1571 Tasting Notes

Cannon Ball! Love the name. Some of the balls are monstrous (I wanted to spell it monsterous but spellcheck said that is not a word – should be). Some of the balls are only the size of average oolong nuggets. The dry scent I got I have not seen in any other review. It was bread and honey, kind of malt with sweet hay. Thought maybe I didn’t get the press thoroughly clean but the pouch had the same awesomeness.

The first cup was crisp, vegetal, and savory. Dryness builds as the cup cools. It had a bite that was the good bitter. The aftertaste had a citrus note that to me wasn’t obvious at first.

The second cup I used less water – 8 oz with the same leaf (the first was a 10 oz mug using 7 balls). The scent is highly lemony. I did not notice the dryness, but because of the amount of leaf and the 2 1/2 minute steep, the bitterness was kind of intense. I added a little sweetener and it balanced right out. Now it tastes very nutty. The sweetener made the citrus really pop and there is a good dose of grassy vegetal late in the sip that along with some floral notes drift right into a healthy citrus aftertaste.

I don’t have time for a third cup at the moment but according to the review on SoriTEA Sisters it will be the best cup yet. I hope to find out for myself later.

Unique and worth a try.

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This may be too extreme for even me. I just popped Chef-Boy-R-Dee Ravioli in the microwave because it was easy. I’m not even sure it counts as real food – mostly grease and starch I think. Then I brewed up Golden Tips because it is awesome. They don’t play well together (imagine that). A lot of the subtleties of the tea are covered in spicy sauce. Not my best move but the ravioli is gone now and I still have plenty of tea to cleanse my palate. The bread notes are already present just waiting on the sweet potato and other flavors to emerge.

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drank Earl Grey by Nina's Paris
1571 tasting notes

This isn’t an official review. I am going to play with this one a few times before making a final assessment. This is a new blend of Nina’s Earl Grey. Apparently it is not on the market yet. I was given this as a gift from a thoughtful Steepster friend. I have tried the old blend and my note is on Steepster. The old blend has a keemun base and is very refined and civilized. This one has a Sri Lanka base (Celyon) which should give a slightly rougher edge to the cup.

The scent from the tin is citrus and peppery bergamot. Very intense when dry and all concentrated. I did this first cup at 195 F. That is what I have been using lately for Earl Greys. I steeped for 2 1/2 minutes. I try not to go longer with a new black until I see how it affects my stomach. Some cause a great deal of burn. The brew is ruby red and very pretty. It turns more root beer as it cools. The wet leaf has a nice leafy scent under the less intense than when dry bergamot.

The sip is – Earl Grey! What I mean is it is Earl Grey the way I like it. The Ceylon base is drying and tingles the cheeks. It has a slight bite. Had I used hotter water I could boost that bite, I believe. The bergamot while hot is kind of laid back. As the cup cools it grows in intensity. Me like.

OK, apparently this has turned into a review. So let me add as a final thought before I experiment more – My experience with Nina’s beyond this blend (and their Lapsang Souchong – which is awesomely powerful) is their teas are noted for being very refined, wonderfully flavored, and mellow. This tea is not mellow or refined and that is what I like about it. My thought is Nina’s might be better to offer two Earl Greys with expressive names to signify the difference. I am not too sure how this blend will fair with their usual customer base. When it comes to Earl Grey I am definitely more of a barbarian!


Thanks for the review. Sounds like I would like it a lot ;)


The Keemun base has my heart, but what a great idea if they could offer both! Chinese Earl Grey and Ceylon Earl Grey, something for everyone! :)


Oh, and it IS on the market. If you order Earl Grey, this is what you get. The Keemun isn’t available anymore,but the website doesn’t reflect the new base yet! I am glad you like it! :)


I remember a long time ago having an Earl Grey with what I believe was a smoky Keemun base. I think it was from Utopia. It was really good. I can see where it is hard for a company to try and please every one. You have to mix preferences for light bergamot with heavy and smooth base with bite. So yeah, definitely at least 4 Earl Greys should be on the website :)

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drank Organic Green Tea Powder by Teavivre
1571 tasting notes

The longer I drink this on a daily basis mixed with cold milk, the more I have learned to appreciate it. At first, I was like this isn’t Starbucks. Now, I’m all this isn’t Starbucks and I’m glad. Having not completely broken my sweet tooth addiction, I have made great progress. The last couple trips with my wife to the coffee shop for a frappuccino have left me with a icky sweet aftertaste and a craving for this. I use about 1tsp of powder (I worked up to it from 1/4 tsp) and 12 oz of milk. I add a splash of vanilla syrup and caramel syrup. Just a splash in equal amounts. All the flavors are present and the sweetness is kept in check. If I could get the grainy texture of the frap I would never need to go back. I know they use shaved ice but at 7 in the morning that seems a bit dangerous.


Never shave ice before having caffeine.


Agreed. There should be a warning label on the shaver.

