1473 Tasting Notes


I saw Kittena’s review this morning and I have been planning to get to this one for the blog anyway, so…. The dry aroma almost scared me off. It is strong and prickly. Once brewed the taste is not nearly so intense. My first experience with guava. I like it. The ginger adds just a touch of peppery zing – always welcome. The strawberry comes in late and very lightly in the sip. I could not single out the white tea base but could sense it all around the other flavors adding support. I am not the biggest flavored tea fan but this was pretty nice.


I was definitely pleasantly surprised by this one. Was expecting something much more artificial or weak!

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I have been avoiding my premium stuff for several days. My taster is probably still on the fritz but I don’t care. I need good tea! I have a couple from The Persimmon Tree I really need to get reviewed but lets see how this goes first… I don’t think I have my full range back. I think I still taste orange from my morning tea and I brushed my teeth in between. Boogers! What I AM tasting of this cup is dark rich burnt cocoa. As first, really concentrating, I can picked out a woodsy taste. After catching it I don’t have to think so hard to taste it. From memory I know how wonderful this is but today it is a bit muted. Stupid allergies. I am really missing the subtle notes. Maybe I need to switch to Silver Needle until I can catch some cucumber and melon notes in it or just pick up a box of cheap orange bagged tea and ride it out. sigh.

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drank Orange tea by Pickwick
1473 tasting notes

My first thought was it isn’t exactly real orange but it isn’t candy either but at least it’s not Tang. Then I read Brett’s description of it tasting like Tang. So either way Tang came to both our minds. I also only caught the black tea in the aftertaste. The orange flavor is strong and sweet but I thought innocuous fun for an early morning, I don’t want to wake up too fast, tea. Thanks Brett where ever you went.

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drank Decaffeinated British Blend by Tetley
1473 tasting notes

I think I figured out why my taster has been off. I thought it was because I burned my tongue on too hot of a cup. This morning I realized I recently re-started using generic Flonase for allergies. I don’t remember it dulling my senses before. Hope it passes soon. For now this was cold and easy. For bagged decaf it ain’t too shabby.

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drank Irish Breakfast by Barry's Tea
1473 tasting notes

I got this from Brett who seems to have vanished. Like the PG Tips of yesterday (also from Brett), this is another I have heard about for years but never tried.

What did I think? Hmmm. (snippet from my blog review) I am not sure how to describe this tea. The sip starts nice and gentle, polite even. Just as I start to relax in its company, I am grabbed by the throat, terrified of what comes next. Then, just as suddenly, it releases me and walks away with a grin. My eyes are wide open. I am left unscathed with but a memory. Yeah, this tea is like that. It won’t hurt you. It just wants you to think it will.

Edit – Once the cup cools down the big scary late sip calms down to an enjoyable level.


Love it! I’ll have to see if Fox Farm has Barry’s. They’ve rearranged a bit and the PG Tips bulk jar was distressingly empty last trip.


Haha! That tea scared me just a little bit and I was just reading the review! Whew!


Assam drinkers might look at me funny for this review but I much prefer a delicate white or even a wonderful Yunnan black.


This is probably why I generally can’t even taste a delicate white :)


That’s what Bonnie says. This one caused me some stomach burn as well. I think I may try flash steeps on the next.


Made me laugh!

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drank Pyramid Teabags by PG Tips
1473 tasting notes

I have been drinking tea for 40 years. This is the first time I have sipped PG Tips! How is that even possible? This is what English Breakfast tea is supposed to taste like in my mind. Instant eye opener. O.O Stout enough to kick the butt of even the manliest of teas in your collection. The inside of my cheeks are still tingling. I now understand why people add milk and sugar. I never add milk. I almost did this time. taste mellows a bit as the cup cooled. Love the intense aftertaste.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

About time you got around to it ;)



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drank Organic Dehydrated Camellia by Teavivre
1473 tasting notes

Angel told me this mixes well with green tea. So tonight I blended this with Huang Shan Mao Feng. I can definitely taste the Camellia which is actually the flower from the tea plant. It tastes a lot like white tea with a bit more of a woody taste. I mentioned this morning my taste buds are messed up today. I think I burned them yesterday. I know this taste different than straight Camellia but I can’t pick out the green tonight. It’s ok. I still really like it. I’ll try it again when I can taste. Thanks TeaVivre I have really enjoyed this one.

My wife made a pot of vanilla bean chamomile. It smells so good. I am thinking I might mix the two together at some point :)


It sounds really interesting, never noticed Teavivre was carrying this…

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Started to grab something new this morning. This was open. Glad I didn’t open another. My taste buds are on the fritz. Everything is all white outside today. I am soooo ready for spring.


No snow here, but the wind is blowing so hard that twice it has gusted down the chimney and caused smoke and ash to POOF into the kitchen. Al the tea plates had to be rehashed for tea time today….come on, SPRING!

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drank Strawberry by Pickwick
1473 tasting notes

I have never seen this locally but an online search suggests if you can pick it up at your grocer it is a Cheapster Steepster. Very natural strawberry flavor though a bit light, and I can taste the black tea in the late sip and aftertaste. A decent cup.

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drank Nepal, Mist Valley by Simpson & Vail
1473 tasting notes

Got this one from Nicole. Her opinion was it is nice but I wouldn’t get it again. My opinion is WOW this is really great.

The wet leaf smell is like green beans and cooked broccoli, followed by fruity Darjeeling like notes. If that isn’t enough it ends with cocoa notes.

The sip is at first cocoa and malt followed by the fruity Darjeeling qualities. No bitterness. Just enough astringency to add a kiss of dryness.

I steeped it three times – it was so very good all three times. I like Darjeeling tea. I love Yunnan teas. This is kind of a marriage of both styles. It is medium bodied. It is not an in your face cup but not so subtle you have to concentrate to detect the flavors. I Love it!

Fun note – I steeped the first cup yesterday. As it was cooling, mom and dad called to say they were bored and wanted to play cards. So after a few sips I had to put the remainder of the tea in a travel mug. I ooh and ahhed my way through the cup. Then mom hands me a glass of iced decaf Lipton…. Uhmmm, I normally can drink it and enjoy it because it has always been part of all family stuff. This time it was really hard to drink and even harder not to complain. Silently I kept wishing I had picked up my press as I went out the door. It’s all good as it made today’s steeps even better.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

I’m soooo glad you like this one! I think maybe I didn’t steep it quite right or maybe my taster was off that day. It sounds great when you describe it. :)


Nicole, thanks for sharing this one. What impresses me most about is this is familiar and unique at the same time. Just yum!

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