have seeming actors with names similar to stories around me and yet not. They are employed and I am not.
I am not saying anything as usual. Happy New Year; for me it is same old in 2014.
I exist on Ramen Noodles and I’ve only realized that I am having chicken not shrimp; took this long to notice the change since I don’t read.
I trust that I have lost everyone.


seule771: Thank you for sharing yourself with us, here.

I myself only work part-time, and as such must live a very simple life.

Tea one of many low-cost ways to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, is it not?


seule771—do stay connected with us here. I have always enjoyed your very thoughtful reviews!

As to this tea—good ol’ Bigelow just doesn’t put out anything that’s not a good pantry staple. Their Plantation Mint is the caffeinated counterpart to this one and is nicely balanced, too.


Seule771 – I do apologize I missed your comment here. I have followed your reviews for a long time and have always been intrigued by the brands you find. I have not heard of most of them. Do keep bringing them to us.

SimpliciTEA – hey I haven’t seen a comment for a very long time either. I have also missed your reviews.

Gmathis – I agree, Bigelow has always been one I feel comfortable bringing home.


hehe I forget to log and when I do, you definitely don’t get anything more complicated from me than a simple yum or yuck. I leave the detailed reviews to those who speak tastebuds or tongue. I can’t do either. I can speak dog fluently and a little cat though. You should always post what you feel/think/taste or whatever comes to mind when drinking tea. I do the same thing on goodreads I can tell you when I like a book or not but I can’t do the full reviews some people do. I mostly like reading other people’s posts and try to keep track of my teas and how much I’m drinking :D

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drank Bohea by Zenjala Tea Company
1160 tasting notes

I can’t believe how long I have managed to nurse this ounce of tea along. I even sent a small sample out once long ago. I still have enough for one more round. I originally got this because it is historically considered the tea thrown overboard in the Boston harbor. Then I learned Bohea is a mistranslation of Wuyi. I think of Wuyi as a dark roasted oolong which this is not. Then I learned that Wuyi is an area in the Fujian province. Fujian black tea is one of my favorite teas, so this makes some sense. The description says this is the original lapsang. It is lighter in smoke than modern LS. It is obvious but not in the scary way. It is very sweet. The base comes through strong with honey and caramel notes of a solid Fujian. I now remember why I am so protective of this – it is wonderfully delicious.


… aaaand on to my shopping list it goes.

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