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OK, Thursday is the anniversary of the day my wife and I met. It was a Halloween party thrown by my entire dorm floor. So in all honesty it was a kegger on one end and hairy buffalo on the other. A friend of mine stopped by after visiting his sister on campus. Seeing there was a party going on he called his sister and invited her over. She brought her roommate. As soon as I met the roommate I knew I was going to marry her. True story.

Actually that was not the end of the night. The keg ran dry right after the girls arrived so we jumped in my friends car and drove an hour to his town to go hear a local band play. Above the band was a cardboard jack-o-lantern decoration. Unintentionally the bands lights hit it and made it flash. 33 years later we still have a soft spot for flashing pumpkins.

What does that have to do with this drink? Nothing except we did our shopping today so we can enjoy our Thursday. Pretty sure it will not involve kegs or staying out long past dark. Though an hour drive is not out of the question. This is probably my last frap until spring unless we get some unseasonably warm weather.


You will just have to switch to the latte for winter.


D’aw! Sweet story! Enjoy your Thursday to the fullest!


Happy Halloween and might I ask: is there a Halloween Tea? I may have missed this.


seule771, I don’t have any specific Halloween teas. I’ve read other’s reviews of 52Teas Candy Corn. For me a pumpkin spice tea is about as close as I go.


Didn’t 52Teas also do a Graveyard Mist?

Glad for the two of you that there’s a whole holiday full of lovey reminders :) For similar reasons, I get misty any time I hear somebody say “Howdy.”


52teas had “The Witching Hour” (sold out), but now there’s also http://www.52teas.com/witches-brew-chai/

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Finally, the furnace repairman made it to my house. It only took a week. He said he is absolutely swamped. A burned out relay replacement later and I now have full heat again. So Yeah heat! Celebrating with Silver Needle and going to get a piece of pumpkin pie. They probably don’t go together but I don’t care ’cause I have heat.

This tea is a over a year old and it is still so light and fresh tasting.


+1 for heat!


Yay heat!


Here’s to toasty toes.


And just in time for winter! It got really cold all of sudden this past week.


Thanks all. The sudden cold is why it took a week to get to me – every one turned on their furnace for the first time.

Toasty toes – sounds good but it made me laugh. One day my wife was putting together the grocery list and she asked me if I needed anything. I told her Tostitos. She heard toasty toes. Still makes me chuckle.


Happy to Heat. And there is a film version with same name: HEAT or such. Warmth is absolutely necessary in times like this.’;)

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drank Creamy Earl Grey by Zenjala Tea Company
1161 tasting notes

Strange, I don’t even remember having this one! I last steeped it about 5 months ago. Opening the tin releases bergamot and vanilla – there is no doubt this is creamy Earl Grey. Sipping is a much quieter experience. My notes show I earlier interpreted this as medium bergamot flavored and also as light. The vanilla I have noted from light, to I can’t taste it. I am not sure why the confusion. Both the bergamot and vanilla are easily detectable, very flavorful, and medium/light :) The base is not lost. This is a really nice tea. I just find it strange that it never left an impression. It deserves better. I must have been in my Earl Grey must eat your face off mode at the time.

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I love LiberTEAS note on this one. As she said this one has chocolate and chocolate makes me happy. A very nice flavored white tea. I prepared it in my Finum basket as it is less work cleaning chocolate out of than the screen in my press.

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I have now had my one official pumpkin spice tea for the year. Sure smells like spicy pumpkin pie – it doesn’t translate as well to the taste. It is more like pumpkin spice chai. It’s good (and sweet) but the pumpkin gets lost. Maybe if it had Cool Whip on top? :) I can taste the black tea, which for a bagged flavored tea is pretty noteworthy.


I will try and look for this one.

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I am digging through older samples to see if there are any easy sipdowns. There is still enough for another cup after today. I’ve had it about a year. I steeped it close to 5 minutes today – because I was busy. This is the first time I have tasted the Ceylon. The base is smooth with no rough edges or bitterness. Since I am pretty immune to astringent tea – I have no idea. It seems only mildly drying to me. I am thinking that may be more my reaction to the long steeped slightly tart hibiscus than the Ceylon. The lavender is light and kind of pleasant (gmathis – I may be almost brave enough to add some lavender to a cup before long). The lemon myrtle, orange peel and other stuff are providing a strange peppery pumpkin like spice flavor to the cup. Flavored teas like this aren’t really my thing but it is a pleasant distraction. The brew is a beautiful deep red/orange.

