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Oooh I get to be the first to review this one!

I opened the sample bag and pulled out a big chunk of puerh. I managed to separate enough leaf to brew without difficulty. It did not require a pick or a knife. The dry leaf is on the large side and looks like beef jerky. The scent is that of straw, which is not as bright or sweet as hay. It is a nice fresh smell.

The first steep was just shy of 2 minutes. The color of the liquor was very light for puerh. It was golden yellow and quite clear. The leaf aroma is green and fresh. Absolutely nothing offensive is rising into the air out of the press.

The first cup begins with an instant coating of the lips. It is slick and sticky at the same time. I don’t notice others reporting this, but it happens to me often with a raw puerh. The flavor of the first cup is light. It is at first kind of woodsy. Then it is briefly metallic, though not in an offensive way. The aftertaste is light and sweet. Maybe I am imagining it but there seems to already be very light traces of leather developing in this young tea.

I doubt I would ever guess this is a Yunnan if I had not read it. There is none of the sweet potato notes I associate with them. I don’t know if I am tasting chocolate or just thinking so because I do know it is a Yunnan.

Cup two is a bit more hardy. Similar to the first but stronger flavors. This has more bite. Cup three and four were the best yet. I increased the steep time to between 4 and 5 minutes. This made for a stronger darker cup that had good young flavor. I brew 12oz at a time. 48oz in one day is all I can handle :)

Now that I have reviewed this one, I intend to store it away for a good long time to let it age. I think this one will improve very nicely

Thank you Teavivre for this sample.

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Great review!!! Look forward to reading more

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drank White Monkey by Zenjala Tea Company
1252 tasting notes

Sipping this tonight and trying to learn a little more about it. IF my research is correct this is technically a green tea, but it is listed as a white and sure looks like a white. It also has many of the light delicate characteristics of a white but has more heft. I think this is also known as white monkey paw. What ever it is or what name it goes by, this is delicious. Love it.

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My youngest works 3rd shift. He came in at 6:15 and woke us up. “Where’s the truck?”
“Your brother had a dead battery, he came and borrowed it so he could go to work”
I start to drift off. My oldest returns the truck at around 7:00. Of course he has to come in and announce the truck is back.
So knowing I have to be out the door by 8:30 to set up for the morning praise team, I give in and try to get up. Problem is I can’t wake up.
This is where bagged teas are a necessity. Thanks again gmathis for this one. It got me moving and out on time.


Pleased I could help :)

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drank Darjeeling by Mother Parkers
1252 tasting notes

Been a while since I’ve logged this. With all the amazing loose leaf teas I get to review each day, you would think I would get tired of this one… but I am not. It is a simple bagged tea with a pleasant taste. It goes well with the breakfast. Today I got a waitress that brought me two bags because she gets it. Coffee and iced tea drinkers can get free refills all day but order hot tea and most of the waiters will only bring you more hot water. Yes, she got a nice tip.


Good for the server! I like the ones who don’t charge me for hot water if I bring my own tea bag.

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What a name. This is another sample provided by Teavivre. I opened the very stuffed sample bag and removed one hefty scoop. The remaining leaf, seems to leave the bag looking almost as full as before I got in to it. I believe if I had poured it all out, I would have a hard time putting it back. The leaf is dark green slightly rolled but straight. It is kind of flattened. It looks like dried grass. It smells nice and sweet.

I brewed for almost two minutes in heavily steaming water. This produced the lightest of yellow green liquids. The aroma of artichoke fills the air.

The sip is sweet and slightly salty. It reminds me of mild dragonwell without the butteriness. It does seem milky. I am getting a bit of numbing on the lips. Mid sip it takes on mineral notes. The aftertaste is fresh, not grassy, with a very slight tartness. Tart may be the wrong word but I can’t quite put a label on it.

On the first cup I added the tea to the water. All the leaf clung to the surface. The second time I steeped, I added a bit more leaf and poured the water over the tea. Now the leaf dances in the water. That is what I was after. There was not an artichoke aroma, until I poured the brew. The leaf is fully open, and reveals small pale green leaves. The taste at first seemed to be pretty much the same as the first cup. As it cooled a bit it came alive and produced a much more flavorful drink.

