1307 Tasting Notes

drank Bai Ya Qi Lan Oolong by Life In Teacup
1307 tasting notes

This is really an interesting oolong even if I didn’t get the marshmallow others mentioned. The dry leaf smells like you put your face in bunch of vines and inhaled. The taste of the liquor is green and by that I mean alive. It is kind of earthy. There is a light roasted element. It is only lightly floral to me in comparison to tiequanyin – those I often find to be geranium or latex like. Not this one. I have never been around orchids so I can’t compare but this is very pleasant in taste. The interesting thing to me is an almost pineapple taste. All of these aspects come together to make an amazing cup at only $3.99/oz.

195 °F / 90 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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drank The Tea of Kings by RiverTea
1307 tasting notes

This one came as a sample. More precisely it came in a zip lock bag with a clear easy to read label listing ingredients and steeping recommendations. Much appreciated touches.

The tea is well done but it is just not my thing. Lychee to me is coming off as a cross between lilac and rose. I like, even love, these flavors as additions to other flavors but on their own it is a little too girly for me. It is not bitter and there are no harsh edges. The floral flavor is balanced and not over the top. I would gladly sip this with friends but it is not something I see myself wanting to sip alone.

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drank Dragon Pearls by RiverTea
1307 tasting notes

RiverTea is scheduled to go live this week. I won this sample in their pre-launch promotional contest.

This is a jasmine green tea. It has one major strike against it right off the bat. The premium dragon pearls from another company are one of my half dozen all time favorite teas. That’s kind of unfair. I will try to assess it on its own merits.

The pearls are small and tightly rolled. After the first steep they only partially relax. The color is golden yellow. The scent is light. The taste is quite sweet and nicely jasmine. The light dry scent seemed a little perfume-y but in the cup it works well. I was surprised by the low steeping temperature. I think it may be the lowest I have encountered (156 F). I am having a second cup from yesterday’s leaf it is just as good as the first. I believe there is at least a third cup and maybe more in the leaf.

There is certainly nothing wrong with this one, especially if it is reasonably priced as an everyday jasmine.

155 °F / 68 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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Happy Happy Happy! I know have a box of Sleigh Ride back in my collection! Sometimes the simple inexpensive things are just what you need.

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Finished this off as my morning cup. Now I’m off for our weekly breakfast out with friends. I hope this is loaded with caffeine (but I don’t think so) as I only had three hours sleep. The house is too warm for me and every one else says they’re freezing. Strangely, a good cup of hot tea doesn’t add to my body heat and it does make me happy.

Terri HarpLady

We have water radiators to heat my old house, which is wonderful, but it gets so hot on the 2nd floor especially, so we keep them turned way down, just bringing up the heat in the morning (to 65), then down again once we’re all toasty. Of course, if we get some really cold weather, we might run them longer, but then people sometimes have to open their windows upstairs from time to time. My room is one the 3rd floor. There’s only a baseboard up there, but I almost never run it. I can’t stand to be hot, & luckily most of my family shares my preference for cooler fresh air.


My internal thermostat is just off. I used to leave the house on winter mornings without a coat and I wouldn’t notice. The ride home in the afternoon was really cold. I blame the thyroid medicine I have to take. At night you can’t get it cool enough. I sleep with three fans on me. We agreed on setting the thermostat on 72. Nobody is comfortable but it is our best compromise.

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drank Candy Cane Lane by Celestial Seasonings
1307 tasting notes

Liquid crack. I know it is. I just can’t quit. Had with M&M chocolate chip cookies. That kind of swallows the vanilla up and intensifies the peppermint.


lol @ the liquid crack comment…hahahahaha
I have never been enthralled by a mint tea, but now this sounds intriguing :-)


Ha! Perfect description. :)


A Celestial Seasonings tea I haven’t tried. Now I might have to look for it.

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I’ll be honest. I have never gotten the first cup of this. I have tried for a month. I got it for my wife and I to share but as soon as the vanilla fragrance wafts through the house my wife pops in from nowhere and walks off with my cup. So this is based on the second steep. There are jasmine blossoms all through the mix. The leaf itself is larger pieces. Definitely not CTC. The taste starts like cotton candy then seems more like caramel. As the cup cools I can taste the base especially in the aftertaste. This is very tasty decaf or not. I can see why I am not allowed to have the first cup! :)


My daughter does the same thing. She has a talent for knowing exactly when a tea is done steeping and then she swoops in and gets my cup. At least she says thank you while walking away. :)


My wife has to avoid caffeine, so I figure this is a win if she enjoys it. A lot of decaf is a little icky.

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drank Rou Gui by Life In Teacup
1307 tasting notes

I don’t have a picture or a seller description for this one.

The dry leaves a big and dark. They turn black after steeping. While steeping the roasty aroma pours out of the press. This appears to be a medium-heavy roasted Wuyi oolong. The taste is not what I expected.

Sure it has the heavy dark roasted flavor but it also has a prickly fruity/floral thing going on that is somewhere between mango and geranium.

Next I added sweetener to see how it would react. It did not cover or bring out any flavors. What it did was warm the flavors so the melded together. The roasty notes a less dominant early in the sip and explode later. The fruity/floral is now more developed into something resembling tieguanyin.

If you like the darker oolongs this was an interesting one.

Terri HarpLady

I have been contemplating an order from Life in Teacup for quite some time.

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My oldest son came over this morning to help prepare for our thanksgiving dinner tonight. My youngest is at work. The oldest has to work thanksgiving day – stupid black Thursday. Next year it will probably start at Halloween. But I digress. I offered to make tea. My wife wanted Vanilla Bean decaf black tea. My son didn’t care, so I made this one for him and me.

He asked what it was. I read the label as he took a sip. He said, “That will do” as he turned and headed out of the room.

I inwardly sighed. Then it happened.

He stopped in his tracks and went, “Mmmmm, that really has a nice aftertaste. It’s flowery or something.”

Yes! Good tea not wasted!

Second story – a year ago our thanksgiving was stressful. I was losing my job and we were afraid we could lose the house. A year later the house is paid off, we are doing fine, and it looks like I have a part time job! Just enough hours to pay for insurance. That is all I really wanted anyway.

My point, if you are struggling this year and on the verge of giving up – hold on! Tomorrow is another day. A blessed day of thanksgiving to all my Steepster friends.


Congrats on the new job!


Hilarious – my son just brought the cup back and said he “wanted more of that”.

Thanks Lala


Yay – that’s great!


Blessings back to ya my friend!


Happy thanksgiving. And I cannot agree with you more that Tomorrow is another day. No matter how bad off, we should hold on, at least there is tea that keep our spirits up.

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drank Wuyi Jin Jun Mei by Life In Teacup
1307 tasting notes

Remember a few mornings days ago when I needed black tea and couldn’t read the labels? This is the tea I was looking for then in my zombie like state. As much as I needed it, I’m glad I didn’t find it until today so I could enjoy it with my mind and senses in operating order. I think I could almost give up Earl Grey for Fujian black tea and this is a very tasty example.

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