1673 Tasting Notes

drank Orange Pekoe by Mother Parkers
1673 tasting notes

Looks like Steepster is down again. who knows if this will really post. Anyway, I think the allergy medicine is actually working. I still feel stopped up but man o’ man this tasted so good today. Probably shouldn’t moan out loud in a restaurant but I did anyway. Multiple cups. It is just a cheap bagged tea but has more depth than most. Today it had a light earthy roastedness to it. I swear I was even catching some leather notes. So glad to taste again.

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drank Rainbow Sherbet by 52teas
1673 tasting notes

Tonight I steeped this again so I could have the first cup. My son took it last night. The flavor difference between first and second steep is pretty minimal. The biggest being I did not notice the black tea in the cup last night. Today it is very obvious. The fruit flavors are awesome. I can taste the lime, the orange, and the raspberry. The vanilla makes it kind of creamy. I notice on 52Teas site this is no longer available. Too bad for you guys because this is really good. Too bad for me as well as my son has claimed the bag. :)


They have an iced tea version that is just as good.

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drank Rainbow Sherbet by 52teas
1673 tasting notes

Ok my son saw this in the mystery box and said we are having tea. Now. My very first 52Teas. I got the second steep because he demanded the first. This is very good. Fruity flavors left and right, but not overdone. I am not going to rate it until I can get the first steep and can set quietly with it. But yum!

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Yesterday, after the storm moved through, my son went to the mailbox. He brought back a box that I swear had to be bigger than the mailbox. It must be a Tardis thing. It was the mystery box from Katiek. All I can say is WOW!

I grabbed this one first, as the packaging from the company is a ziplock baggie. The scent of this herbal blend can be caught through the bag, so I will need to move it into a tin. I do love the aroma. I don’t know my fruit smells but this reminds me of black raspberry jelly. It’s fruity, floral, and dark.

I used about 5g and heavy steaming water per instructions. I steeped a lot shorter than directed. The brew is very dark and purple tinted. This is tart when hot, even with Splenda added. Currant and hibiscus are what I recognize. I have no idea what elderberry tastes like. As this reached room temperature, I found it much more interesting. I want to try this again over ice. I think it could be quite refreshing served that way. Definitely not for you tart haters when hot.


While I was having Rainbow Sherbet with my son, I made a cup of this for my wife. She is now on her second cup and I seem to have lost possession of the bag. :)

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Last night we had a storm roll through. My wife and sons had spent the afternoon moving rooms around so I could have a music room. Yeah – man cave. With my oxygen and my back I had to settle for watching. With the storm we lost power. So we went out for supper. Later when we had power back, the garage opener decided to fry – literally. It was smoking. Today I went looking for a new one. Which brings us to tea. It was so hot and humid that this icy treat was much needed. I asked for sugar free but apparently our shop can’t do it that way.


The matcha is premixed with sugar, so that is correct. They can make it with no additional pumps of syrup, but it can’t be sugar free because sugar is the first ingredient listed on their Tazo matcha mix!


I remembered you telling me this. They were busy today and I was backing up the line so I finally gave up trying to explain what I wanted. and just told him to fix it skinny with no whipped cream. I will try again next time and say no extra pumps. Why do they need their own language? I’m pretty sure I’m not hip enough for that place. I’m more hippie. That’s why my wife usually does the ordering. :)

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Tonight I hit my personal sweet spot with this one. I used an 8 ounce cup, one bag and heavy steaming water. The steep time was about 3 minutes. I added Splenda — come on its sugar cookie! The aroma while steeping was a bit butterscotch but the taste is magical sugar cookie. Yes I will buy some of this. Thanks gmathis for feeding the cookie addiction.



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drank Green Tea with Earl Grey by Ahmad Tea
1673 tasting notes

This one again??? Why yes, yes I am. Light citrusy goodness up high and deep slightly bitter green down low. Just the way I like it.

Everyone at band practice seemed to be still wiped from the weekend – of course the heat today didn’t help. This tea was much needed when I got home. Best three cents a cup I’ve found.

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I accidentally agreed to take over upkeep of the church website. So this morning I spent hours just trying to figure out what was going on and trying to download the files to my computer so I can ‘update’ them. I’ll probably eventually start from scratch so I can eliminate half the code. Why didn’t I slowly walk away when they first said he isn’t working right now…

Anyway that kept me distracted until noon. I took a raviolios break. Yes that stuff you ate as a kid. It’s better than I remember, but not great.

This tea, on the other hand, is so good. Caramel and honey. Sweetness and light cocoa. Smooth with a touch of grain. This is medium bodied. It is not big and bold but the flavor doesn’t hide either. I think I need another cup before going back to the coding.

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drank Hoji-cha by Yamamotoyama
1673 tasting notes

Someone mentioned the other day that they put chocolate mint in their hojicha, so tonight I cut a sprig and a sprig of stevia and had at it. The mint I think I would like if I could figure out the stevia. I couldn’t tell it added anything. How many leaves equals a tsp of sugar? The mint knocked the harsher edges off the roasted tea – not that it necessarily needed it. I’ll work at it but tonight’s cup is just meh.

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drank Coconut Almond by Zenjala Tea Company
1673 tasting notes

It says I haven’t logged this in seven months. I read my previous reviews. Sorry to repeat myself but I’m going to. Shreds of coconut. Large slivers of almond. The only thing that would improve this is use a Fujian black base instead of sencha. Excellent start to my day.

A couple days ago I switched my OTC allergy medicine to generic Allegra. I can breathe better today but still don’t think I have all of my sense of smell back. It is like someone scooped the middle out of everything I taste. Makes reviews a little more difficult. I am sure some of the more subtle teas I have tasted this spring have suffered for it.


Oh, taste buds on strike is the main cause for BTS (Bland-Tea-Syndrom). The most feared illness among the tea community! Haha, glad your senses are slowly returning :-)

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