1293 Tasting Notes

drank Earl Grey by Twinings
1293 tasting notes

First tea in a couple days. My head is pounding and I don’t want to think. This bagged tea came in a cup I was given. Not as tangy as I remember. I certainly would not turn it down but it is not living up to my remembrance. Still it is the yardstick by which to measure other EG’s.


This is my all tim fav EG.

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drank Paradise Green by Lupicia
1293 tasting notes

Very cold this morning and a light dusting of snow.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, and to those who don’t Merry Christmas anyway. This is worth a listen – Little drummer boy by Pentatonix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJ_MGWio-vc

Today I cut the sachet open and freed the leaf. It swells to busting in the sachet. Not nearly so in the Finum. The leaf is pretty with all the petals in it. The tea is very green. The taste is a bit muted at first because I had it with an English muffin with a little blackberry jam. Once my palate was rinsed the fruity tropical flavors come out. I like this one a lot. Very nice.


I love “freed the leaf”. I think I need a t shirt with that on it. Ha ha. Also the video was awesome, that’s talent.


I would buy a shirt that said “Free the Leaf!” on it!


I bet everyone would think we were campaigning for the legalization of marijuana. Ha!


Adding a teacup might only add to the confusion.

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These pearls have been sitting quietly in the bottom of my press since the wee hours of the morning. Waiting. I, on the other hand, have continued my 2 month long battle with Healthcare.gov. I scrapped my application and started over today as I could never get past the system errors in the old one. Multiple chat conversations with them over the weekend where they finally admitted it was a glitch. They knew about it but don’t know when it will be fixed. So now I finally get to see what is offered. Only two companies in my county. One of them doesn’t even have contracts with the local hospitals or doctors, so it is pointless. The other is better but more expensive. Hardly what any one but an insurance salesperson or a politician would call affordable. Plus I still can’t tell if I have to pay the mega deductible before the doctor visits or prescriptions are covered except for copay. So after the break I get to try again to speak with someone at the insurance office. Moral of the story – if you live in America and have a job with insurance, no matter how crappy, suck it up and hang on to it.

Oh the tea was really nice. I have come to the conclusion I prefer the bolder premium version a little more but just a little.


Ok so this is just my Canadian ignorance asking, is this the obamacare website you are having trouble with?


Yeah it’s one and the same. In my American ignorance I would really love to hear from someone who has lived under both systems to get a better understanding but this isn’t really the place – Now that I have already mouthed off about it.

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Wow, did it rain. I don’t know if it is a record for the date but probably close. Feeling kind of blue this morning. It’s almost Christmas and I know so many people who are struggling themselves or have family members struggling with cancer. Others who are just trying to survive financial hardships. Sorry to bring you down this early in the morning but I just got an email that bummed me out.

This tea and a pumpkin Pop Tart are helping to brighten my morning. Malty, grape-y, and now gone.

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Forgot to read the recommended steeping parameters. I used quite a bit of leaf (for me anyway) and steeped in 175 F (got that right) water for about 4 minutes. Yeah, less leaf, less time would have probably been a good idea. This as they say, no lightweight. I get mineral, light earth, and a stout does of bitter edging on the too much side. Of course since I brewed it wrong it is my fault. Kind of reminds me more of a young sheng than a green eyebrow tea.

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drank Lotus by The Persimmon Tree Tea Company
1293 tasting notes

Haven’t had this in a while. It is so good. When I reach the bottom of the tin this is a definite reorder. Unlike anything else I have. All other lotus teas I’ve tried (the main being Tazo) are flowery. They are nice enough. This is altogether different. The green base is strong enough that it takes the lotus and produces a kind licorice/anise taste. I know a lot of hate both but this is so very very good.


huh, curious now.

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drank Special Blend by S&D TEA
1293 tasting notes

Went out of town to get some parts for our broken lawn sweeper. Stopped at Texas Roadhouse for lunch. Cheddars is next door but it was lightly raining and you can’t park anywhere near the door – what architect thought that was a goo idea? Anyway, first time at the Roadhouse since Cheddars opened. Looks like the competition has hurt them some. They were the favorite restaurant in town a couple years ago. This worked as a bonus for me because they upped their game on the iced tea and switched to this one. It really is that recognizably different. If you aren’t a standard iced tea fan you might not care but I much enjoyed the change. Steak was good too. :)

Terri HarpLady

I vote,“Yes!” for steak! :)

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drank Yun Nan Dian Hong Black Tea by Teavivre
1293 tasting notes

Excellent as always. Usually have this for a morning cup. Today my son was over and I thought he might like it. His opinion? Tastes like tea. I tried to raise him better. :)

El Monstro

I like this too, just got a bag of it, pretty reasonably priced.


I bet you raised him well.


I’ve given up on my menfolk—-best I can squeeze out of ’em is “lawn clippings” and “hot leaf juice.”


I have one friend who enjoys tea beyond Lipton iced. Even he has never really progressed much beyond Twinings. I wish I had a tea place like Bonnie’s Happy Lucky’s to hang out in.

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drank Criss Cross by RiverTea
1293 tasting notes

This is from Anhui province in China. It just says green tea on the ingredients. Looking at the leaf and the liquor I am pretty sure this is Huang Shan Mao Feng, but just guessing. The liquor is beautiful golden green. Very clear. This is crisp, a touch mineral, the good kind of bitter, and a nice vegetal taste. Lingering sweet after taste. This is very good.

160 °F / 71 °C 2 min, 30 sec

chris cross will make you…jump! jump! jump!

Roswell Strange

Sounds good for a green tea fan (which I am not)!

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So the sun is out, the temperature hit 40 F and its Thursday. I’m so predictable. I ordered this the same way as always but man it is way sweet. Don’t care. It’s good anyway.


Its Thursday!

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