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I glanced through the reviews before trying this – I try not to do it but I did this time. Anyway, so I have to admit after doing so, I was a little disappointed when I first tasted this. I wasn’t getting much flavor. But wait! After the cup cooled down this became buttery tasting and creamy feeling. Then it lit up with floral oolong goodness. I tend to like my tea on the cool side anyway and this one was a very good example. Yum.

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drank Golden Monkey Black Tea by Teavivre
1161 tasting notes

cocoa malt honey black tea perfection in a steaming mug.


Mia 2 weeks in a row?


Stayed home waiting on the furnace repairman – for the third day in a row – they never showed. I called the second day. They said they were swamped due to the cold snap and thought they would make it that day. I have heat it just isn’t keeping up and not shutting off. Not complaining to loudly, others have no heat.


Oh I hope you get it running like it is supposed to. We are having a winter blast also. 28f this morning and some areas had the first snow storm yesterday.


You might be mildly obsessed with that tea!


SFTGFOPEIEIO – mildly? ;) I can imagine wars fought over this tea. I wouldn’t start them, but I would have no problem ending them. ha. It’s that good.

mrmopar – they still haven’t showed. Snow north of here yesterday and mid 20’s this morning. I am maintaining 68F so I’ll survive – until the electric bill comes 0.0


Just got an email with 25% discount on Golden Monkey from Golden Moon Tea. Promo code: monkey. I have never tried their GM but have been considering it…


Nicole – Ashmanra says the Harney & Sons version is very good as well.

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drank Green Tea with Earl Grey by Ahmad Tea
1161 tasting notes

Needed a little simple no fuss comfort before driving to class on a cold dreary overcast day. Is it spring yet? I didn’t think so. At least I have my bergamot to keep me warm.

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drank Marie-Antoinette by Nina's Paris
1161 tasting notes

Between Nina’s and Ashmanra I am learning to be in touch with my more sensitive side. A few years ago I would have smelled the cup and said ain’t no way! Now, well, this is really nice. Rose, apples, and black tea. Not in my wildest dreams, but it works and it is good.

To feel a bit more manly while sipping I am trying to teach myself the bass part to Ain’t No Grave by Russ Taff (off Under Their Influence). It leans towards Zeppelin in places. We are thinking about doing a version of this in church. The ladies agreed to do this if we did a Gaither song with them but they want to tone in down a few notches. We have a drummer that plays professionally in a rock band. We have two metal head guitarists, and me (a punker and the least trained of the bunch). I think the odds of it toning down are pretty slim. Except, I am just not hearing it. Best I can tell it revolves around three chords. I am just not hearing the changes. One of the guys who will be playing guitar is normally our bass player. I guess I’ll have to have him give me a crash course so I don’t cause a train wreck at 100 decibels.


Lol! So glad you are enjoying it! Real men drink tea, but keep on thumping that bass. My husband always has looked hot playing bass, and throwing a teacup into that image would only make him more gorgeous! :)


Find the photo of Ozzy and Slash sipping tea together, maybe it will inspire him. Not that I would know, but I am pretty sure your husband has to be hotter than either of them.

Another bass story – when I get tired trying to learn this song for church I have been thumping bass along with Geezer on Black Sabbath’s Mob Rules (don’t over think it). After the CD shut off, I asked my wife in the living room if I was too loud in the Den. My son yells down the stairs, “YES!” Weird, my dad always said the same thing. In fact he shut the power off to my room one day.


Sorry about the Gaither thing…us little ol’ church ladies think Guy Penrod is just flat hunky.


Gmathis it amuses me that I have no idea what a Guy Penrod is. :) The song is a typical 3 chord bouncy Southern Gospel. It does nothing for me personally but then it’s not about me. I’ll have fun no matter what we play.


You need to sit yourself down in front of a Gaither concert, musical preferences notwithstanding. One of the Gaither Vocal Band, shoulder length gray hair and a scrizzly beard and a honey-smooth baritone/tenor that I’m sure has made even Episcopals raise their hands in church ;)


Oh, I’ve saw him in the background on the Russ Taff video. I’ll try to Youtube him. Can’t let those partying Episcopals get one up on me.

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