The third cup was the best yet. The flavor turned sort of cucumber. Not quite like a white tea. In whites, I think of the cucumber as leaning towards watermelon. This did not have the melon notes. Maybe this would go another cup but I don’t have time to find out today.

Chinese green tea fans, this is another great one!

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drank Oolong by Unknown
1252 tasting notes

This one comes courtesy of Gmathis. She says this is her favorite Cheapster Steepster oolong at an incredible $0.31/oz! Did I read that right?!? That’s $5/lb. This looks like mulch. ha. There are all kinds of different sizes, shapes, and colors in this bag. I steeped about 4 minutes.

This is a prime candidate for a Finum basket. Some of this is very fine and is clinging to the mesh on my press. The way I brewed this it makes a light bodied cup. The taste is similar to Foojoy but lighter. The roasted notes of Foojoy are more toasted here. Actually, it is somewhere in the middle between Foojoy and a genmaicha. It doesn’t have that strong rice flavor but the toastiness is very similar.

After having the strawberry tea just before this one. I am thinking this would make a great base to add some fruit or mint and see what happens. A good bargain everyday tea.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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This one came in the mail as a surprise from gmathis. Thanks! I have never seen this brand in the local stores. I feel like I am going back to my roots today. This is a tea bag. Dry it looks kind of flat. It smells lightly of strawberry. I boiled up a mug of water and poured over the tea, steeping for 3 minutes.

I wish I had a clear glass mug for reviews to get a better idea of the brew color. This is moderately dark with an orange tint. Smells a bit like strawberry Quik. When I removed the bag it had really swollen nicely. Salada is another company with bags that make me wonder if there is enough tea in it but always swells big and produces a good solid cup.

This is my first ever strawberry tea. Seriously. I thought, I really don’t drink fruit teas, then I realized I like a lot of them – gojiberry, pomegranate, dragon fruit, peach, apricot, lemon, lime, orange, and especially bergamot. So why not strawberry?

I took my first sip and was pleasantly entertained. Immediately you taste strawberry but it is done in moderation. Yes, it does taste a lot like Nestle’s Strawberry Quik and yet it leans to a more natural flavor. The tea base is standard bag tea black. It isn’t bad. It gets the job done with just a touch of bite and astringency, but that is the way I like it. The best part is I can taste the base right along with the strawberry. That is of major importance to me.

Oh wait, this is interesting. As the cup is cooling I am starting to catch roasted notes in the lingering aftertaste. I hope it isn’t my imagination. It reminds me of a mild Yamamotoyama oolong. Hot dog! That is one of my favorite bagged teas. So kudos for the extra touch.

Gmathis says this is a really cheap tea so it gets extra points. This is a nice tea with some nice surprises. I could drink this one often. I am glad I got to try it.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

Same company does a raspberry and (oh, shoot, now I can’t remember but the box is amber and white) … something else. I bought the last box of strawberry they had just in case it doesn’t surface at Fox Farm again.


What is the actual company name? There seems to be several variations in the database.


Good question. As you can see, “Tradition” is on the tag, but when I hunted (and hunted and hunted and hunted) for it online, “Good Young” showed up as well. I guess I need to just ask outright at my local store.


Ah, cool. Thanks

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I steeped this again today. I was pretty sure I brewed this wrong yesterday. Today I followed the directions (doh!) The first cup at 1 minute was really good. Just like yesterday but I went 2 minutes yesterday. Cup two at 2 minutes was very similar to the first, just slightly lighter. Cup three at 4 minutes was also quite good. So, the secret with this tea for multiple steeps is to hold that first one short. Loving it.

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drank English Tea No. 1 by Ahmad Tea
1252 tasting notes

1 scoop leaf + 12oz boiling water + 3 minutes = a cheapster Steepster mug of joy. Light bergamot and a solid black base. This is a good one.

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This sample and the one from yesterday were provided by the fabulous Teavivre. The first cup was everything I love about Chinese greens. Buttery steamed veggies, sweet, not grassy. It has a wonderful aftertaste. The first cup is definitely a 90. I think I did something wrong as later cups were not as flavorful. No one else reported this so I am blaming me at this point and will try again tomorrow. I love the first cup. Thank you Angel and Teavivre.

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