1476 Tasting Notes

drank Tiger Monk by Temple Road
1476 tasting notes

Seems like forever since I have been on Steepster. So today I have Temple Road’s Tiger Monk. I was contacted through my blog and offered the opportunity to review it. Of course I did not turn it down. The 10g sample was vacuum packed with a packet to either absorb moisture or absorb oxygen. I can’t read the writing so I am guessing. The instructions said to use 3 g and 95 C water and a 6 minute steep – so that is what I did. The dry leaf aroma reminds me of the puffed wheat cereal I ate as a kid. The brew though is smoked and roasted. The first sensation when sipping was the roasting. It seemed quite strong, but suddenly melted away with a prickly sensation and became a much greener tasting oolong than I expected. Maybe in part due to the earlier prickly sensation, the aftertaste reminded me of mango.

Strong but no bitterness. Nicely complex.


Puffed wheat is still one of my favorite cereals.


As a kid I wasn’t that happy with it. With 4 kids mom bought the generic that came in a giant bag. Rice Krispies was my cereal of choice when I could get it. Today I look back more fondly on the puffed wheat. Time has a way of doing that. Oh, and today my wife kept walking around trying to figure out where that smell was coming from. Apparently the roasted notes are much stronger than I thought :)

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My stomach quit hurting late Saturday. Woke up Sunday feeling fine. Grabbed the guitar and played at church. Sat down afterward and my head started throbbing. Couldn’t concentrate on the sermon – could barely stay wake. Got home headed for the couch. Got up around 3 and fixed this oolong.

I am feeling like me today and I was still craving this. Imagine me craving an oolong. It figures that the two extreme edges of oolong – Pouchong and Oriental Beauty are the two I love most. I used yesterday’s leaf. This one is just so tasty without being overly floral or roasted. Fresh and lightly malty with awesome fruity notes. My taste buds declare this to be excellent.


Glad you feel better!


Not sure I’ve ever consciously tried a pouchong…can you do a “for dummies” description of its difference from typical oolongs?


If my understanding is correct – and I should have researched this first – Pouchong is lightly oxidized while Oriental Beauty is highly oxidized. This is my first Oriental Beauty. My First Pouchong besides Coconut Pouchong was Bao Zhong from The Persimmon Tree http://steepster.com/ks6/posts/222441

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Shameless plea for pity and attention:

My wife has been sick all week. This morning I got up with a pounding head, hurting ears, and I’m dizzy. Thought getting something in my system might help. Downed a glass of milk. Not a good idea. So now my stomach is rumbling. Drank grape juice for the vitamin C but realized my taster is on the fritz. So I brewed a cup of this. Even if it has only half the flavor it would on any other day, it is still good and comforting. I’m supposed to play at church in the morning. They may just be on their own.

Stay well my friends.


Well poo. I just realized I had never reviewed this one before. Looks like I should have looked before I brewed.


oh no! i hope you feel better soon!


I hope you feel better soon. Best to stay home and rest if you can.


If you have a chance to get tested for flu , tamiflu really helps but you should start taking it like 24 hrs you got symptoms. My daughter just got better after almost 2 wks of flu. All the rest of us were on tamiflu
Hope you feel better soon


I second the flu test recommendation and Tamiflu. When I had H1N1, they have it to me because I’m asthmatic. I Was sick for only a few days.


Hope you feel better soon!


Hope you feel better soon & can make church in the morning… I understand that frustration since I sing on occasion.


Oh no! lots of rest and liquid for you!


Aww, feel better! Both of you!


Thanks all. My stomach has calmed down. As you can tell I become a big baby when I get a cold – which is not often.

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Glass of milk – check
Honey multi-grain bagel with cream cheese – check
Grape juice – check
Morning cup of tea – check and double check

Not sure what I did different today but if I would salt this it would taste like movie popcorn. You know the kind with tons of drizzly butter. Oh yeah. As that rush fades a new one begins with luscious fresh green tea notes reminiscent of dragon well. This is good tea. Much love.

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drank Blue Lady by Darlene's Teaport
1476 tasting notes

I have never seen a Darlene’s Tea Port offering reviewed before – at least not that I recall. This one is old. I found it in the drawer today unopened and thought it needed to see the light of day. This came from Katiek a long time ago. Bad me.

I steeped this 4 minutes. It’s black tea. I knew better. It isn’t bitter but the black tea is pretty assertive with briskness and tongue tingling astringency. Shorter steep next time. There is no passion fruit listed in the ingredients but that is what I am getting in the taste. Along with it is a pepperiness. Not pepper from a shaker but little red peppers from the garden that ought to be adding a bit of heat except they are not. This is spicy tasting but not spicy hot. It is really kind of an interesting tea and currently is $5.49 for 4 ounces. Even old it is way more complex than the price would suggest.

