1453 Tasting Notes

drank Winter Spice by Twinings
1453 tasting notes

Short version (Steepster ate the long one) – subdued hot spice apple cider. Not a bold cup but just enough for my tastes. The cinnamon made it. It reminds me of the Durkee tins that made me sneeze as a kid when I sprinkled it on toast. I didn’t sneeze today but I did smile. I will buy this tisane if I see it in town. Thanks Brett.


Ah bummer! I always TRY to remember to copy my own post before posting so if it gets eaten I can paste it right back in. I don’t always remember but I try to.


I knew better. So shame on me.

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drank Earl Grey by Ahmad Tea
1453 tasting notes

This is dust in a paper bag. The bergamot is freeze dried. I’m supposed to hate it. I don’t. Is it really worthy of a 90? I guess only to me. This has been a staple in my tea drawer for years. It shall remain so for more.

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I sum this up with a story. A co-worker enters my office and asks, “What’s that smell?”
“Smell? What Smell?”
“It smells like old house in here.”
The smoke really makes and sets this apart from the rest of the shengs I’ve tried.


Haha that’s awesome :)


That’s great! Rayn referred to a puerh I was drinking as “burning barnyard”.

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Finally had the time to try this one. I added a scoop of leaf to the press and added water. The awesome chocolate (I know ‘cause I picked some out and ate it) melted fast. I looked at the remaining leaf and thought oh that’s not enough. I added more. I forgot this is oolong. It expands. So, my press runneth over with leaf. Not really but it was a lot of leaf.

I didn’t care for the first cup. The taste was heavy on the roasted oolong. The chocolate was light in comparison. It was probably because I used too much leaf or because the three minute steep is too long.

The second cup at two minutes was really good. The oolong to chocolate balance is excellent.

The third cup was a little lighter but similar to the second. Now that the roastedness has calmed down I can taste the floral oolong in the aftertaste.

Watch your steep time on the first cup and this is pretty tasty.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Bahaha, “my press runneth over with leaf”. Yeah, that’s like the time I brewed up an orange oolong from Della Terra at my boyfriend’s house, and didn’t notice that it was a rolled oolong (I must have been tired). And as I find their teas weak sometimes, I added extra leaf. Imagine my shock when I returned after a 3-minute infusion to find my entire infuser basket completely full and overflowing… oops!


I feel guilty when I mess up and use way too much leaf. It feels wasteful. However tightly rolled oolongs are hard to judge without a scale.


Yeah, me too. My cup wasn’t even drinkable… it tasted terrible, and then I didn’t want to re-steep. What a waste. (I probably could have diluted it, but was lazy.) Usually with oolongs I just go with a tsp and a half and it typically works ok, but to make matters worse, my boyfriend has no measurement devices at his place, so I was eyeballing to begin with (and apparently I’m quite bad at that!)


Ha. Apparently, me too.


Anything with “ultimate” and “chocolate” next door to each other can’t be bad…

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I love Dian Hong. The leaf smells malty and that is not lost in the cup. The main flavor is browned cocoa. There is a little roastiness in the background that gives it the browned note. The second cup shifts gears. The first cup flavors step back and allow straw and horse tack to come into play! These are not heavy notes like in puerh but they were definitely there. Third cup changes again – very sweet and the taste is milk chocolate with fruit notes. I really liked this one.

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drank Lotus by Tazo
1453 tasting notes

I have a love hate thing with Tazo. I really want to like them because they are so easily obtainable. Usually I just don’t care for them. Sometimes they are way over-blended but sometimes it may not be Tazo’s fault. In all the years I have been trying them I have had exactly one cup of Earl Grey that was fresh enough I could taste bergamot. I live in a tea deprived wasteland. Thank God for the Internet.

Lotus is one of the few I always enjoy. Yeah, the green tea is generic, the flavoring may or may not be authentic and most of the reviews are less favorable than mine. I don’t care I like it anyway. This is a sip down.

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I hardly ever drink chai. I don’t hate it. I just never crave it. This one makes me think Constant Comment light. I like CC so I am OK with that. This has a touch of pepperiness. Don’t hate it. Don’t love it. It’s chai.

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drank Pomi-berry by two leaves and a bud
1453 tasting notes

Seriously? The rest of you thought this ok at best. I found the hibiscus to be just a background filler note. The main flavors were pomegranate, strawberry, and lemon. I didn’t really notice the chamomile or apple. I did add sweetener and that may make the flavor difference. Anyway, I liked it.

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Sip down. This tea, more than any other, changed my view of black (red) tea. Up to the time I tried this one, my experience with black tea was the usual Twinings and flavored tea bag fare. This beautiful tea took me places on my tea journey I didn’t even know existed – from sweet potato to malt and on to honey. Today I am even catching mild pepper notes. It re-steeps multiple times with ease. What a truly amazing tea.

Donna A

K S, this is a favorite of mine too. I can identify with you when you say teas like this changed your view of black tea.

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drank Irish Breakfast by Harney & Sons
1453 tasting notes

Wow, this was like a punch in the face. After it melted the paint off the walls I noticed a fruity taste. It smelled malty but I didn’t notice it in the taste. This is what I thought Irish Breakfast was supposed to taste like. Yeah! Thanks ashmanra. I couldn’t drink this often but I like it.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

I like those sturdy black tea’s!

Hesper June

Sometimes I need a face-puncher tea on these cold winter morns:)


me too!


I might need to try this! I enjoy a good face punch black tea from time to time.


Welcome to the dark side (heh heh heh heh).


LOL! Yep, I use slighter cooler water and give it a shorter steep, then I sneak up on it with some milk and sugar to tame it and we are good to go!


Be afraid. Be very afraid! Not. This was really good cold – once cold I didn’t need sugar.

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