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So we go out to breakfast as usual on Saturday morning. Our place is out of tea. How does that even happen? Didn’t anyone notice they were getting low? Of course not. I used to work with a group of guys that always expected someone else to handle it. Usually me or another guy they let go. So I coped the best I could and had hot chocolate. It was meh, but better than cola. Afterwards I was forced into Jo Ann’s fabrics (highlight of my day as you can clearly see). Town was crazy with people and police cars. I have no idea what was going on. Some kind of festival maybe, all I know is I had to drive far out of my way to get through. Thinking, maybe I should listen to local news once in a while. After getting gas and trying to drive back through crazy town, my wife said she had a free drink coming at Starbucks, so why not? Well, why not is because they were so busy my wife forgot to mention free. Dang it. I ordered green tea frappuccino – who all is surprised? Anyone? No? Turns out it was just another disappointment in my day. The new barista drowned this in sugary caramel syrup. So sickening sweet. A year ago I might have liked it. So now I am home and trying to get my iphone to sync with my laptop. It won’t. I give up. Now I’m looking at my tea stash with a threatening eye. You better not disappoint me what ever I choose next! The tea has not flinched.


I’m sorry to hear your day is starting out like this. Hopefully you’ll find the right tea to help it be a better day! Or go play with the puppy?


Oh man! That’s a rough morning! Hope it gets better!!

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I don’t know if my preconceived notions are off on this one or if the sample was faulty. What I taste is a sturdy blend that I believe to be Ceylon, Assam, and Kenyan black tea leaf. There is also green leaf in this that I can’t separate out. Underneath the tea is a hint of bergamot. The bag aroma suggested strongly this would taste more like an Earl Grey but it doesn’t. I am OK with that if it is supposed to taste this light. There is also jasmine in the blend but it is only the lightest hint in the aftertaste. The more the cup cools, the more pronounced the hints become. I read reviews of similar blends that led me to expect this to be highly floral. Because that is what I expected, I was left craving more. As a black breakfast tea it is solid enough.


I had a half mug that I let sit until it was stone cold. This was pretty tasty when cold.

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drank Earl Grey by Ahmad Tea
1570 tasting notes

This is the other tea I drank multiple times in the past few days. It is one of my cheapest loose leaf teas. My go to comfort tea. At 200 F for 2-3 minutes it produces a smooth cup of solid black tea and enough bergamot to scent the room and delight my senses.

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Just got our internet running again today. In the few days living off the grid like a savage beasty, I chose to enjoy many cups of just a few teas. This one is one of my more expensive teas. Much has been written about how wonderful it is. It resteeps well and is so delicious.

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Hey, guess who is about to lose their internet for one day for reaching the cap? That’s correct, little ol me. It’s just silly but if it makes Verizon happy to do so, go ahead. I am not giving you another dime.

This Nepali tea is an obvious green from the first sip. Dry it reminds me of gunpowder green in appearance but there is no smoke or roasted notes. Instead it smells grassy. The taste is crisp with a bite – the good kind of bitter. There is a citrus note that became obvious when I sweetened the cup. It doesn’t need sweetened, I just wanted to see what would happen. It reminds me of a Chinese green in many ways.

The downside for me was the wet leaf appears shredded. I have been so spoiled by whole leaves from China that I had to remind myself that is not the norm in other growing areas. I just wonder, how they managed to roll pieces into those little nuggets?

See you in October!


At least it’s only a couple of days.

Terri HarpLady

To October!


We will miss you!

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I have given Buffy our 7 month old puppy the nickname Taz. It is really hard to concentrate with a whirlwind flying through the room dragging out another toy as it zooms by. Currently she is committed to forcing me to play fetch with her except she doesn’t want to let go of the ball. So for my brief review this is a solid jasmine pearls offering. Not too intense but no wallflower. Reminds everyone else of honeysuckle. Reminds me of Grape Nehi. Can’t go wrong with Grape Nehi. Don’t puppies ever wear out?

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drank Lipton diet citrus green tea by Lipton
1570 tasting notes

78 F on the porch. Ceiling fan spinning slowly. Rocking chair. Plate of macaroni and cheese, baked beans. A sandwich of thin sliced deli ham, iceberg lettuce, tomato, ranch dressing, colby jack, on rye bread. Icy cold bottle of Citrus Green Tea. It may not be Heaven but it sure is nice. It’s good to be me. (Sorry Gene, I stole your catch phrase)


That’s a hardcore relaxing atmosphere, I’m sure.


Yes. Heaven has porches. With Cracker Barrel rocking chairs.


Wee Doggies, room for plenty more. Drag up a rocker. Take your shoes off. Set a spell.

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The Secret Garden Tea Company is a new webstore with its home in Vancouver BC. At the time of this note, they have a contest going that is mentioned on the discussion board, although Steepster’s bad behavior seems to have buried it somewhere in cyberspace.

Any who, opening the bag this has a very strong aroma of rose. Under the rose is a light touch of bergamot and vanilla. The scent is almost too much. The sip however is much less potent. The vanilla adds a sense of creaminess that seems felt more than tasted. The rose is the primary note. I have only recently begun to appreciate rose as a tea ingredient. This is strong but not overwhelming. What surprises me is bergamot used as a support ingredient. If you did not know it was in the mix it would be easily overlooked, yet it adds a fullness to the profile.

The proceeds of this tea go to the BC Children’s Hospital.

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I’ve read through several of the notes on this one. I was not disappointed by Mandarin Cream. I like vanilla but almost always dislike how much is used. It easily overwhelms my taste buds. This one has a pleasant aroma and the taste is very similar. Finally a vanilla tea that does make me flinch. Others commented they could not taste the lemon myrtle. I had trouble picking it out as well – until I added a little sweetener. It came out of hiding and was a lovely addition. The Pouchong leaf is mostly present late in the aftertaste. This makes a creamy cup but nothing that makes me think Mandarin.

The second cup is completely different. Without sweetener it is a cup of green tasting oolong. Add the sweetener and the vanilla reappears as a background support. With the creaminess you can make a orange creamsicle connection in the aftertaste. It is certainly only a hint but interesting.

More complex than expected. I personally liked this one but then I do not like over flavored teas.

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Just got home from Thursday shopping – where I did not stop at Starbucks for a green tea frap – I did however find a Black Sabbath album (Never Say Die) for $5 that I have never had on CD. Vinyl yes, CD no – pretty much no one even has CD’s anymore do they?

Any way I have been craving this tea since yesterday when my wife and sons burned a bunch of the tree tops we have left from when we had the 40+ trees dropped in our yard earlier. I had to stay away because of the lungs but I could smell this awesome smoke. So I brewed a cup this and handed it to my son. He loved it. Brewed one for me because I love it. Poured a little in another cup for my wife. She said, “This belongs on the bottom of the pile with the rest of the pine trees we burned!” You can’t please everybody. At least my stash is safe from her :)


I agree with your wife :)


I still have cassettes…..


I still have a big box of them myself. I’ll bet you remember sticking a knife or pack of matches under the 8 track cartridge so it would play properly.

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