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This is so much lighter than I expected. It has some tongue bite which is interesting. I get a light earthiness with what I agree is olive oil notes. In the aftertaste I get hints of malt. As the cup cooled this became far more flavorful to me. It developed more of the traditional Yunnan flavors I expected – honey, grain, and cocoa. An unexpected flavor is grape. It is more the leaf than the fruity berry but it is grape. It reminded me of the lovely Oriental Beauty oolong I drank yesterday mixed with a mild black from Nepal. Maybe this needed more leaf (I used 2 tsp) or a longer steep. I’ll try that with the second cup. Like not love this one – I normally go for subtle but not so much in my Yunnans.


this sounds so interesting. recently i sampled Yunnan Beauty by Mandala and it was similar to what you described. i love unexpected transformations

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drank Green Tea with Citrus by Lipton
1476 tasting notes

I bought a gallon jug of this for quick glasses of iced tea. I don’t recommend this for its high quality tea but it is a convenient and pleasant diversion from carbonated drinks.

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Meant to comment earlier but kind of got distracted. After multiple cups of Taiwan Oriental Beauty I decided to switch to this one. I was amazed by really obvious notes of peach and cinnamon. I had not noticed these before. So another reason to love both teas.



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It’s snowing here. Snow? It is spring according to the calendar. Someone should tell nature to knock it off.

Oolongs I like. I am always willing to drink one. On the other hand, I never wake up thinking I need oolong. This one may just be one that might cause that to happen. Seriously.

From the moment I opened the sample I knew this was different. The dry leaf scent is grain and malt. Malt in an oolong, who knew? The leaf looks like Bai Mu Dan but darker. The wet leaf scent is dry forest leaves and malt. The liquor is deep honey colored.

The taste is wonderful honey soaked in malt. There is a light earthiness with some fruit and floral notes. This is not strongly geranium floral like most green oolongs and it is definitely not roasty tasting. It reminds me as much of Bai Mu Dan as anything. This is not so subtle that you have to search flavors out but it it is not overly anything either like I generally find in oolong.

Reading through some of the tasting notes, I think how you feel about this will depend as much on how you feel about oolong as anything. Those of us who don’t crave oolong seem to view this very favorably. Count me as impressed.

185 °F / 85 °C 4 min, 0 sec 5 g 10 OZ / 295 ML
Amanda 'SoggyEnderman' Wilson

The little bit of snow we got melted this morning, but it is still frigid. I am so ready for spring. Also this tea looks delicious!


It’s snowing here, too. Blah.


any peach or chestnut detected? i really like it gongfu style. do you have enough to try? i can share some if you want.
we expect snow tonight and gusty winds tomorrow. Snow in Brooklyn end of March….


boychik, I have more to experiment with. I did not detect peach. Chestnut might have been there but my mind doesn’t think that way without prompting. Funny you mention peach. After drinking multiple cups of this one, I switched to Keemun grade 1, and I was just about to log it when I saw your comment. With this oolong as the lead in, the Keemun had very strong and obvious peach and cinnamon notes. I don’t recall catching those before.


turned out I never logged it. Will do it tomorrow. Maybe peach is just my imagination;)


Boychik, it’s not just you. I’ve defintily found peaches or stone-fruits in this type of oolong before.


Sometimes when I am cooking vegetables, especially sautéing them in olive oil or butter, I will smell something that triggers the most intense cravings for oolong! I generally HAVE to make some right away.

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I started today by giving the screen in my press a thorough scrubbing. I didn’t realize how long I had let it go. It could use an overnight soak to get the rest of the stains out but it will do as is for now. Heated extra water for a bowl of brown rice. Ended up with about 16 oz water left for the press. I used yesterday’s leaf. Steeped 15 seconds – not 4 minutes like yesterday. I filled two cups and based on the strength of the tea this will go more, maybe many more. I had 24 oz yesterday. The brew was beautiful burgundy colored. There are no rough edges in this cup. It is leather and honey, along with what I am still calling wood although who ever updated the product info (Teavivre?) called it loam and orchids. While the leaf in the press has a barnyard scent, there is nothing even close to that in the cup. When you pay attention to what you are doing this is really good. Now I feel comfortable checking recommend.

Flavors: Honey, Leather, Wood

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 10 g 16 OZ / 473 ML
Sami Kelsh

This sounds really sexy.


I’m with Sami.

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