1495 Tasting Notes

drank Chamomile by Ocean of Tea
1495 tasting notes

We have tried to grow chamomile with zero success. My wife loves the stuff. So we always have some around. I find I seldom help drink it. I like it. It just never occurs to me to fix it. Not much of a lead in to this tasting note but let me say I enjoyed this quite a bit in the middle of the afternoon. Just got home from watching X-Men and thought a quiet moment was in order. This smells of tart apples, honey, and flowers. The taste is similar with a spiciness added. I also caught faint saltiness and hints of mineral. I used filtered water but can’t rule out the last notes being from our water. A nice calming cup.


I have some kind of chamomile that grows in my yard like a weed. I hate it, I am always pulling it out. I am not sure if it is “drinkable” kind. There are some varieties that can be poisonous so I am not too interesting in finding out which kind I have.


Lol, same as Lala, it grows freely around the yard here too, but I hate the taste of chamomile. Want to trade places, KS?


Winters are harsh enough down here. I think I’ll let you keep your wild (potentially poisonous) chamomile all to yourselves.

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As has become my new normal I started with this again today. Milk+matcha+caramel+vanilla=Yum.


nom nom nom

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Interesting. My first cup did not match other’s reviews. I got a very mellow rooibos with peppery notes – not hot and spicy, just nicely seasoned. I easily finished the cup. I decided the blend had settled so I poured the tin out into a bowl and mixed it with the scoop. This did change the flavor some. The second cup was light warm chocolate with hints of banana. The pepper moved to the back and meshed nicely. I could taste a light tartness from the apple at the end of the sip. None of the flavors stood out. It is just a nice mellow cup. The most interesting thing to me was how this worked to tame the rooibos. The aroma while steeping is unquestionably rooibos. In the cup it has the rough edges smoothed away. Everything blended together resembled almost a cherry flavor. I found it very easy to drink.

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I believe Bonnie wrote the definitive tasting note on this one two years ago. As I was writing my own review for my blog I kept noticing how nearly identical my experience was to hers – minus the sexy dating analogy (wow, hot stuff). For me this was a necessary session to overcome yesterday’s over indulgences. Way over did it. This one helped calm the stomach and left me with a pleasant calming peace that was remarkable spiritual like. I have never thought to actually use puerh in my private devotion time but maybe I will give it a go one day soon. Anyway, starts mellow with mineral, cedar, and horse tack notes. Blossoms later with bold flavors of browned cedar and horse tack. Then drifts back into more mellow but pronounced mineral and cedar, and ending with pleasant leather notes. Excellent cha qi.




Yum Yum!


1 Timothy 6:17 …. the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy. Pu-erh counts!

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Yesterday I had the bagged version iced. It was good for the moment. Today we left home early and on the way out of town I grabbed one of these full leaf sachets iced at Starbuck’s. Iced tea seems to confuse them. That amuses me. I ended up with one iced tea and a cup of hot tea. The iced was nice and citrusy floral with lavender notes. Once I finished it, I grabbed the now cooled hot cup and yeah, I couldn’t drink it. I made a scrunchy face that lasted several minutes. I very seldom complain of astringency but this was like hyper astringent.

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drank Earl Grey by Tazo
1495 tasting notes

Another thanks to CelebriTEA. Much Thanks. I’ve mentioned this a long time ago but I cannot buy this in bagged form around here. Well, I can, but it is always spoiled. Too much heat, too old, direct sunlight? Who knows but the local bagged stuff is not good. So I open the envelope and it smells of floral bergamot (Yum). Steeped and iced – this is going well with lunch. This will do nicely until I am forced into Starbucks and have a cup of their over pricey but otherwise very good earl grey sachet.

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drank Darjeeling by Tea of Life
1495 tasting notes

This bagged offering came to me from CelebriTEA. I took her advice and only steeped this for 3 minutes at 180 F. Without additions this was pretty lifeless. I added Splenda and now I taste woodsy with cinnamon notes and light floral muscatel. Of course there is a lot of side tongue tingle. I don’t like milk in my black tea but I think that is what this is demanding. It isn’t the most horrible tea I’ve had by far but my thought is you can do better. I have no problem with bagged and I am a big fan of cheap bargain finds. My favorite cheap bagged Darjeeling is Mother Parker’s. This Tea of Life offering behaves more like a cheap aggressive Assam. This is the first time I have clicked the not recommended button. CelebriTEA called this a regret purchase. I’ve had more than a few of those myself.


Two thumbs down .. Yikes.

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drank Special Blend by S&D TEA
1495 tasting notes

Today is our 33rd anniversary (applause applause). With the cold rainy weather we changed our plans and just went looking at dogs at the animal shelters. For some reason my wife thinks Spike needs a playmate. My opinion is, it will just eat my pretzels and poop on the floor but what do I know. Luckily – I mean sadly ;) we didn’t find any small house dogs she had to bring home.

In between shelters we went out for lunch at Texas Roadhouse. They have changed their iced tea since our last time there. They are now serving this brand. I am pretty sure it is because Cheddars next door is putting the hurt on them. I love this stuff. For a bagged tea this smooth roasty blend hits the spot. Steak was good too.

The secret to a long marriage? Early on we agreed, the lid goes down. That way no one gets a middle of the night surprise.


Wow, 33 yrs. Happy Anniversary and may you have many more years together!


Congratulations on 33 years and toilet seat mastery!


congrads on 33!


Congrats on the Anniversary! I like to look at other puppies too, but know I can’t bring one home… our Izzy is one dog enough for this household right now.


After 33 years, what’s your all-time favorite tea that you both equally enjoy?


Wow. Congratulations. May you continue to enrich each other’s lives for many more.


Aww, happy anniversary K S!!!


Happy anniversary!!


Happy Anniversary! You guys are the testament to livin the good book brother!


Applause, indeed!


Happy Anniversary!


Woo hoo! Happy Anniversary, and hugs to you and the missus!


Happy anniversary. :) (Lid goes down in our house, although we didn’t really care about the seat position at first. One person remembering to lift or the other person remembering to put it down makes no difference, we thought. Then we bought two kittens, and one of them promptly fell in. :p )

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I wondered if this would ever happen. I had a Starbucks green tea frap yesterday. It was same as always but I found myself longing for this instead. After increasing the vanilla a little, this is a really good low calorie alternative that i actually like better.

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It’s cold. It’s raining. The furnace is running. I checked the calendar and it’s the middle of May even if I can’t tell it. Peach tea just says summer to me. So closing my eyes and pretending. Steeped this up and hot it is a light flavorful peach and white peony. Very pleasant. Very relaxing. Halfway through the cup I realized I was late for an appointment and had to abandon the tea. When I got home I decided to go ahead and taste it. Very happy I did. Once the heat leaves the cup the peach begins to jump and shout. This becomes the summer thirst quenching peach tea I wanted today. Cold and nasty outside but it’s summer in my den. This begs for ice.


That is sort of how the weather was here yesterday, and I actually made iced tea just to have something summery. At least today it is sunny and starting to warm up I think. Hopefully the sun will be shining there soon as well!


Crazy isn’t it?? Two days ago we were wearing shorts, today jeans and a sweatshirt… Brrr!!


Frost this morning here, too. I think I’m glad all my mint-lets are portable so I can stick them in the garage.


54F for a high and raining off and on again today. We haven’t even bothered with herbs this year.


Aw, that’s too bad – still so chilly, especially when its rainy!

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