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Thanks to GGMathis and her amazing Cheapster Steepster tea bags, I learned I really like strawberry tea. This one is pretty tasty. The aroma seems very natural to me. The taste equally so, minus the tartness. The green tea has a grassy aroma in the wet leaf but is harder to pick out in the cup. I’m OK with that in this case because, well, strawberry. This may well be my favorite from Secret Garden so far.

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Looks like I originally posted this in the wrong place.

The Secret Garden Tea Company is a new webstore with its home in Vancouver BC. At the time of this note, they have a contest going that is mentioned on the discussion board, although Steepster’s bad behavior seems to have buried it somewhere in cyberspace.

Any who, opening the bag this has a very strong aroma of rose. Under the rose is a light touch of bergamot and vanilla. The scent is almost too much. The sip however is much less potent. The vanilla adds a sense of creaminess that seems felt more than tasted. The rose is the primary note. I have only recently begun to appreciate rose as a tea ingredient. This is strong but not overwhelming. What surprises me is bergamot used as a support ingredient. If you did not know it was in the mix it would be easily overlooked, yet it adds a fullness to the profile.

The proceeds of this tea go to the BC Children’s Hospital.


Sounds good to me, and the proceeds go to a great cause.

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drank Earl Grey by Ahmad Tea
1571 tasting notes

Ahhhhh! Now this is my idea of Earl Grey. Sure I have tasted better… but not at anywhere near this price. Solid comfort tea with a Ceylon base that stands up to the bergamot. Stout, moderately drying, and full of glorious bergamot! I give such a high rating on this for comfort and value.


Do you still feel pretty?


Pretty and witty and gay?


O so pretty, yes, but pretty sure not gay ;) Trivia I just learned – the song originally had the lyrics witty and bright. The movie changed the the lyrics to witty and gay. Why? In the original stage version it was sung in a night scene and bright rhymed with tonight. The movie was a day scene and gay rhymed with today.


I didn’t know that. I’ve known both versions, but never knew why there were two versions.

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I am not sure what to make of this tea. I mean, to me, French Earl Grey suggests a black tea strong of bergamot, with French vanilla. That is not even close to what is in my cup. The main taste and scent are rose. Well, not exactly rose, and not rose perfume. It is like a rose powder or something for the bath. The smell I don’t like. Fortunately the taste is much milder. In the cup, this is not unpleasant. Behind the rose is a note, that at first I am thinking reminds me of mango. Later I considered maybe it is peach and apricot. Definitely the highlight for me. I am not sure where it comes from. Maybe the bergamot and hibiscus blending together? Neither are detectable on their own. This is kind of thick like cream, yet strangely drying. The base has some bite. From the woodsy note, I think it is Ceylon. This is not something I would crave but it is interesting.

And yes ladies, I grabbed a rose tea on purpose today, so I could feel pretty. I’ll probably need another cup or two. Just saying.


Oh so pretty!

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Ceylon is like the granddaddy of tea. I have had it a thousand times in everything from breakfast teas to Earl Grey and most flavored points in between. I slightly remember having it straight back in my boil the crap out of the tea bag and leave it in the cup days. I seriously don’t recall ever having it in unblended and unflavored loose leaf. This leaf looks more like Darjeeling or Nepali tea. It has red, green, and brown leaf pieces in it. At 195 F for 3 minutes I get a copper/orange cup that is way lighter than I expected. There is only a small amount of bite with the lowered temperature. It is definitely not abrasive. I don’t notice any noticeable dryness. This is mellow, fruity, a hint of floral. It seems kind of woodsy, leafy, maybe a touch earthy. After posting on my blog I noticed The Persimmon Tree lists this as an afternoon tea. That is exactly how I described it. I did not detect any of the mint a couple of the reviews here mentioned. Those reviews are a couple years old. Possibly their’s was tainted or just a different harvest, as I did not pick up on it at all.

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drank Strawberry Oolong Tea by Teavivre
1571 tasting notes

Why didn’t I drink this when it was hot outside? The colder this gets the more intense the strawberry becomes. It is not a candy fake flavor but not actually as tart as biting into the real thing. Of course I am not sure I would really want it that tart.

It is, much lighter than I expected based on the bag scent. Once I realized it was intentional I was more than fine with it. Teavivre explains it is to “ensure that both the strawberry fragrance and Oolong tea’s unique flavor can be tasted”. My opinion is how rare is it that you are supposed to taste the flavor AND the tea. Brilliant! That has been a pet peeve of mine for a while. When I want to drink Kool-Aid, I drink Kool-Aid. When I drink tea, I want to taste tea.

Speaking of which, the oolong here is a green oolong but not one of those highly floral or latex aftertaste ones. This is green, light, and fresh. Seems perfectly matched to the flavoring to me. The leaves are kind of huge in my press.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Latex…I wonder if that’s why so many oolongs remind me of Juicy Fruit Gum.


I normally call that taste geranium. Never really made the Juicy Fruit connection.

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